Saturday, December 18, 2004

PSA From Canhead Records

..........A message from

Dear Backers,We don't want to overwhelm you with emails on this list, but we've got some exciting news! Tuesday night, an AP article about Turn Your Back on Bush went out over the wires.

It was picked up on Wednesday by over 50 newspapers around the country and was covered on NPR that morning. We've had a sudden surge in traffic to our website, and calls from other media have started pouring in.

You can see the AP article at the link below.We need to capitalize on this great exposure and build on it to spread the word. We're in talks with a progressive press relations collective to take on this piece of the organizing right now, but we need to raise $3,000 in the next 3 days to pay for this expense.

We're asking you to dig deep - this will be a huge step toward our goal to get tens of thousands of people out on January 20th. Please click on this link and make a donation now. (If you can afford it, a donation of $50 would go a long way toward our goal.)Link to the AP article on Turn Your

Back on Bush:,0,5208996.story?coll=sns-ap-politics-headlines

This publicity has already brought in 4 new State Organizers on Wednesday alone. If you haven't signed up to help organize your state, please check out

Thanks again,

The Turn Your Back on Bush Team
~Illuminati links of the day
I haven’t hit you with any of my “paranoia” links as of yet. Well guess what. That’s all about to change…..right…….NOW!

~In Sports:
In the NBA, some people think that after the dust has settled on the basketball “riot”, not much will be done to those charged. I tend to agree.

The Hip Hop Blog Fantasy Basketball League is getting interesting as my squad “Albany Hustlerz” find themselves in a heated battle with BlksRNaturalAthletes (seriously, that’s the name of the team I’m playing against now…don’t ask) I’m closing in on the Red Dust team, looking to take the number 8 spot.

Pittsburg plans on making a 2 game sweep of the New York teams as they prepare to enter the Meadowlands for lunch today. I think I heard Bettis and Staley fighting over who was gonna eat Manning’s food. Should be pretty messy.

Pray for my Jets people. Pray hard! Don’t bother praying for Tennessee. Even God can’t pull of some miracles.

~Last BUTT not least
Looking for a special gift for your lonely friend? I think this will do the trick.

If your bucking to having the best decorated house on your block this Christmas, make sure you don’t end up on this website.

This is a man’s world!

When you see me in the street solider, salute me!

This one is for all you who thinks Christmas stinks. If you have no sense of humor, do not click this link. If you do, Merry Christmas!

You may have noticed that I took my links section off the page. It was a mistake; I was mucking around with the layout and lost them. So instead of re-listing them, I’ll just make it a point to post a few on every entry.

You really should check this blog out on a daily basis. “The Number One Songs In Heaven” is the bomb. Some of the MP3 blog’s links up now are James Brown, Minnie Ripperton, George Benson, and Junior. Check them out and tell them I sent ya!

Friday, December 17, 2004

Spread love!

The Dog can’t stay outta trouble!

Hold your head up X!

Get It On The Floor
Stop Being Greedy

These guys got the hook up, all kinds of links here.

Jesus Walks:
Here’s a Bible verse sure to inspire us all!

Genesis 38:8-10

8 Then Judah said to Onan, "Lie with your brother's wife and fulfill your duty to her as a brother-in-law to produce offspring for your brother."

9 But Onan knew that the offspring would not be his; so whenever he lay with his brother's wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from producing offspring for his brother.

10 What he did was wicked in the LORD's sight; so he put him to death also.

So Onan decided he should sleep with his sister in law but he pulled out so she wouldn’t get pregnant. Which part was wicked here, the pulling out early or the sleeping with his sister in law? I dunno, it’s a toss up! If I were God, I don’t think I’d be mad at the withdrawl as much as sleeping with extended family members. This was written before online dating and ladies night were invented so I kind of understand, but dating family is still gross!

Peer Pressure-De La Soul w/ B-Real (“Mase, please tell him stop being so dramatic!”)

Madlib & Peanut Butter Wolf live at Friends & Family Don’t sleep!

No Mercy (ft. M.O.P.)-Pharoahe Monch

Hater's Anthem - Jean Grae

Hey Shawtie- I-20 w/ Devin The Dude


Thursday, December 16, 2004

Check 1 2 and ya don't stop

I posted this on Fresh To Death, another mighty fine blog out there defending the virtue of our fair maiden hip-hop. (I do love her so….)

We all know how much our beloved hip-hop has influenced damn near everything under the sun. Sometimes hip-hop has bitten the hand that feeds it by embarrassing us all, such as at the Vibe Awards or average sports star's freshman CD releases. Things like this make us shake our collective heads in disgust and feel like leaving hip-hop for spoken word(maybe). But every once in a while, something will make us proud to be B-Boys in our B-Boy stances. This is one of those times.

I heard this story about a week ago, but ran across it again and thought y'all deserved to read it if you haven't yet. In the Ukraine, a serious battle for power is going on. Many Ukrainians feel that they have witnessed a electoral theft that makes the Florida miscount look like a petty candy shoplifting spree. An entire movement has sprung up in opposition to the current president. So has an history making hip-hop song created by two forward thinking Russian musicians.

