Friday, December 30, 2005


Dillinger & Young Gotti - D.P.G.C. Muzic(Explicit) from

SA-RA Creative Partners at Giant Step NYC LIVE-Jan. 11th 2006!!

Bun B online

3rd Bass website

Lil' Wayne - "Fireman" Play Video

Notorious B.I.G. "Warning"Play Video

Lil' Kim Rides with Funkmaster Flex

more soon!!

Ze Last Drag

On The Outs movie clip

The Family Guy-Can't Touch Me clip

MC Lyte w/ DJ Premier: "Wonder Years"

As seen and heard here and here!

Terrell Owens Jersey GONE!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

I Got That Drink by Frayser Boy, Mike Jones & Paul Wall

Dad Fight

Keak da Sneak "Super Hyphy"

Dats my word!

Gold Digger remix

"Knows how to eat.."

Christmas in Brooklyn

Jay-Z hands out Monopoly and Life games.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Chinky Eyed Fridays Presents FunkDoobiest Live At The Knitting Factory

CEB Events continues to host the hottest underground hip-hop shows in Hollywood. From The GZA to Psycho Realm, Chinky Eyed brings the illest underground emcees to ever rock the microphone to the West Side! This last Friday was no exception as CEB had the funkiest one onstage!

The line was filled out the door and around the block and underground heads waited patiently for the stars of the night. Funk Doobiest, Sabac of Non Phixion in his first LA show, and Mr. Hyde of Circle Of Tyrants were in the house! This was a night of true underground sounds and old school favorites, and the crowd was ready to rock! I made my way through the line with the rest of the LSLA crew and hit the door and after a quick stop at the bar, we settled in and watched the show.

Mr. Hyde was the first to perform, and he tore it down early! The crowd was amped for the Circle of Tyrants emcee as he took the girls back to the barn of the naked dead! After that it was time for the Sabacolypse, as Sabac got on stage! The LA crowd showed him mad love as his first show in Los Angeles was off the chain. After terrorizing the crowd, it was time for the headliner, Funk Doobiest, to take it back to 93! Son Doobie and Raplh M the Mexican rocked the house and reminded the crowd at the Knitting Factory which Doobie they B! As Son skip around the stage, he went through his hit songs like “The Funkiest”, “I’m Shittin’ On Em”, “Freak Mode”, “Rock On” and of course “Bow Wow Wow”. I was trippin' for a minute, catching hip-hop flashbacks of me bumpin' "The Funkiest" up and down Lafayette Road waaaaaaaay back in the day in Tennessee! It was good to see Son Doobie and Ralph getting busy again, and the rest of the crowd seemed to feel the same way!

Hip-hop’s elite stopped by to show some love to Son Doobie as well. We managed to chop it up backstage with Mr. Hyde, Mellow Man Ace and 2Mex stopped by to show some love. We even bumped into Adrian Grenier, star of HBO’s hit show Entourage, backstage! Seems he was next door, performing with his bandThe Honey Brothers” while FunkDoobiest was onstage. He kicked it with us for a second and rocked a ill (and I do mean ill) beat box while Mellow Man Ace kicked a freestyle. It’s a classic Hip-Hop Hollywood moment, and we got the exclusive video clips and interviews at Live Streams! For pictures from the show, make sure you check out

All in all, it was another great night of hip-hop music brought to you by CEB Events. Make sure you check out the next show. Shouts to Swess, 501er, PickOne, Mr. Hyde, Sabac, Mellow Man Ace, Adrian Grenier, Son Doobie, Ralph and everyone that showed us love at the show!


Article on Funkdoobiest

Sunday, December 11, 2005

RRG # 16-And It's Good Too!

Really Really Good

What’s the word? Hope your ready for the holidays and everything is everything in your neck of the hoods. Speaking of hoods, big up to Schenectady on the check in! I see you out there! Save me an after holiday plate, yaoming!?!

The holiday rush has taken over big time out here in Hollywood. Last week saw an incredible 4 day event sponsored by Hennessey, with hip-hop legend Supernatural hosting, along with a Kanye West after party. Make sure you check out the full report, pictures and videos over at Much thanks to Chang and the Guerilla Union crew, Supernat and everyone that fell through and showed some love!

