Tuesday, May 16, 2006

EZ like sundaze mornings

Whats the word party people? Hope all is good in your hood! Here is another quick post for you, you and you!! Sorry it's so short, but you know how it goes for the Tennessee Hustler. The work never ends. So here are a few links and things that I had time to check out. More soon to come, I'm out to catch the movie right now.

Peace to K-Beats, who is up in NYC with the homie Jack! Break a leg at the premier!

~Make sure you check Chi-King's MySpace site, and play the bangin new track "Hip Hop Love!"

~While you're at it, check my crazy comic book super villian track, "Stare". It's too ill for words.


Entertainment Law Resources blog site

Halle Berry interview

Superman Returns

On My New York Shit! _The Bridge Remix!!

Kool G Rap and DJ Polo - Ill Street Blues

Bow Wow-basketball

Snoop Dogg Permanently Banned From UK from

Check out my homie Hi-Lo's blog, Expanded Mind. I'm sure he'll update it soon for you, now that I know he is a blogger as well!!

10 Burning Questions: Lloyd Banks from

White People, Black People
found at Tofu Hut

Top Dogg -Interview with Daz from The FADER

Blacklisted--Is Stephin Merritt a racist because he doesn't like hip-hop?
By John Cook-The Slate

SFJ's site!