Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I'll holla

Wow, just like that your boy is back in action, taking up valuable web space by venting and spewing all kinds of crazy B.S.!

Since this is my first post, I'll just introduce myself. I am El Q Tha Gr8, aka QRock639 aka DJ Donnie Speed, aka L.A. Blackfoot, aka Laron "I hate when there's two many personalities, now enough pills" Cue! Shalom.

Those of you who know me from my past web experience ( may say "Ahh hell, who let this m#thaf#k@ back online!" Don't blame it on me, I was done. Retired from the game like Too Short and Heidi Fleiss. Outta here. But it's like the man says "Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in!" Tech is too sexy and I'm with all that clikity clak keystroke action. So I'm back in the mix with this cyber tech shiznit. Don't hate, blog update biaaaatch!

For those of you who don't know me, you can expect to find all kinds of funky fresh, liberal, intelligent and stupid dope manuvas here! I'm trying to tell you now, this blog is gonna be the truth for real son! I'll hit youz up with all the usual mp3 or two, weblinks, party announcements, nekid girlie pictures and political conspiracy theory propaganda that you can handle. Feel me?

As far as current events go..the world is going to hell in a hand-basket and I got front row seats for the big throwdown like Hellboy at Armageddon. The battle of all battles is about to begin, the war for your souls is on! ("Its the end of the world, I just want me a girl, It's the end of the game, it aint hard to explain" and all that! (E-40 quote for all you lames and squares out there's) Republicans did it like real crooks this time out and came in your house while you were asleep and jacked your sh!t! Ohio never knew what hit 'em. I voted for the robot, like a robot, and woke up feeling dirty, like that time I had to take the walk for shame from midtown Manhattan to downtown.....but I digress.
Everybody is going insane. Ron Artest, Young Buck and everyone at the Vibe awards, gaddamit even GW got into it, my man is gangsta like a mug. He was ready to ride with his security crew and start cracking some headz in Chile! Did you see him in the news, pimp walking back to the ruckus like my man G. Jefferson? Eveyone is feeling it these days. Tension is the new drug baby paw, but I'm trying be like ATCQ and tell the people to "relax yourself girl please settle down!" We need laughter and joy in these last days. And that just what I aim to provide so open wide!

So let me think of something to post and I'll get back at ya.....I got a few new beats I'm working on and will post soon. MP3 pick will be up soon to.."I know you gonna dig this!"

Wanna say hello to all my people out there who will soon be bombarded with email from me again. Holla and I'll holla back!




In the Deck as we speak!

The Alchemist cd----pretty tight, "Boost the Crime Rate" ,"Hold You Down" and "Where Can We Go?" by Devin the Dude. But what's the deal with the Alc/Mobb/Littles beef. Say it aint so!

Alicia Keys-I can see Ms. Keys evolving into some next level musican. "Nobody Not Really", and of cousre the radio jam "Karma" are two of my favs as well.

Peter Tosh-"Rastifari Is"--this track is like a cross between Kenny Rogers and ...well Peter Tosh. Make we want to change my religion...wait...I already did that. Opps...JAH RASTAFARI!

Outkast/Andree 3000's The Love Below cd--All I have to say is ---"Yoooooouuurrr...all I ever wanted but I'm terrified of you!" Still banging this up and down Central Avenue, getting strange looks from ying and yangs alike (my slang for balck and white people, don't bite it trick!)

Linkin Park- Meteora-Corporate rock at it's finest...naw for real tho' I like this cd, and it's not because my homie stromie Steve Sisco assisted the engineering on it. It's good. I don't know about that LP/Jay-Z project tho'. We'll see......

99 Problems-J-Hova-My theme song! "I'm from the hood, stupid!"

Treasure Hunt!!!!!!

Go to McDonald's, get a Double Quarter Pounder w/ cheese, don't eat it there, wait until you get home.

Go to Blockbuster/Hollywood Video or wherever you go to rent movies. get "Super Size Me".

Go home and start the movie and begin eating. If your not sick by the time homeboy in the movie starts eating his first double quarter pounder, you will be by the time he's done! Good times.

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