Thursday, March 03, 2005

Cyber Mix Tape Show

Frontin'-Pharrell f/ Jay-Z (Q.Rock639 Wild Style remix)

You Don't Know My Name b/wA Woman's Worth Alicia Keys-Canhead blend

Mario-"Let Me Love You" Canhead Blend

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bombs Over Baghdad

In the wake of "Fahrenheit 9-11" there has been an increase in the number of documentaries released by the Hollywood machine. With all that is going on in our world these days, it's no wonder that documentaries of politics or even the hamburger industry competes with the latest super hero spin offs and sequels. Many of them have moved us to action, educated us on matters we may have known about but were never exposed to, and enlightened us on the human factors behind every debate. One such film opens tomorrow and is sure to have people talking.

"Gunner Palace" was made by Michael Tucker and Petra Epperlein. They follow a field artillery unit in Baghdad that was stationed at one of Uday Hussein's abandoned palaces, during the height of the Iraq conflict. It should be at the very least, an interesting look into reality of being in combat in Iraq. This film is sure to stoke the fires of debate between the left and the right here at home. Some are already crying foul because of the strictly American viewpoint. Regardless, it is a viewpoint that we have not seen or heard as of yet. "Gunner Palace" looks to be a must-see film of the year, as "Fahrenheit" was last year. (Ed. Note. So last year I may add)

For trailers of the film, check the following links. (Quicktime)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hot 97 protest this Friday in Union Square Park

Shootings at Hot 97, then and now

Brace for impact party people, hip-hop is about to catch some more heat!
It’s not even spring yet. All of the major hip-hop sites are on this.
Check the links out, as this story is spreading all over the damn place.
Newsday,, Billboard, Hip Hop DX, ,All, and Pro Hip, are a just a few who are on it.

Speaking of shooting in front of Hot 97, Lil Kim’s trial moves forward today, as opening statments are expected to begin. Stay tuned for more info.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Disco D Interview

photo by Tatiana Arocha-

A few post back, I told you about an up and coming producer Disco D. He produced, among other things, the crazy hot track "The Ski Mask Way" by New York's real Drama King, 50 Cent. With it's player's ball type loop chopped up in the background, and 50 spitting some of his tightest crime rhymes yet, going back to his "How To Rob" days with a flow that "ruined Jeffrey's career". It's sure to be, in the words of Mimi Valdes, "a club banger!" This should be expected from Disco D, as he is far from a rookie in this game.

Disco D has been putting in work for a minute now. He was one of the main architects of Ghetto Tech, a sound that me and my Ghetto Kidz crew were feeling and trying to put our own spin on (our Ghetto Metal ep scared the shit outta every A&R in New York). He has several releases under his belt, including a string of independent techno singles, his mix cd "A Night At The Booty Bar" released on Tommy Boy Records, and several tracks on the Nina Sky album. Disco D has continued to keep the faith and like all of the faithful, he has been rewarded. On top of all that, D is a real cool dude. So cool that he agreed to chop it up with your boy Q! (Thanks to Michelle for hooking it up!) I emailed him a few questions and he responded in kind. Check it out.

What's up D? You' re making some big moves these days. Are you officially making the move from ghetto tech to hip-hop?

Disco D:
Part of the problem in music in general is people genre-fy too much. To me Ghettotech was always about drawing from whatever and not giving a fuck. That's why I can produce a 137 bpm record for sara stokes that has a commodores sample and can mix with 2 Live Crew or stuff in that range, or co-produce a song like "Turnin' Me On" for Nina Sky or the upcoming Gunclap riddim I did with Max Glazer of Federation Sound which can feature both The Clipse and Vybz Kartel on the same song. I write music with feeling and emotion in mind, not with genres. We only had to put the name Ghettotech behind what I was doing before for marketing purposes at the time.

Some are already saying that "Ski Mask Way" is the hottest track on the new 50 Cent album. How does it feel to have one of the hottest joints on one of the hottest music stars album?

Disco D:
It's a blessing, but I really wrote that instrumental about/for my girlfriend (now fiancee) when we were dealing with distance and language issues last October. Due to what 50 and Nina Sky and everything else has provided for me I no longer have to be apart from her ever so I'm cool with that. I also no longer have to take the proverbial dick from the industry anymore, and I can use this influence to help inspire positive change.

OK, many may not know of your past, but I do. Tell the people a little bit about your past.

Disco D:
Ha, well that's a looong story. I've been DJing since 16, and I used to put out 'underground' uptempo vinyl only releases that never sold more than 1,500 copies - the first one I put out when I was in high school. I started and deaded two labels myself when I was in college.

My name recognition as a DJ was such that I could make a decent living at it and travel a lot. I had my share of shitty offers, which I took when I was young and green but then after getting screwed over early I decided I would go to business school and I figured out how to make the right moves on my own.

Do you have any "beef" over Ghetto Tech? I know people were hating on it a little back in the day, like it wasn't the real techno. How did you deal with that?

Disco D:
The more people talk about you the more attention you are getting. As long as I stay right by me I'm cool. I learned to read between the lines and get the big picture on all that talk.

Let's talk about booty...I mean The Booty Bar. Is it still at Filter 14?

Disco D:
The owner actualy sold that spot. I gave the trademark to DJ Salinger. He can use it more than me. If there is something with it he wants me to put my name and time behind and I feel like its the right thing I'll roll with it and help him all day.