This weekend was filled with hip-hop events as well, as Chinky Eyed Fridays had Funk Doobiest, Sabac Red of Non-Phixion, and Mr. Hyde at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. Guru was in town as well, but I missed that one. The next night, The Normandie Casino welcomed the legendary Blastmaster KRS-One to LA! Be on the lookout for video footage from all the events at!

So yeah, Festivus is in full swing and I’m catching everything moving and more for you! Be on the look out for more exclusive reviews and previews as I have True Crime: New York City and a few music CDs to holla at you about real quick.

Random links, and stuff flooding my inbox!

Velocity Code:
House production crew hailing out of Southern California, Velocity Code has enjoyed great success early on with their first single “Beautiful Outside” racing up music charts this year. The upcoming year looks promising for them, as they have recently signed a exclusive digital distribution deal with System Recordings and Proper Talent.

Check them out at and and tell them Q sent ya!


Still Tippin' ...sort of... --------------

Rest in peace

Some audio clips of Richard Pryor via

Super Nigger -1968
Exorcist - 1974
Monkeys - 1978
Ali - 1978
Southern Hospitality - 1983

The Black Eyed Peas, Avril Lavigne, The Cure and The Postal Service will be featured artist on the new CD "Make Some Noise". The CD is being released by Amnesty International and will use songs written by John Lennon.

The Black Eyed Peas will release a cover of "Power to the People," and The Cure takle the song "Love". The mp3s are available as online downloads via . Make sure you check the site out for the singles.


Skateboard P aka Parrell Williams is about to drop his solo CD, "In My Mind". You can check his media player for the current single "Can I Have It Like That" as well as "Angel" here and at the links below.
From the inbox:

You can be the first to preview the newest Nore - Reggatone single - from the up and coming LP "Welcome to Bang City" debuting on Rah Sun's Album Bang City.
With songs from Nore, Eric Sermon, Chavito, Royal Flush and G Unit's Frenchy.


CD Review: T.O.K. “Unknown Language”

The New York Times calls T.O.K. "the word’s greatest dancehall-reggae boy band" with good reason. With their blend of harmony and dancehall toasting, the young group continues to win new fans worldwide. With their past hits like “Gal You Ah Lead” & “Hit ‘Em Hit”, & “My Crew, My Dawg” paving the way, the Jamaican group has returned with their new CD, “Unknown Language”.

The CD has been in stores since June, and judging from the rave reviews it has gotten so far, several songs off the CD are sure to be on your favorite DJ’s play lists for a while.
The lead song by far is “Footprints” a song inspired by the classic Mary Steven’s poem. It has since become an anthem for anyone who has gone through tragedy. The song continues to be a radio hit nationwide, and the CD has a few other radio ready cuts up it’s sleeve.

Reggaeton/hip-hop star Pitbull teams up with the Taking Over Kingston crew, on “She’s Hotter”. “Tell Me If You Still Care” borrows the S.O.S. Band’s famous song for a nice R&B twist. “Hey Ladies” has more than enough energy for your club dance floor, while “Survivior” takes the same riddim Sean Paul rode on “We Be Burning”. “Gal You Ah Lead” is on here as well, in case you didn’t get it the first time around, as is the pure fire riddim of “Neck Breakers”. All in all, T.O.K. have not only taken over Kingston, but the entire world with this new one.

Final Verdict-T.O.K. “Unknown Language”= The official word in the new dancehall swing! Nuff respect!


