Saturday, June 25, 2005

Live from The Knitting Factory

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..sounds a little busted up but you get the idea..

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Friday, June 24, 2005

What the f... is a Canhead anyway?

Here's a quick run down the line of whats poppin'. P Sun at Knitting Factory tonight!! Tell the guy at the door your with Q and you might get in. Everyone else...see you at the spot!

On deck for next week..

Wendy Williams review
Hustle and Flow review
Info on Faith Evans, KottonMouth Kings, new Jimi Hendrix book, video links, and all the flavor you savor at Canhead.

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Someone asked me what the hell is a Canhead anyway? Good question. Well, back in the day when the internet was new and people were throwing money at anything with a .com at the end of its name, I began my multimedia experiments with a humble little site called...Canhead.

We were looking for a catchy name, something that wouldn't tie itself to the actual website, but it had to be just odd enough to be remembered. (Think Razorfish, Google,
Yahoo, names like that.) I wanted to make a website that focuses on music (mainly hip-hop but all music is welcome) and is for people like me. After being called a pothead for eons, that was the easy part, but then I remebered a studio session I once assisted and the engineer said the word "cans" in reference to headphones, at least a thousand times.

I was in a bad mood or something and it annoyed me that this guy HAD to say cans instead of headphone..."Tune up the bass in the cans"..."Give the drummer a new set of cans"..."Have you seen those new wireless cans?"...."Whose cans are these?".....ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE F'IN' CANS YA TWIT!!!

So after I was fired from that studio, I began calling headphones cans. I wanted the site to be for true heads that do what real heads do, smoke and listen to music. If your a super cool head, you listen to your music through your computer with your headphones...or cans.

Can..for..pot..heads. Can..for ...heads.....can...heads.......Canhead! (Brilliant!)

Feel me?

So anyway, the dot com bubble burst, "sponser"at the time) went Chapter 13 or something, I started a record company that is in limbo right now(still looking for my muse...a nice fat business loan!) and years later blogs were born and I get my revenge.

The Begining. (as opposed to the end, yaoming!)

Got to go, see you in Hollywood!

More Slow Jams

Mad Cobra - FlexAudio Link

Mario - Braid My HairAudio Link

Anita Baker - "Your My Everything" video WMP

New Edition - "Hot 2 Nite" video WMP

Boyz II Men - "
The Color of Love" video WMP

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Quiet Storm

For all the ladies out there. This one is for you!

Keith Sweat-"Make You Sweat" video
300 K

Prince -"Call My Name"
Audio link

Prince - "Diamonds and Pearls"
Audio link

Prince- The Question Of U
Audio link

Prince - If I Was Your Girlfriend
Audio Link

Prince - Adore
Audio Link

Prince - Ballad Of Dorothy Parker
Audio Link

Norah Jones - "Sunrise" video WMP

Norah Jones - "What Am I To You" video WMP

more later.....


It has been a long time coming for Mr. Hamilton. Now he gets a chance to show the world that he is not new to this music game. "Soulife"is the new CD full of cuts from Anthony Hamilton's lost Atlantic Records CD. It also has "Love and War" featuring Macy Gray, a older track that was on the "Baby Boy" soundtrack. Click here for his website.

Want to play a game?

You Gotta Know When To Hold 'Em

Chuck Blount on poker: World Series of Poker's setup is overwhelming

Oh Hell No!

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Court Date

Researching law over here and found this.
Take a tour, you might actually learn something.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Play Your Flute!

Chinky Eyed Fridays-June 24th!

Be there! What's this I hear about this being the last party? We have to talk about that....

Thought I was about to be on some Radio Raheem sh!t...

Man listen.

My alarm clock radio woke me up the other day at 9am. As I rubbed the crumbs outta my eye and lit up a Am Spirit, my ears finally focused on what they were hearing. Power 106 is the morning rooster at Canhead. This morning it sounded like Game was in the lab tearing shit down.

What did he say? I had to turn on the lights and sit up for this one. Damn! Son just ran through G-Unit and anyone who ever looked at him funny with a 15 minute long track! Amazin'.

"The underground is mine, I treat it like home, it the reason they saying my name like Mike Jones (I said)"

Check for the track.

In Stores Now -"Return Of The Prodigal Sunn"

In Stores Now!! Cop That!!

