Friday, October 21, 2005

DVD’s In The Headrest-Slip-N- Slide Triple Feature!

Get your beach gear ready, ladies and gentlemen! We’re heading to sunny Miami for this DVD review triple feature! Nothing’s hotter than the Florida sun and hip-hop, and we get a triple threat treat from Slip-N-Slide Records! The weather may be getting ugly in Florida right now, but these three DVDs may help die hard hip-hop fans weather the storm and remind them of warmer days.

Setting off the triple play matinee is “Slip-N-Slide Records Memorial Day Weekend”. Originally shot in 2001, the video features Trick Daddy, Trina, and the Slip-N-Slide camp running through Miami during the spring party season. The DVD is uncensored so you know its raw! Definitely not for the timid. Fans of Trina get to see her nice and up-close, cursing out the police, and rocking the stage! The Baddest Bitch is also seen filming her video and performing.

Trick narrates the DVD while getting his hair braided. He tells us why Trina was the baddest bitch since waaay back, as they cut back and forth to concert performances of “Nann” that has to been seen! The DVD also features Tre-6, Duece Poppi aka The Black Richard Nixon, Funk Boogie, behind the scene footage of “I’m A Thug” video, a celebrity basketball game, and exclusive footage from club Rollexx. (You need a wide screen for this!) The boys hit the famous strip club and it’s all on film! The girls dance in a boxing ring, Trick gets lap dances, and it’s back to the lab as the DVD ends.

Next up is “Slip-N-Slide presents Trick Daddy Uncut”. We go backstage with Trick Daddy and get a closer look at his life. CO and Money Mark host the flick from their couch. After they prep you on the MIA lingo, the story begins. We see Trick at work in his Tee Double D Studios, and follow him to the club after that to catch a performance. In the middle of the DVD we get a short clip of some bikers getting busy at “Area 51”. The Anaconda has the ill snake skin bike smoking down the empty lot, working the 12 o’clock bar on the back. Not sure why it's here, but it's nice footage regardless.

Next the guys go the extra mile and film the Slip and Slide caper. Once the ice is restocked, the show continues with Trick Daddy taking it to the house onstage. After the DJ loses a bet, we hit 99 Jamz in Miami with Trick for an interview. From there it’s on to an underground radio station for more interviews. After a hard day of work, we head back to Club Rollexx for a night cap. Next up is a behind the scene look at the filming of the “In The Wind” video. Cee-Lo, Big Boi, Slim Calhoun, Jazzy Pha and Big Gipp are featured in the shots. The story ends well as TDD finds the evil bootlegger and saves the day. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW CLIP: dial-up / broadband )

The Dirty South Raw & Uncut is the final DVD in the series, and the title alone should warn you of impending nakedness and multiple booty shots ahead! Filmed again in sunny Miami, the camcorders are out in full force as models, strippers and various women show 'em what they got!
The first half of the DVD feels like a Girls Gone Wild movie with Dirty South Hip-Hop backing it. I aint mad though’, as Gloria Velez & Dirty Red's interviews alone make it more than worth it. “Dirty South Raw & Uncut” gives you just what the title says. The behind the scene interviews with strippers talking shop in their natural enviroment (ie. naked in the dressing room), gives the video a Hip Hop/Real Sex documentary feel.

"The Dirty South Raw & Uncut" features appearances by JT Money, Luke, 2 Live Crew, Sole, Uncle Al, 69 Boyz and many more. Miami artist are seen defining what bass music is. They know you look at them with disgust when you seen the booties shaking. They know the haters are out there. They all still manage to get the world crunk! This DVD shows how and why, with a steady unflinching eye, and a nice parental advisory sticker for the kids and everything! The behind the scenes story with the 2 Live Crew makes this one a must have.

Final Verdict-Slip-N-Slide Triple Features=Too Hot For TV!

Fans of Slip-N-Slide should grab these up while they can! Miami rappers have been banned in the USA for less! (Shouts to Uncle Luke!)

Thug Holiday & The Dirty South Raw & Uncut release date-10/25/05

Slip-N-Slide Memorial Day Weekend Volume 1-release date 11/15/05

Review Soundtrack:

"Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47 [Clean] - Shut Up"-Trick Daddy

PLAY~ Thug Holiday (f/Latocha Scott)

PLAY~ Money & Drugs

PLAY~ Ain't No Santa

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Monday, October 17, 2005

In case you missed it.....

The Miller Case: A Notebook, a Cause, a Jail Cell and a Deal

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In the WTF department

MP3 players in breast implants that can warn of heart attacks and cancer

Over at Hip Hop Game, they got a link to the new Ghostface Killah & Raekwon joint "Kilos". The track is fire, and now at Soul, along with the original song that they sampled. Go get that!

Sunday, October 16, 2005


W hats the word party people?

Not much on tap today, just going thru emails and getting ready for the week ahead. If you were out and about in LA last weekend, you may have seen your boy Q at the DJ Muggs/GZA show in Hermosa Beach. GZA and Muggs rocked the small but packed club for about a half hour, while the crowd basked in the hip-hop glory of the night. Except for a few fools who looked like they were smoking that water, the crowd was well behaved and showed nothing but love to Muggs and GZA. Self Scientific rocked it as well, going into his underground hits, “The Return” and more. Not a bad night all in all. (Don’t ask about the parking lot ruckus with one time, after the show)

Next week looks busy as hell, so pardon if the posts come up slower than usual. Stay tuned for DVD reviews, show announcements and some new music outta the lab!

Here are some links to keep you busy until next time!

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