“Footprints” audio page

T.O.K. Website

TOK garners second Boom Shot nomination in Vibe Awards
Kevin Jackson, Jamaica Observer writer
Friday, October 14, 2005

T.O.K. Yahoo page

My Space Hip Hop Music Pages


A while back, I saw a post on the people on MySpace with weird hair styles that looked like super hero wigs or something. In the spirit of MySpace surfing, I have put together a list of MySpace Hip Hop Music pages that have some heat, in no particular order. (if MySpace is up and running, that is…)

Vast Aire

Count Bass D



Dilated Peoples

Styles Of Beyond

Saul Williams


Joe Buddens


Black Wall Street

50 Cent (?)


Mike Jones

Paul Wall


DJ Green Lantern

LA Symphony

Jae Millz

Mr. Lif


Jade Fox

Boom Bap Project

Mr. Hill


DJ Scene

Lil Wayne

The Roots

Snoop Dogg

DJ Quik (With MySpace drop)

Kanye West


Juelz Santana

Lil Jon

Lil Scrappy


Jin Da Emcee


Keak Da Sneak

Fort Minor

Three Six Mafia


Young Jezzy


MF Doom

Viktor Vaughn

Danger Doom




Prodigal Sunn

Killer Priest

Hell Razah

4th Disciple

Inspecta Deck

DJ Muggs

The Alchemist

Tha Alkaholiks

Juelz Santana

Ill Bill


Lord Sear

Boot Camp Click-Duck Down

DJ Vlad

Chinky Eyed



Icon The Mic King

Thursday, November 24, 2005

RRG #15-It's A Celebration!

The holiday season is here party people! This week turkey sandwiches, football blowouts and pissed off Natives. Next month, maxed out credit cards and after holiday sales at Macy's (holla). Even if your enlightened and hate what the days REALLY stand for, make sure you take time out and be thankful for the good things you have in your life. Pause for a minute this week and thank God for waking you up today at least and giving us all a few days off! If you have to work this weekend, thank God for overtime, Xmas is around the corner.

I know I have tons to be thankful for this year. My regular readers out there know how much drama I've been through. As the new year approaches, I'm ready to set it off in a major way and show the West Coast how The Tennessee Hustler, NY Transplant does it!

Can you believe that my Canhead Records blog turned one year old yesterday!?! My site that started out as a way to kill time and post my rants, reviews, flashbacks of my previous musical life, experimental music tracks and New York notes, has evolved into...well, it kind of stayed the same. Just like it's owner, Canhead didn't change a cottdamn thing! If anything, the blog improved and refined some old habits. I was surprised by the results and reactions, and continued posting on my new journal/web magazine/favorites bookmark folder/mp3 dump. Soon the numbers started showing a increase in visitors. I re-discovered my love of writing and the old high school newspaper editor in me was awakened.

I found several blogs that I looked to for writing inspiration such as playing Amadou & Mariam) ,, Pro, Pyramids to the Projects,, and a little site called I began submitting some of my articles to them, trying to sharpen my sword and build my confidence in writing. was extremely helpful and I found myself reviewing artists releases. Celebrity interviews were soon included, favorites list were noted down, blog writers were emailed introduction letters and some remain in touch, premier and concert tickets were mailed cross country and I found myself back in the mix....almost.

Then the real world came crashing in as my personal life turned ugly for a minute. After I re-adjusted and re-located, the site continued to be anchor in a very turbulent period for me. Slowly, things began to stabilize in my personal world, and the blog continued to grow. Now in Los Angeles, I began to take Canhead very seriously and reached out to others who had a similar vision. Now, as the blog hits it's first year, it's faced with it's next growth spurt....the relocation, renaming and re-launching of a bigger, better and deffer Canhead.

That's right folk, if everything goes according to plan, Canhead will cease to exist in this present form. I plan on writing more for Live Streams and focusing on the big streaming picture, as well as stepping up the freelance journalism game. Plus, I am dying to set this site off the way it should be. I mean, is ok, but it's far from the real deal. You all have been here for a full year reading my bs(blog story), you deserve the best site you can get.

You will still find all kinds of funky fresh, liberal, intelligent and stupid dope manuvas here! I'll keep hitting youz up with the usual mp3 or two, weblinks, event announcements, nekid girlie pictures and political conspiracy theory propaganda that you can handle....if your still feeling me. Basically, change is coming. Stay tuned!!

So yeah, that's it. Happy Thanksgiving...Happy Birthday to the Canhead Records blog....and a Happy Festivus for the rest of us. Have some cake, be careful with the punch, it's spiked and not with the weak stuff either! It's a celebration bitches, enjoy yourself!