Razom Nas Bahato is all the hype in Ukraine. Sung totally in Ukrainian with a funky azz beat, the track really shows how far hip-hop has come and gone. Think about this for a second party people. A hip-hop song is the theme of a revolutionary movement, dedicated to overthrowing the ruling president and giving power to Yushchenko, a man who many feel was poisoned by the opposing party . Wow. Meanwhile in America, Bush is behind the wheel for another 4 years and we are still having blog wars and beefing over who won the Nas/Jay-Z battle. (tie, get over it)

Maybe Talib, Mos, and Pharaoh should have thought of that. I mean there were a gang of songs about Bush Sr and Jr (PE, Paris, Coup, Dead Prez) but nothing like this. If you love hip-hop, not only should you grab your d!ck and rub your t!tt!es right now, you should be wiping tears of joy out of your eyes and checking your English-Russian dictionary while banging this track. Check the links below for more info on this story. Hip-Hop F'ing Hooray!

The "Razom Nas Bahato MP3" is here..

Read these for more info:

So nice, I had to post it twice. Sorry, I was at my bar last night so I don't have anything new to post...I am really starting to love my bar, you should check it out sometime if your in the neighborhood. Sunday nights are supposed to be hot but I have not made it down there yet. Again, sorry!

My friends at are going to be at my bar on the last Monday of every month and that's where I'll be, with my Heineken and Jack & Coke (in case you're thinking about buying the next round kicko!)


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Soccer sucks!

More goods from the internet.

~Nas- Bridging The Gap video
~This one is sure to make all my non-Christian (and some of my Christian) friends laugh….NOT!

In Sports

~“What did he think would happen?”:
Kobe is mad at The Mailman for ringing his bell twice! Kobe’s wife acts like she wasn't with it.

~Soccer is an ugly, racist, violent, mindless, stupid, gay azz sport anyway! F’ those backwards, slack jawed, dim witted, broke d!ck ,cavemen losers! I mean I understand that not everyone is going to be civilized and you will always have a few bad apples, but when and entire stadium starts booing and making monkey sounds, it doesn’t make you want to visit their “beautiful” (ie: stuck up,boring, bland food, bad driving, non English speaking) countries too soon. Makes me want to get on a plane and go to all the foreign soccer stadiums and do like my man did in Florida!

~At least this guy didn’t back out on his bet! You win some, you lose some, that how it goes. (Holla at me..I got M&N Throwbacks Jerseys 4cheap, 4real!!)

In other news:

~Fox is preparing to air a show that we already see on Maury, Montel and Jerry.

~When playing Scrabble, Hootchie and Crack Ho are words and count for points! I win!

~Here is a gift idea for the ladies. Thanks to April Wincell for the link.

I’m outta here like Kid’s high top fade!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

On The Job

~If you haven’t heard yet, Hova is the new boss at Def Jam. Be on the lookout for a flood of dis records, dirty laundry airing out, Roc-A-Fella second stringers getting mad airtime or dumped or both, and the real beginning of the dynasty. Jay Hova indeed!

~A news bit that falls squarely in the lap of musical tragedy that we are glad as hell had nothing to do with hip-hop, the story on DimeBag Darrel is incredible and pretty scary if you really think about it. That would be like somebody running onstage at Summer Jam and shooting Chingy for leaving D.T.P. A few weeks ago there was a thread somewhere about what “gully” means? That’s gully! Not even hip-hop has an incident like that! Murder Inc. live on stage style. (Click here for Pantera and DamagePlan full albums!)

Somewhere In Hip-Hop

--Fat Joe and Remy Martin are in Miami being followed by a dark Crown Victoria, for no apparent reason.

-Beenie Man is about to be court ordered to perform in the 2005 Gay Parade for community service

-Every rapper who had a hit song this year, is about to get a Grammy for it.

-Will Smith it polishing off his 4 dusty Grammys and laughing real hard. (Sidenote: DJ Jazzy Jeff is not amused.)

-Marshall Mathers just woke up from a weed nap nightmare. He dreamed that he called Dr. Dre the “N” word by mistake live on the radio.

Random 5
Blackalicious –“Chemical Calisthenics
Rob Zombie “Demonoid Phenomenon
Nas-“The World Is Yours”-true
Ice Cube-“Nigga Ya Love to Hate
Mad Villian CD

Ill links


When was the last time you saw a Jeru video? I think it’s been far too long.


D-12 on Conan O’Brien

I won’t be like everyone else and dis D-12 for all the obvious reasons. I like some of their sh!t. I giggled when I heard “My Band” the first time. I couldn’t laugh watching them on Conan and it should have been easy. They looked and sounded like they were bored as hell, performing “How Come” and “My Band” without any energy at all during the hooks and without Marshall. The midget was there, Bizarre was there, Green Lantern was there, Proof was there…..”Where’s Marshall” No. seriously, they sang this during the hook. They also sang his lyrics at times, as his voice is all over everything. But Em was not in the building. He must still be getting that rubdown from Jenna Jameon or some other Chlamydia patient. STEP YOUR TELEVISED SET GAME UP PEOPLE! I’m trying to defend your wack azzez…damn.
Ps You should have performed “40 Oz” and drank on stage. That would have been fun to do with Marshall.

Lil Jon & The EastSide Boyz feat Lil’ Scrappy on Carson Daly

YEEEAAAAHHH!!! This is why Lil Jon is the man. Somebody tell him that when he’s rhyming on a t.v. track, he has to mouth the words during all of his parts. I guess he look at it like, if they see me missing my verses, “What They Gon Do”? Nothing but keep it crunk! Lil Scrappy stepped up and the East Side Boyz held it down. Nice set.