Friday, July 01, 2005

CD Review: Kotton Mouth Kings

The Kottonmouth Kings are back in action with "Kottonmouth Kings No. 7". It is one of their tightest rolled joints yet. Fans of the band will not be disappointed by this new one. (Fans may be disappointed by the delay of the planned tour due to D-Loc’s accident…see website for up to date info). They will just have to wait and be satisfied with the new CD until the tour begins. Good thing it’s a banging CD. The Kottonmouth Kings are on to something with this, their 7th release.

As they continue to expand their fan base and spread their stoned out message, they are improving their sound as well. This latest CD shows a tighter, smoother King Klick. They brought a few friends along for the ride with them too, Cypress Hill on “Put It Down”and Tech N9Ne on “F.T.I.Z." , and the result is a banging CD! They may not be the most flexible or conscious emcees on the mike. Nor are they the hardest rock band. With the Kottonmouth Kings, it’s the way they blend the styles and add their own distinctive SoCal reggae ska sound on top, that makes them a great group. Once you give them a try, their sound sticks to you like resin off a Swisher. Plus you got to love the fact that they are doing it independently and have been doing it for a minute. Their latest album is a excellent mix of hip-hop and hard rock hybrids and turntable tricks on interludes. "Kottonmouth Kings No. 7" is a impressive package. Here’s the rundown!

1. King Klick- In case you don’t know who your listening too, now you know! Nice intro track!
2. Make it Hot
3. Get Your High On- The crew reps that indo here! A song to get your roll on!
4. Bottoms Up- Should move the crowd in a club. Perfect theme song for the bars!
5. Shakey Bones (Interlude)-nice beatbox, scratch combo skit
6. We Got the Chronic
7. Peace of MindKMK on a nice OC ska joint! Great track!
8. F.T.I.Z (feat. Tech N9ne)Tech N9Ne gets it jumpin early and the KMK hold it down with him! One of the highlight tracks on the CD!
9. Revolution- Another rap/rock mash-up done right as the Klick starts the revolution musically!
10. Let the Sunshine-Ready for radio! KMK ask “what are we fighting for?” and makes a statement with this one.
11. Piss Test (Interlude)-“A man should be judged by the quality of his work, not the quality of his piss!” Amen brother!
12. Put it Down (feat. Cypress Hill) – Two of the biggest burners in the business blaze one on a busy beat! Another Cali Kush classic feat B-Real & Sen Dog!
13. People Come, People Go- This one sounds personal! KMK separate their friends from their foes and name names!
14. Watch Your Back -
15. Slow SuicideKMK go for theirs on this punked out banger! This song goes hard fa sho’!
16. P-Town-Showing some hometown love, KMK reminisce on the old hood and their early days. Nice track.
17. The Munchies – Dedicated to the late night pizza delivery man!
18. Nitrous Tank (Interlude) – Ill interlude for the luded minds of the Klick. Sound effects and slowed vocals makes it seem like your holding a ballon yourself!
19. Wasted – Another hip-hop/punk blend done nicely. With a little big up to “wasted youth of today”, KMK delivers another underground anthem.
20. Take a Bath – No punches are pulled! Ladies, you better smell good!
21. Stick Together – Banging exit track to seal up a nice CD.

Final Verdict- Kottonmouth Kings CD – Smoking!

Slow burning grooves from the SoCal heavyweights! While they are not the illest emcees on the microphone, they do have mass appeal with their daring musical steps and genre busting sounds. The punk/hip-hop grossover game is one that is being perfected with a California twist, hand rolled and delivered to you by the Kottonmouth Kings. Cop that!

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