Friday, April 07, 2006

Giving you nothing but pure hip-hop!!!

Whats the word? You know I stay working over here, grinding in multiple games so hard, sometimes I forget to brag. So in the spirit of getting my swagger on, check the style as I break it down for youz all!!

Make sure you check out Jha Voice's page for some next level R&B/Hip-Hop vibes! Peace to Kaiu, Malak and K-Beats for the work they put in! Be on the lookout for the new CD soon! "Got Your Back" is the jump-off!

chimyspaceChi King is preparing his new mixtape and it's FIRE!! I got a few beats on there that you'll hear soon, but until then go listen to "New Ish" for that Havana Joe flow.

ladeedredmyspaceFor some real reggae vibes, make sure you check out La Dee Dred's page! The LA reggae legend has a new MySpace page that is being re-tooled as we speak! Add her, show her some love and find a new favorite reggae joint from La Dee Dred!

psunI see right now you don't know what's happenin......
P Sunnzinni's page has my favorite joint off the "Return OF The Prodigal Sunn" CD, "Godz People". That's what's up for real. Pass through Prodigal's page and show some love!

makebaohh snap..The Goddess Makeba's got a page too!! Do the knowledge, add her!

qrxAnd finally, it's my stereo and it's my beat! I got a few more cuts nailed down over here, and you can check the new dusty stylee of "My Stereo" at my other page! And "The MySpace Freestyle" give s you a little glimps into a night in the life of the crew here in the downtown compound. The real vocals by Jha Voice are on the way! get the idea...more music soon!! peace