Here are a few of the pages that seem to get the most repeat hits at the site and some others that I thought were really, really good. I have some real posts that I'm working on for you so stay tuned.

I'll holla!

"You Really Got A Hold Of Me" right dad?

CD Review: Kotton Mouth Kings

Shock Jocks...They All Sound The Same To Me

Still tippin on four fours

Stereo Synthesis Selections

Sway & King Tech presents Back 2 Basics CD\DVD Review

Frank Costanza: Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way.
Cosmo Kramer: What happened to the doll?
Frank Costanza: It was destroyed. But out of that a new holiday was born . . . a Festivus for the rest of us!
Cosmo Kramer: That must've been some kind of doll.
Frank Costanza: She was.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

GZA, DJ Muggs,Swollen Members & Self Scientific Live On Stage

The line stretched clear down the block Sunday night, as some of Los Angeles’ hip-hop faithful and top notch emcees waited for the show to begin. Deep downtown, the jump-off was about to jump off at The Grand. DJ Muggs vs. GZA “Grandmasters” album release party was underway, and hundreds of hip-hop heads were on line early, ready to hear the Wu Gambino and the Soul Assassin do their thing. Also scheduled to rock the house that night were Swollen Members, I Self Devine, and a handful of emcees and surprise guest. As the security barked at the line and cleared the sidewalk, I walked up to the door, greeted by the low rumble of the Swollen Members tour bus that was parked next to the club. After meeting with the Live Streams crew, I stepped into the arena, ready for a night of hip-hop heavyweights.

DJ Muggs and GZA have been on the grind promoting this new CD. The two have been on the road, hitting Washington, Colorado and ripping shows from San Fran to San Diego. This was my third time seeing the show, but it was clearly the hottest performance of the tour. The shows at The Knitting Factory’s were tight, but the size of crowd at The Grand was one of the most impressive turn outs that I’ve seen. The place was packed, and all the emcees that took the stage that night had one of the best crowds they could ask for. The Chinky Eyed event was about to jump off!

Between running back and forth with the LSLA crew, trying to catch interviews, I managed to catch most of the show. Dumbfounded, The Crux (with the ill mariachi band intro killing it!!) , L.O.R.D., and various members of Project Blowed hit the stage and ripped shit, getting everyone ready for the main act. No doubt about it, this was a hip-hop crowd! Looking down from the balcony, I saw a few cats break into windmills and backspins and thought LSLA mastermind Steve M was about to get busy with the pop locks!

When Swollen Members was about to hit the stage, they went nuts, screaming “Swollen…swollen….swollen” until the Canadian mic barbarians stepped up. SM blessed the crowd with their hits and brought the movement to Los Angeles. Phil Da Agony and Planet Asia took the stage with them as well and the set was a good look for the Battle Axe representatives.

The headliners shook the building, as the “Grandmasters” song intro welcomed DJ Muggs and GZA to the Grand stage. Dreddy Kruger and Just Allah worked their magic and ran through several of GZA’s hits and cuts off the new album. Wu fans were in the spot as usual, throwing up their W’s and reciting lyrics from some of GZA’s classic darts. GZA finally closed the show and hung around onstage, showing love to the crowd, shaking hands, and reaching out to the people for a minute before hit bounced.

All in all, it was a great night for hip-hop in Los Angeles. The spirit of the “Unity” parties was definitely in the house, as everyone was showing love and paying respect to Bigga B and entire Unity crew. Is it possible that we may see Unity parties in LA again in 2006? You’ll have to stay tuned for that, to see catch some highlights from the night, make sure you check out the videos!

Peace to everyone who came out and made it one hell of a night. Shouts to Swezz for another top notch event, and Fatty for the Subway Scooby Snacks!


Friday, November 18, 2005

Grandmasters Holla!

I logged on to this chess site to brush off some of my old moves and found this..