More Links on P Sunnzini

Chamber Musik Prodigal Sunn's album page with audio clips ("Love is Love")

P Sunn Interview

GZA/Genius, Armel & Prodigal Sunn Interviews at Wu Tang Corp

Jury Finds Former Klansman Guilty

link page has video clip as well....

Police Blotter

Police chief's car stolen
2 Men Charged After Fighting With Police

Police Officer Found Passed

Mexicans: Police Brutality - Really?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Illuminati Watch

Forget Credit Cards, Pay With Your Fingetips!

Funky For You Can't Stop The Shine Da Nex Nigaz Live

Can't Stop The Shine -Kool G Rap feat. Ms. Jones WMP 300K video

KRS-One Live at USC - Real Video low

"Funky For You" Nice & Smooth WMP 300 K video

"Da Nex Nigaz" - Onyx WMP 300K video

B.A.P.S.(Bored And Posting Sh!t)

Take two sprays and pass!


Gw Plans to Gain Approval for Sativex in a Number of Countries Across the World, Including in Europe and North America.

Cannabis-based painkiller available in Canada

Triple Tribe/3NTs

Jungle Brothers - "Live At Club Vynyl " Real Video

A Tribe Called Quest-"Scenario" video--WINDOWS 300K

De La Soul - Bitties In The BK Lounge
"That's why your sister's flippin burgers and your momma's frying fries"
and where the fu*k is my ketchup!

Slim Thug video link

Slim Thug: Like a Boss video

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Live from Venice Beach!

I'm judging a camera phone photo contest between the crew over here. This is K-Beats winning shot, day 1!

Venice Beach Cam!

Link Up, Look Sharp!~

I had so much fun with the Greatest Hits, I thought I'd do it I have mad work to do so no time for blog writing. Click the links for the grooves.

Post namesake-Listen to the Dizzie Rascal album here! Possible song of the year? "Fix Up.." is still bangin' and that Squire beat is straight dope, yaoming?!?..keeps heads noddin'!!
"trainers by the track yo trainer by the ton!"


DJ Dramatic-Gangsta Grillz Mee - Rap City Freestyle (Ludacris Diss)

Dilated Junkies-Dilated Peoples feat. Beat Junkies

You Can't Hide - Royce The 5 9 feat. Rass Kass from


Soldiers Of Darkness - Sunz Of Man

Seed of Chucky – Jennifer Tilly Reading With Redman scene


Don'tt walk...RUN to and check "Nah' Mean, Nah'm Sayin'" feat. Jean Grae off the "Take London" CD by The Herbaliser. Yaoming!! (ps...BOO Skeewiff's Man Of Constant Sorrow remix! Mine sounds better, trust me!)

Big shouts to the homie from my home state, Count Bass D! Q.Rock639's new theme song="Down Easy"!



Black to the future
MPG Monday post

Canhead's Greatest Hits Volume One

And finally, an unsolicited editorial.

The return of the funky one!

Poetic Just Us

Dies Natali Invictus aka 'The birthday of the unconquered"

Shock Jocks...They All Sound The Same To Me


Spread Love (song links for DMX, De La w/B-Real, Jean Grae, 1-20 w Devin, Pharoahe Monch w MOP, and mix set by PBW * Madlib!)

Nas-"These Are Our Heros"

Sound Ink –“Monday Night At Fluid”King Honey featuring MF Doom Kurious and King Ghidra

Knuck If You Buck” remix- Crime Mob Ft. Gangsta Boo, Daz & J.Dupri-DJ Smallz S.S.# 12

Shot Down” remix- 50 Cent w/ DMX & Styles P-DJ Kep remix

Rising to the Top” -Game Tight - Agallah, Sean Price

Ludacris Interview on Hot 99.5 FM

"Dance Monkey" Sage Francis

G-Unit vs Wu-Tang - Stunt 101 (Cosmo Baker Remix)

Nas vs Diamond D - Bridging the Gap (Eleven Remix)

Joe Buddens "Pump It Up "- crooked remix WOW!!

Jay-Z & Beyoncee "Bonnie and Clyde '03" - crooked remix-


Some classic material from Dave.

This girl has a really hot ass!

Chemical Brothers-“Get Yourself High”

Goapele- “Closer video

Rolling Stone’s T.I. video page

ODB crashes the Grammy!