Saturday, March 12, 2005

TV show to rescue Jackson

C-Murder Denied A Retrial By State Court Of Appeals

Best Mixtape DJ Of The Year

Jadakiss Named Artist Of The Year At Mixtape Awards

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Red Pill aka The Examined Life

aka "You have a problem with authority Mr. Anderson" aka "The cubicle next to you is empty."

The Matrix is one of my favorite films. For the record, I took the red pill years ago. I know this means nothing to anyone but me right now, but it does mean something, ya dig? Peace to everyone taking the red pill.

Favorite Matrix quotes:

Morpheus: This is your last chance. After this, there is no going back.

Morpheus: You have to understand that many people are not ready to be unplugged, and many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.

Neo: Why do my eyes hurt?

Morpheus: You've never used them before.

Morpheus: Welcome to the desert of the real.

Spoon boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth.

Neo: What truth?

Spoon boy: There is no spoon.

Neo: There is no spoon?

Spoon boy: Then you'll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

True dat Spoon boy, true dat.

In The News

Jackson trial jury shown 'father' video

Virgin Radio starts daily podcast

More Junior M.A.F.I.A. Members Testify In Lil' Kim Trial


Thug Radio

Hot 97's landlord gets tough in wake of hip-hop shoot-'em-up

A Healthy Tune-Out

Hot 97 promotes conflict?

NYC's Hot 97 Under Fire


Al with Lisa "Street Soliders" G, photo taken at Hot97?
Sharp Criticism And A Proposed Ban On Hip-Hop From Sharpton

Al Sharpton proposes ban on rappers
US Hip-Hop Acts to Make Seoul Debut
DJ Whoo Kid Mix-Tape fetured on TRL

METALLICA: Full Details About 'Hip Hop' Tribute Album Revealed - Mar. 6, 2005
Author gives hip-hop a bad rap (he disses house music's father/mother disco and the Bee Gees in the same breath!)
Fred Durst Sues Web Sites (not mine tho')
Nick Carter Arrested
From Canhead's E-Mail In-Box



MILES DAVIS - The Cool Jazz Sound
DUKE ELLINGTON - The Big Band Feeling

Oaks, PA- Music Video Distributors and Disconforme are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Stars of Jazz DVD Series for North American distribution on DVD. The series will be released on April 19, 2005 (prebook cutoff March 15) and each DVD will boast a $14.95 retail price.

This exceptional collection offers, for the first time in an economical series, the best filmed jazz material of all time. Legendary figures at the height of their creativity appear here, thanks to material of incalculable artistic value that today forms part of the human cultural heritage. In order to put together this incomparable selection of masterpieces, well-known artists have been chosen such as Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Nat "King" Cole, Duke Ellington, Lester Young, Charlie Parke & Dizzy Gillespie, Count Basie, B.B. King and Keith Jarrett.

With the growing popularity Music DVD and the latest technological advances, the recovery of these images constitutes an authentic happening for jazz and blues fans that now have something so esthetically satisfying available that previously was unimaginable in terms of quality and clarity.

In the Stars of Jazz series both diehard aficionados of these musicians as well as jazz lovers in general who are constantly on the lookout for new enriching experiences will find, without a doubt, the best visual and auditory legacy which has been bequeathed to us by the great mythical names of Jazz and blues.

MILES DAVIS - The Cool Jazz Sound
Tracks recorded in USA, 1959: So What (M. Davis), The Duke (D. Brubeck), Blues for Pablo (G. Evans), New Rhumba (A. Jamal)
Selection # DVD2869033
UPC: 022891803393
Run Time: 25 Minutes
Audio AC3

DUKE ELLINGTON - The Big Band Feeling
Tracks recorded in USA, 1952: Sophisticated Lady, Caravan, The Mooche, VIP's
Boogie, Solitude, Mood Indigo, The Hawk Talks, I Got It Bad and That Ain't
Good, Bli-Blip, Flamingo, Cottontail, C Jam Blues (Hot Chocolate)
Selection # IDVD2869037
UPC: 022891903796
Run Time: 45 Minutes
Audio AC

# # #

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Justo's Mixtape Awards

Mixtape Awards To Honor P. Diddy As Top Executive

There's always a Hitch

too black....too strong

OK, so I spend way to much time on this blog and not on "real work". I can't help it, every time I start working on essays or Economics assignments (I'm working on it Mr. Jarvis I swear!) there is something onlint that i have to post.