'Chess is so crazy, I could do a whole album on chess'17.11.2005 What happens when you take one of the greatest rappers, and put him in a recording studio with a producer and a chessboard? The album “Muggs Vs. GZA: Grandmasters”, that's what. It's a groundbreaking CD that blends Hip Hop and chess. Interview with GZA and a fascinating video.

Rap is outta control! Hip-hop videos on the front page of a chess geek website. That's whats up.

See you at the show and holla at a scholar if you hear me!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

DJ Muggs vs GZA Record Release Party This Sunday!

Its going down this weekend! Click on the top flyer to buy tickets NOW!!!

Fix your face cuz the cameras will be on!

Purple Ribbon All-Stars "Kryptonite" Remix!

Ladies and Gentleman...I present to you the Purple Ribbon All-Stars "Kryptonite" Un-Edited Super Hero Remix!

Click on the picture to go to the MegaUpload page, wait about 45 seconds, then hit "Click here to download" button.

Kryptonite (Dirty Version) Video

Enjoy! More to come soon!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Really Really Good 14-The Road To Casablanca

~Slang Editorial
It’s out there, somewhere in the internet’s deepest nook and crannies, the mutant virus waits, disoriented, hungry and exhausted. As the chat rooms and email groups buzz their dizzying extended log on entries, our hero waits for the real street news crisis to begin. I’m not sure if any of us will ever be the same again after the new style fly viruses are airborne. To be clear, the old guard is moving his cyber tent, yet again. Soon the world will bear witness to his telekinetic power and strength. For now, our hero searches on, looking for the perfect link to post before the rival crews lay hand to them and murk up their shine!

~In The News

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

New virus uses Sony BMG software

More Giants fans claim racial profiling

The Biggest Brand In Southern Streets Goes Visual

Warner Music Turns to Web

REPOST-Damian Marley f. Nas-Road To Zion audio page

Movie trailers and websites

The Fountain movie website

Fearless movie website- New movie with Jet Li, based on Huo Yuan-Jia

Bee Season website and movie review by Manhola Dargis at the NY Times.

Derailed trailer and movie review, also by Manhola Dargis at NY Times.

Edison movie website. The movie stars Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Justin Tmberlake and LL Cool J.

Get Rich Or Die Trying website and review by Carrie Rickey at Philadelphia Inquirer

King Kong movie website with trailer

Final Destination 3 movie clip QuickTime movie clip

Player’s Ball

Chrebet expected to retire soon, report says

Owens lacking class (Dan Abrams) at MSNBC

“Saturday’s Snapshots” as seen at

Panthers win sixth straight- AP article at Sports

U-M: Bring on Buckeyes- by Angelique S. Chengelis for The Detroit News

~RRG Picks of the week

“The Boondocks” television series has come out the gate swinging. The show is already taking shots from haters and PC hypocrite types nationwide. I can’t wait to see what Huey(Regina King?) says next! You can download the first episode here, but you didn’t hear that from me!

BC picks
Some of the articles I thought were of note, here at!

Book Review: Make It Happen: The Hip-Hop Generation Guide To Success by Kevin Liles with Samantha Marshall

Movie Review: Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Many Thousand Gangstas Gone

Holiday Movie Season Preview


I found this link (MySpace Stupid Haircut Awards) at this other link (Kid Sis In Hollywood). I’ll have to finish my worst music on MySpace page soon!

Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Halo2?

Friday, November 11, 2005

Remix Hotel After Party video clip

Make sure you check out for video footage from the Remix Hotel After party at the Avalon. Dennis chops it up with DJ Rocky Rock and Tak of Styles Of Beyond/Demigodz/Fort Minor!

More clips are on the way, big shouts to everyone at Mackie and all who showed us love at the Remix Hotel!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bomb Azz Music

Here are some more songs, old and new,that are on heavy rotation at the Canhead compound.

