Monday, April 23, 2007

MVD Audio Releases-Fat Jack & Mascaria Time Span -Julius Papp Abstract Latin Lounge

MVD Entertainment Group is one of the hottest distributors of music right now, with an impressive line up of CDs and DVDS. They have been extra nice to yours truly by hooking me up with tons of material to review. Make sure you check them out at their websites and look for their products at your favorite music shop.

If you can't find them there, you can alway order from their site or browse Here's a couple of goodies they have on deck!


While I have mentioned this AV Bombshelter released CD before, it is definitely worth mentioning again. Fat Jack The Elephant is one of the Project Blowed alumni of producers, with an impressive resume of banging beats. Not the typical Casio synthesizer sounding beat makers, Fat Jack & Mascaria keep it true to the hip-hop ethos of sampling rare grooves, giving their productions a Golden Age of Hip-Hop feel. Fitting for X-Clan DJ and producer of Abstract Rude. he teams up with long time 2MEX/The Chemikillz/Myka Nine producer Mascaria and together they craft some of the illest beats never rhymed on.

This CD is like a sketch pad for emcees to get their flows on with. This is actually the type of hip-hop CD that you could play at work and possible get props from your boss. Click here to read my previous post on Timespan, complete with full audio clips from the album and a video epk!

JULIUS PAPP - ABSTRACT LATIN JOURNEY Julius Papp has a mix CD that is strictly for the beaches and the dance floors! The globe trotting DJ's new collection of club hits is titled "Abstract Latin Journey". It's filled with seriously chill house tracks, guaranteed to get you moving. The title is a slight lift of the series of mix cds under a similarly named theme, but this one is headed for the sunny side cabanas and white sand beaches.

Papp has served up the perfect soundtrack to your next vacation to Cancun or Ibiza, mixing some of the hottest Latin remixed tracks around. Standout songs include the amazing but way to short accapella version of the King Street classic"A Thousand Years","Mongobonix", "Destination" and the clever re-working of "808", entitled "Pacific State". Make sure you pack this CD in your luggage before your next exotic getaway trip!