Today I really was working on my American Cinema essay (my last one!). My subject is Hollywood and the issue of race. While writing on the old fashioned Hollywood, racially insensitive "classics" like "Birth of A Nation" and how far Hollywood has come, I came across this basin of ice cold water in the face. Renee Graham makes a good point when she states “It's hard to fathom Smith could ever be deemed too black.” Is it really like Kanye (Even if you in a Benz, you still a nigga in a coupe) West said? Damn.

Note to Hollywood: I watch White actors paired up with White Actresses and never had a problem with it….put Jada next to Will Smith in a romantic comedy free of stereotypes and watch America eat it up, you a$$holes! Romantic comedy, not drama, not comedy, not action flick, but ROMANTIC COMEDY! Think Cuba and Vivica in a Sleepless in Seattle remake. It wouldn’t hurt you to cast J. Lo next to Enrique or Marc for that matter either…hell it couldn’t do worse than Gigli and you will win points for being ‘forward thinking” and modern.)

Will Smith DVDs
Marc Anthony CDs
Jenniefer Lopez CDs
Jenniefer Lopez DVD

My Finger Is On The Button

Since I started this blog, I get emails forwarded to me from publicity departments of all the players in the music industry. (Much Props to E.O. and Blog So much in fact, that I am constantly finding emails about some must see event, a day late and a dollar short..Po Pimpin' style. (speaking of Po' Pimpin'...I have Do or Die coming to Canhead soon, stay tuned)

I recently got one from Astralwerks announcing their line up of releases and tour dates. Here are some of the plans, I will be emailing Alison for more info. They are doing some big things this year, and hopefully I'll be there giving you the blow by blow details as they happen. Ben Watt of Everything But The Girl, Miss Kitten, and VHS or Beta are all on deck with the hotness, ready to release projects in the next month.

Here's a little from the email:

"Astralwerks is thrilled to announce The Chemical Brothers triumphant return to the US for their first live dates in 3 years! Their single "Galvanize" featuring vocals from Q-Tip is heating up the radio airwaves across the country. Their critically acclaimed new album, Push The Button, is out now. (Note to self: get personal copy of "Push The Button" for review asap) " It looks like they are still setting dates for the tour but they have these three dates listed. If your nearby, you should check them out.

Sidenote to The Chemical Brothers---When you guys set a NYC date, Q-Tip will perform with you, right?!?!?

4/27 Seattle, WA The Premier
4/29 San Francisco, CA Henry J. Kaiser Arena (w/ New Order)
4/30 Indio, CA Coachella

More dates to be announced soon! I'm all over this one like the dew covers Dixie so check back often. Check out the Chemical Brothers website and video to "Galvanize"too!'s Favorite Chemical Brothers/Q-Tip song list

1. "Vivrant Thang"-Q-Tip
While the video may have offended some with it's unrelenting line up of scantly clad models, it is a beautifully shot video (with or without the ladies...ahh who am I kiddin' without the ladies it is like Kool-Aid without sugar..weak!) Possibly Q-Tip's last real club banger until "Galvanize".

2. "Exit Planet Dust LP"-Chemical Brothers
This album reminds me of New Jersey, or should I say my life in New Jersey. When I was just getting into house, techno, dance, whatever you wanna call that shit with all the noise, bleeps and frequency sweeps. Back then, all the talk was how this new form of music was going to change the world. 10 years later, they are still saying that. Whatever, this album is the bomb!

3."Get Your Self High"-Chemical Brothers
Come on..this was the fucking shit! Sorry for the curses, but their is no other way to describe this song. It's like the Guinness guys say on the commericals, "BRILLANT!" "Don't rely on us to get you high!" If I had a dollar for everytime I told someone that. No but seriously, this song rocks, and the video is on some Wu-Tang shit for real.

4. "Where Do I Begin" -Chemical Brothers
This was my song for a long time! The first time I heard it was on a tape a friend of mine made for me. I had just got home from another late Saturday night on the town. As i sat on the couch, watching the sun rise, I decided to pop the tape in, roll one up and chill. This song came on, lullabied me to sleep, and has been on my all time favorite list ever since. (That would make the day I first heard "Where Do I Begin" a SUNDAY MORNING! HA!)

Monday, March 07, 2005

Just around the corner and down the road...