Akon-Can You Believe It

They Don't Know-Paul Wall ft. Mike Jones & Bun B-video- Windows Media Real Player

Notorious BIG - Spit Your Game feat. Twista & Bone Thugs N HarmonyWindows Media Medium Real Medium

King Kong- Self Scientific w/ Bun B & General Principles-GZA & DJ Muggs

The Offical-Jaylib

Leanin'-Boneface Windows Media-Real Player

Damian Marley ft Nas - Road To Zion [Welcome to Jamrock]

Field Mob w/ Ludacris-"Georgia" Windows Media High

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Gangsta Lean: Q's Chopped and Screwed Reviews

If you don’t know about the "chopped and screwed" phenomenon that has taken over some sectors of the hip-hop world, you’re in for a psychedelic preview. Sex, drugs and rock and roll has mutated in the rap world with the emergence of the “Screwed up” sounds of the south. While this murky mixing style lay in it’s narcotic origins, the sound has crossed the black market and landed in the laps of corporate America with amazing results.

Trying to detail the history of the “screwed” sound is a thick, trippy experience. About 15 years ago, DJ Screw, a Texas DJ stumbled across a style of mixing that incorporated super slowed vocals, quick edit chops, cuts and scratches. The sound fit perfectly with the new drug of choice, a liquid tranquilizer concoction with Promethazine, nicknamed “syrup”, “oil”, and “lean”. It gave it’s users an altered reality where sounds and movements are slowed down. It seems that many in the south felt like Huey Lewis did, and not only wanted a new drug, they had seemingly invented their own.

It didn’t take long for the drug, sound and accompanying Dixie cups to travel all over Texas and adjoining southern states. Soon rival DJs began composing slowed down mix tapes, all with the Screwed up sound. Many local emcees like Mike Jones, Lil Flip, Paul Wall and Slimm Thugg, found their way to fame by being featured on “screw” tapes made by either DJ Screw or Michael Watts. It wasn't long before the sound was the hottest thing in hip-hop music. Ironically, DJ Screw, the founder of the sound was the first casualty of the narcotic brew. It is said that his untimely death was the result of years of abusing Promethazine. His passing may have hurt his family, close friends and business associates, but it also made him a martyr of sorts. It was because of him that several people were able gain national attention and million dollar record deals. The “screwed up” sound lives on and looks to get bigger and bigger every day.
One of the best selling CDs to feature a full “chopped and screwed” remix and release is Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys “Crunk Juice” . Once you pop the CD in the deck, you are immediacy greeted with Lil Jon’s patented voice, slowed to the point that his recognizable yell is replaced with a low toned, from the gut growl. The world famous screw tape maker, DJ Michael “5000” Watts does his thing, chopping and mixing the ATL producer’s CD with perfection.

The CD takes a entirely new feel that may not sit well with newcomers. Usher's silky smooth voice on "Lovers and Friends" is transformed into a deep, murky baritone. It will be a hard pill to swallow for rookies or crunk haters. Fans of the sound will be thrilled to hear the ESB trill-ness screwed up. Although it may be an acquired taste for some, others will hear this CD and hazily reminisce on the good days when DJ Screw was the man supplying the lean fiends with a soundtrack to the streets. You do not have to be high to enjoy the CD. The music is so dope that listening to it alone might give you a contact high.

Final verdict-Lil Jon & The East Side Boys-Crunk Juice Chopped & Screwed=Dope in a Dixie Cup! Raise your crunk juice cups and toast the memory of a hip-hop innovator, DJ Screw, RIP!

Related links

Bone Thugs and Harmony are set to release a new CD, “Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Greatest Hits” chopped up by DJ Michael “5000” Watts on November 15th. Get a taste of the crunkness by clicking the links below.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony E-Card

"First of the Month" audio links

"Notorious Thugs" audio links

DJ Screw VH-1 Bio

Lil Jon Is Syrup Sippin' As "Crunk Juice" Gets Chopped & Screwed

Video Still Tippin' (Chopped Screwed... Mike Jone

Launch "Chopped and Screwed search results

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

RRG #13

~Slang Editorial ~What's good party people? Lots of news on the streets this week, as everyone seemed to have something jumping off. The real world has been on one as well, as the news has more drama than your momma's soaps, with less hope. No matter what, you can count on Uncle Q to come thru with the word on the street. Let's get it started like Fergie's lady humps.

My lovely lady humps are really, really good! My armpits, however, are really really funky!

