Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Five Minutes of Funk with Theo Kousoulis (Photographer/model)

We reached out to the thousands of friends on our MySpace page and asked them if they would be interested in sharing a bit with us and answering some questions, nothing to personal, just standard questions that might give us a peek into their life.

One of the first to respond was Theo Kousoulis. Theo was born in 1977, graduated from Deptford High School in 1995. He taped Average Joe: Hawaii in the summer of 2003, but was sworn to secrecy. He also sidelines as a fashion photographer. He took time out to answer my pesky questions, and for that alone you should check his MySpace page and leave a comment. Besides, he has some amazing shots of models on his, don’t walk, to his page! Read the answers below!

1.Who is your favorite music artist(s) and why?--I enjoy anyone who can make a musical composition which helps me lift my mood or move my body. In the hip hop realm, I respect artists like Eminem and Tupac, Jay Z, guys who had nothing and made lots of something out of whatever they had. They moved not only people but mountains of energy with their emotional music.

2. What song/CD(s) are you listening to now?--Currently I am listening to Cold as Ice. There's just something about Ice Ice Baby I'm just not over yet. I think everyone is just in denial when they say they think that's whack. I bet they know all bob their heads to it still.

3. Whats the strangest thing that has happened to you lately?-Some guy emailed me from out of nowhere asking me to fill out ten questions and said If I didn't fill them out that in 7 days I'd be dead. I didn't even have to see a video on it -he said, - I'd just be dead. so I had to do this. (Good idea! You have extened your life!!)

4. If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?--Wonder Woman. Only because I'm amazed at how a model looking lady in the 80's with high heel platform boots panty hose, and a yellow lasso can fight crime and still not see a chiropractor for a bad back and neck at the end of the day's hard work. Obviously she knows some trade secret the LAPD doesn't.

5. Where you at? --Right now I'm enjoying having fun directing, photographing, singing, dancing, kicking midgets in the nose, tossing babies over the playground gym set, you know.. the norm.. oh and...developing artists, bands, model, actors into a better them. see my site, everyone! I help industry get their image upgraded through some bad ass imagery. Also we have a new music video coming out in 2007 called the main attraction with hot sexy models... you wouldnt want to see that would you? hmmm.. behind the scenes on my MySpace profile.

6. Everybody is a hater! What/Who do you hate? (Pet Peeves, gripes, complaints, etc..)
I don’t hate, though I dislike very much the fact I walk down Hollywood Boulevard at 2am and me and my girl get attacked by a guy in a large funny hat that wants to rhyme my name into a rap while staring at ma' girlz behind. I dislike very much also the fact that the homeless aren't really homeless.. Hollywood boulevard is their home. so techinically they live there year round.. so there. Oh also I dislike the fact that advertisments always use happy sexy people when they are really trying to sell you death in a box (cigarettes for example)

7. Where you at and what are you up to? (Any upcoming shows, releases, projects you want to plug)--Shout out to my hot models for staying sexi and showing me what they working with' Shout out to Big Bird on Sesame street, couldn’t do it without you man..all those valuable hints on the alphabet. Man you da bomb.. My boy Maurice from LA clubber who helped make our first video so successful.. and the big guy upstairs for giving me life to live the dream.

8. Saturday morning cartoon when you were a kidwhat was your favorite?--Anything with Superheros, batman, superman.. batman was my favorite.. when they also included wonder woman. wowza... lol

9. What do you like to do when you’re not working?--Is there such a thing as not working? I never got the memo or fax on this.... who must I fire??

10. Where would you be if you could be anywhere in the world? Favorite travel spot?
Greece baby... nowhere else.

11. Are you the same Theo that was on Average Joe in 04? I watched some of the show but missed alot of it. Did you get to spend any quality time with Larissa and take her away from the Average Joes??--Ha-ha yeah, what a show..... dont beleive anything you see on tv, or NBC for that matter.. its all in the name of entertainment. View As you can see I like acting, and love the camera. I had to cause drama, that was my purpose.
That’s it…check him out and tell him Q sent you…Theo’s life depends on it!!

Model Now MySpace Page

Theo's Website
Model Now Site

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Racism In The Republican Party video lesson

Racism In The Republican Party Part I-Part I of this exclusive YouTube series explores the history of racism in U.S. politics and in the Republican party from 1776 to the 2000 elections.

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