Hot 97 protest pictures

~Jay Smooth has some audio clips and pictures of the "Rally 4 Hip Hop" in Union Square this past Friday.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

518 Represent!

I complain about their not being a lot to do up here in Albany. I am starting to take that back. There are tons of things jumping off up here, you just have to look a little harder for them sometimes. Case in point, check out some of the events planned for this weekend.

Northern Lights has a hot line up this weekend for the Albany heads...from rock to hip-hop, Clifton Park is going to be the spot this weekend. This Saturday night they have Hot97 FM's very own DJ Fat Man Scoop doing it up.
Then on Sunday night, Breaking Benjamin, Theory of a Deadman and the Exies enter the building. On Tuesday night, Rusted Root performs for their upstate fans.
Meanwhile, down at my bar Lark Tavern, (it may not be my bar anymore since I haven't been in the joint to see Ms. Tess for many moons now) 518 representative Shyste (also check this link)and Awar had their double CD release party on Friday night. Maybe I'll make it to "Sundaze" with DJ Ryan Kick; Sev Statik and DJ Bake.

Coming up in the next weeks, Steve Earle and the Dukes at The Berkshire Music Hall,
WRPI DJ Toast 16th Anniversary Party featuring Sean Price & Rustee Juxx(Boot Camp Clik and Duck Down), Bath Gate, German Luger, Sev Statik, Shyste, Jake the Snake, DJ Nate da Great at the Hudson Duster on the 12th! Whoa! Check out Pitch Control for the info

And if that wasn't enough, all hail he king! That's right, I wish my parent were in town so I could take them to see the man, Mr. B.B. King at the Palace Theatre Monday night. Much more is on the way, Green Day and Sarah McLachlan both are coming to The Pepsi and Papa Roach and Vanessa Carlton will appear at Northern Lights toward the end of the month. (Got to the show and tell her thanks for that "Time Warner" cable commercial!)
So now my problem is getting the time off for some of these events, this night weekend work situation of mine is being re-evaluated as we speak.

See you in Albany!

I Want My MP3s

Canibus freestyle over "Ice Cream" Instrumental for Hot97
This one has been floating around for a while, but is one of the illest freestyles ever!

'Canibus-Hot97 Freestyle LL Cool Gay Wackclef dis'
Another example of the Canibus man's skills.

Masta Ace-"Wutuwanko" Ft Ed OG
This is off the "Long Hot Summer" LP that Ace dropped.

Jae Millz feat. Juelz Santana-Doin My Thing
Dip Set, Dip Set, Dip Set, Dip Set!

Kanye West, Rhymefest and Mikkey-Good Ass Job
Hot one off of
Listen and Read Sunday

Cee-Lo Green-My Kind Of People
This one has made it to my all time favorite hip-hop songs list. I think if you give it a chance, it will land on your all time favorties list too...

Cee-Lo f/ Jazze Pha, Menta
Cee-Lo Green is the Soul Machine
My Kind of People

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(taken from

[Chorus: Jazze Pha]
So if you like coke
And you like to go
You're my kind of people (My kind of people)
You're my kind of people (My kind of people)
And if you ?? good
I knew you would
You're my kind of people (My kind of people)
You're my kind of people (My kind of people)

My name is sugar sweat sweet as a candy shop
Yes I got about every car n each of 'em candy dropped
Now gather round y'all here comes a sight to see
Me and Menta are come and kill 'em consecutively
I walk through the door I don't even look at the line
Smokin pine standin under the exit sign
Shorty confused me with the thang that she start to grind
We're havin big fun blow up some stars to shine


We gon' drank good, some smoke good, interior is all oak wood
You know how me and my folks do it, it's A-Town we don't play around
78 Deville to a Ferris wheel, where is at? There it is
Did you like that well then write back
matter fact in a minute I'll be right back
(Skuurt) I'm back what's up now I done went and got my truck now
I don't know here come good luck now somebody else wanna (fuck) now
Now you 'Lo his cognac, he done been to the moon already done that
Get on in and lemme show you the world and you's my kind of people girl


[Cee-Lo] + (Jazze Pha)
Now I can smell, somebody put good grain in the air
(Ain't nothin better than some real good music)
And there's a lot, of fine ass women everywhere
(Ohh cause your eyes are startin on me)
All in the room, they dancin n drinkin n havin fun
(Boogie on the floor put your back into it)
Why don't you take, your dead-ass home if you ain't havin none
(Don't just stand around and just watch is do it)