In The News

France is burning! I don't know which is worse, the madness going on in France or the fact that it has been going on for over ten days and just heard about it on Saturday. I watch the news with one eye as I'm always online, but I don't recall hearing or seeing this anywhere nine or ten days ago. Is it just me? (Shouts to InnerVision for the first blog post about the riots that
Chirac vows action as riots spread

Riot police hurt as France vows order will be restored

French rioters injure, shoot at police

~Archaeologists Unveil Ancient Church Site

~Denver votes to legalize marijuana

~The Word On The Street

The West Coast hip-hop legends Daz & Kurupt are back with a new album "Dillinger
&Young Gotti II: Tha Saga Continuez". The album is in stores now, but if you want to hear a little of the new heat, listen to the cut "DPGC Muzik, here (WMP) and here (Real)

~50 Cent Disagrees With Kanye West about the George Bush doesn't like black
people comment.

~ Check out the new Pitbull single featuring Pretty Ricky, called "Everybody
Get Up", off his upcoming album "Money Is Still A Major Issue".

QT lo

QT hi

WM lo

WM hi

A few post back, I mentioned that legendary group, The Band, released a box set of their greatest hits, entitled "A Musical History". I thought I would get the box set to review. What I got instead was a single disc compilation of the box set. I mean, I'm not complaining, it's just that I really don't know much about the group, and trying to get a full history lesson in one disc is damn near impossible. On top of the fact that I know 5 CDs are in the collection in all.

Regardless, the CD I got has some of The Band's best work from the early Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks and the timeless "Who Do You Love", to the later Hawkins-less Band. Only one Bob Dylan cut, "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window" is here, but I imagine the box set has much more. Songs like the funky "Life Is A Carnival", "Move Me", with it's R&B influences clearly shining through, the ready for hip-hop intro drums of "Baby Don't You Do It", and the striking farmer's ode "King Harvest (Has Surely Come)" make up for the single CD.

This one makes a great Christmas gift for the musically educated people on yourlist this year. If you have a hard time thinking of someone who would appreciate this one, send me an email, and we'll find out a worthy recipient!

~Winter Heaters---Here's a few of the songs, old and new, warming up the WMPs and IPods

1. Reboot-Notes From The Next Generation compilation CD

2. The Fugees-Take It Easy

3.Kanye West & Lupe Fiasco-Touch The Sky

4.Happy Hour- Jazzy Pha & Cee-Lo

5.Kryptonite-Purple Ribbon Label All Stars

6.Lovin' It- Little Brother or Real file

7.WMP: T-Pain - "I'm Sprung" ( WMP Lo) also at Vibe

8.IAM feat. Prodigal Sunn- "La Saga"

9.Busta Rhymes-"Touch It"

10.Just-Ice-"Cold Getting Dumb"

~ That's it for now. Stay tuned for more bang, bang, boogie for your Blogcritic bucks here at RRG!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Welcome To The Hotel California-Remix Hotel hits LA, Nov 4-6, 2005

Remix Hotel invaded The Musician's Institute in Hollywood this weekend, giving music tech heads a inside peek at a virtual MIDI heaven! The long running conference has established itself as the place to see new music technology. This weekend was no exception as musicians experienced first hand the "total technology immersion" that was Remix Hotel 2005. The
Musicians Institute proved to be the perfect setting for the conference, as the classrooms were filled with soft and hardware manufacturers showing their new products. Many companies offered small workshop sessions of their new gear, while the main auditorium served as the meeting room for the panels and performances. The halls of The Musician's Institute were filled producers, musicians pro and novice, students and curious onlookers, wondering where all
the ruckus was coming from.

The world famous event kicked off Friday night, October 4th, in Hollywood for the first time. As I walked into the main passages, I was greeted by a DJ Battle, with a grand prize of $5,000, that was just starting in the main passage. Several people were gathered, listening to the DJs show off their skills on the new Mackie D-2 mixer. The vibe was very cordial and all seemed to be very excited to see Remix in Los Angeles. Up in the VIP section, we were treated to
appetizers by The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc. Appetizers isn't really the right word for a Turkey & Roast Beef with cheese sandwich, salad, cookies, soda and
free Brahma beer. That' a full lunch in my opinion, but the point is they treated us very well. The fun was just beginning.

