Friday, November 18, 2005

Grandmasters Holla!

I logged on to this chess site to brush off some of my old moves and found this..

'Chess is so crazy, I could do a whole album on chess'17.11.2005 What happens when you take one of the greatest rappers, and put him in a recording studio with a producer and a chessboard? The album “Muggs Vs. GZA: Grandmasters”, that's what. It's a groundbreaking CD that blends Hip Hop and chess. Interview with GZA and a fascinating video.

Rap is outta control! Hip-hop videos on the front page of a chess geek website. That's whats up.

See you at the show and holla at a scholar if you hear me!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

DJ Muggs vs GZA Record Release Party This Sunday!

Its going down this weekend! Click on the top flyer to buy tickets NOW!!!

Fix your face cuz the cameras will be on!

Purple Ribbon All-Stars "Kryptonite" Remix!

Ladies and Gentleman...I present to you the Purple Ribbon All-Stars "Kryptonite" Un-Edited Super Hero Remix!

Click on the picture to go to the MegaUpload page, wait about 45 seconds, then hit "Click here to download" button.

Kryptonite (Dirty Version) Video

Enjoy! More to come soon!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Really Really Good 14-The Road To Casablanca

~Slang Editorial
It’s out there, somewhere in the internet’s deepest nook and crannies, the mutant virus waits, disoriented, hungry and exhausted. As the chat rooms and email groups buzz their dizzying extended log on entries, our hero waits for the real street news crisis to begin. I’m not sure if any of us will ever be the same again after the new style fly viruses are airborne. To be clear, the old guard is moving his cyber tent, yet again. Soon the world will bear witness to his telekinetic power and strength. For now, our hero searches on, looking for the perfect link to post before the rival crews lay hand to them and murk up their shine!

~In The News

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

New virus uses Sony BMG software

More Giants fans claim racial profiling

The Biggest Brand In Southern Streets Goes Visual

Warner Music Turns to Web

REPOST-Damian Marley f. Nas-Road To Zion audio page

Movie trailers and websites

The Fountain movie website

Fearless movie website- New movie with Jet Li, based on Huo Yuan-Jia

Bee Season website and movie review by Manhola Dargis at the NY Times.

Derailed trailer and movie review, also by Manhola Dargis at NY Times.

Edison movie website. The movie stars Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Justin Tmberlake and LL Cool J.

Get Rich Or Die Trying website and review by Carrie Rickey at Philadelphia Inquirer

King Kong movie website with trailer

Final Destination 3 movie clip QuickTime movie clip

Player’s Ball

Chrebet expected to retire soon, report says

Owens lacking class (Dan Abrams) at MSNBC

“Saturday’s Snapshots” as seen at

Panthers win sixth straight- AP article at Sports

U-M: Bring on Buckeyes- by Angelique S. Chengelis for The Detroit News

~RRG Picks of the week

“The Boondocks” television series has come out the gate swinging. The show is already taking shots from haters and PC hypocrite types nationwide. I can’t wait to see what Huey(Regina King?) says next! You can download the first episode here, but you didn’t hear that from me!

BC picks
Some of the articles I thought were of note, here at!

Book Review: Make It Happen: The Hip-Hop Generation Guide To Success by Kevin Liles with Samantha Marshall

Movie Review: Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Many Thousand Gangstas Gone

Holiday Movie Season Preview


I found this link (MySpace Stupid Haircut Awards) at this other link (Kid Sis In Hollywood). I’ll have to finish my worst music on MySpace page soon!

Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Halo2?