The real action took place on Saturday, as the panels and showcases kicked in full gear. One of the drawbacks of one of these events is there are so many things to do and see, you will invariably miss something. Personally, I was more drawn to the product showcases than the panels. I could have spent the entire day in the Digidesign/M-Audio room, listening to the M-Audio workshop. The guys at M-Audio started a Pro Tools M Powered 7 session to show the ease of the updated program. Later we watched as violinist and M-Audio rep Laura Escude played live and record on the fly with the new M Powered 7. The performance, production and the program are were equally impressive.

I got lost in the Vestax room for about an half hour, and had to go back later for another half hour. Vestax may not be the biggest name in DJ gear, but they are about to change all that with some of their new product. As I am a soon to be out of retirement DJ, I was able to fill my Christmas wish list in this one room. I may be on the fence as to which CD Player I want, there is no doubt about that the QFO DJ, designed by DJ QBert and Yoga Frog, is the one thing I need in my life. With it's built in mixer, cross fader curve control, 2 Band EQ, 180 degrees of pitch control, this turntable looks like a model of the Millennium Falcon, with the same amount of fire power. (Click here to see video of D JQBert working the QFO!)

When Joe Jack Giacopelli, the Vestax rep, held the QFO turntable on it's side and the thing kept playing the record, I was done. Good thing this wasn't a cash and carry event, because I would be broke right about now. If that wasn't enough, the TT-M1vinyl control unit sealed the deal. The little device connects into your CD player and hooks onto your turntable, giving DJ the option to scratch their CD, on a turntable with real time feel that some CD turntables lack. This went on the top of my wish list!

Actually, there were great products in all the rooms! The Roland/Edirol room had the slick
Motion Drive Tokyo Performance
package. The VJ software acts like visual synthesizer, with it's cross fader and clip cue sections. This tool is great for live performances and comes with a controller unit. The Rane Serato room had the impressive Scratch Live program that is slowly taking over DJ booths worldwide. The software/hardware combo set allows you to mix files from your computers CD or hard drive and connects them to your turntables. It comes with 2 vinyl LPs that have are coded to work with the program. In other words, you can take your laptop with ALL your music files to the party, and never have to carry and re-stock those heavy flight cases again. This program is the hottest thing on the block right now. If your a DJ and you don't have this yet, you're sleeping! This is a must have!

I could go on and on about the products. Pioneer, Numark, Cakewalk, Stanton, Rane, and Alesis are just a few of the sponsors that were on hand at Remix Hotel. I did manage to catch a few seconds of the panel "Record & Radio Production in the Digital Age." Walking through the halls of M.I., I bumped into a legendary hip-hop producer, Hank Shocklee and kicked it with him for a minute before he was mobbed by fans, producers, and anyone else who recognized the world famous beat smith. I wanted to get a in-depth interview with him, but he was whisked away to the panel session. I also caught up with Dan The Automator in the VIP area, and exchanged hellos and monkey prices between appetizer bites. Grandmaster DST was in the spot as well, along with the soon to be large hip-hop/r&b new age duo, Sa-Ra. As the night approached, we all went to the after party at the Avalon, for more good times and free booze.

All in all, Remix Hotel was a tremendous success. The event continued on Sunday, but this mild mannered reporter took a rain check. The night's party before really took a toll on me, as the free drinks flowed from 7pm to well in the morning. Stay tuned for the filmed coverage from The Remix Hotel and the after party at my affiliate site,

Thanks to Eric Hutton (send the girls to Miami) and Kylee Swenson at Remix Magazine, Shelli Andranigian at Andranigian Media (hope you didn't get lost!), Pinky Vargas at Mackie (Tell them Pinky sent you!), Maureen at NARAS (sorry about the tired comment, I meant it as a compliment to a job well done) John Ikuma and everyone at Musicians Institute for hosting a incredible event.

Next stop...REMIX HOTEL, MIAMI 2006!