Ok..on a serious note. With all the attention on sexism in music these days, many may point to you and your style of music (booty music, ghetto tech, etc.) as part of the problem. What do you have to say to those who say your music is just misogynistic?

Disco D:
I'm an engaged man and a spiritual man. I don't write that many lyrics, only shape sound. If you actually listen to records with my name on it, that I have writing credits on, the only real mysogynistic one was the first EP 'D-Down' which had a lyric like 'dick that bitch down' that was chopped in a clever way. I recorded that before I even lost my virginity. I didn't know any better.

What's next? Any appearances, or dj gigs planned?

Disco D:
I am not touring right now. It doesn't make sense this second, later I'll do a tour with all of Federation Sound and it will encompass the entire scope of what they/I represent. In terms of production, here's what's on the new promo flyer:

"Out 2005:

50 Cent's 'Ski Mask Way

'Nina Sky's 'Turnin' Me On' (w/ Cipha Sounds & Black Chiney)

Federation Sound presents the Gunclap Riddim (produced by Disco D and Max Glazer) featuring songs by Mr. Vegas, Lexxus, Mad Cobra, The Clipse, Ward 21, Jigsy King, Kardinal Offishal and friends

Sara Stokes album featuring the Disco D produced 'Can I Get That,' 'Just Shut Up And Dance,' 'Keep The Change,' 'Shakedown,' 'Make The First Move,' and 'I Remember'

Lumidee, Tiearra, Kato, Bee & More"

This is everything the public knows about. I have holds from several platinum and multiplatinum artists as well as probably the biggest ad I have ever been involved in going on right now. My new website just launched as well - anyone needing advice on music business, production, DJing or whatever go visit the forum at my website

The first episode of my self filmed documentary DVD series DiscoDVD will be available for sale on the web in the next 2 weeks. The first episode features me recording with Sara, Kato, meetings with Lumidee and G-Unit, as well as an inside look at the 50 Cent MTV mansion party and concert. It's a pretty hilarious look at one week of my life, because all that filming really took place like a week ago. Hard to believe.

Cool, thanks for your time and getting back with me D!

Disco D:
No, thank you!

Ps--people slept on the Nina Sky shit. "Runaway" needs to be a single, if it isn't already.

Disco D:
ha! thanks! that beat I had done b4 I even met them.

I need a signed copy of the (A Night At The Booty Bar) CD. Can you make that happen?
I collect autographs, I have that XLR8R "Ghetto Tech" issue somewhere around here too.

Disco D:
I don't know if I have more cds but I have plenty of that XLR8R in question. I can for sure do that.

~~end of interview.~~

You heard him right? I got a signed XLR8R coming to me! Don't hate! Make sure your on the lookout for more from Disco D in the near future. I have a feeling we will be hearing alot from this guy. I think I'll try to talk him into a GhettoTech revival, without as much "Ass and Titties" this time around..well maybe just a little bit. D may be in a relationship but Q is not. I may have to take his spot at the Booty Bar, ya know, keep the chair warm for him.

Here are some links for you to check out. I re-posted the MP3 link to "Ski Mask Way" for you too. Make sure you check out the 50 Cent album party on MTV next week too.

EXCLUSIVE! 50 Cent "Ski Mask Way" MP3- user name=50cent/ password=discod

Disco D's website-check it out, he has a clip of 50 on Shade 45/ Sirius Radio talking about the new album and D's track. article on D article on D

Tommy Boy Records listing of "A Night A The Booty Bar"

On Any Given Sunday...Or Saturday night

What it do, its El Q The Internet Champ! My blog light up light a lamp cuz I'm back with the camp!'s God's day of rest (can someone tell that to my boss who will not change my schedule so I can rest on the Sabbath) and I'm about to catch a few winks. The night shift thing is really getting on my nerves. I may have to do something drastic to remedy this situation.

On to more important matters. A lot of things are jumping off this week for me, some I will share with you soon. I got a hot exclusive coming Monday, and some more mix sets are on the way. For real, I was out of commission a few weeks ago, but it's on like Donkey Kong right about now, check back often as I'm not only posting daily to keep up, next week might see hourly post. In the words of MF Doom,....YIKES! Anyway, with no more delay, just check out the new style I display.

~Have you heard of these cats from Brooklyn (stand up) DJ Ayres & Cosmo Baker? They are part of the DJ collective know as The Rub. Son, they are on point! I have not been to their parties, but if their remixes are any indication, I will be begging the promoters to get on the list and a couple of drink tickets next Saturday night. Yo for real, these remixes are of the chain!

Their latest release is called "The Rub Remixes Vol. 1 EP" and its full of mash ups that will separate the real club djs from the fashion club djs (like real dreads and beauty salon fashion dreads, ya bumba ras!) What I mean by that is if you can play this EP at the club you spin at and people go ape shit, then you are a real dj in a real hip-hop party. If not......well wedding djs make money too, so get that loot and when your done working, go to The Rub party.

Make sure you visit them by clicking on the picture above. They have free MP3s of some of the tracks off the EP. Being the man I am, I had to jack those links for my Canheads. Here ya go kids! But seriously, check these guys out! They have a few hot mash ups and blends, some seem to be submitted by other DJs (yeah, I am sending mines soon as I post this, don't sleep on El Q The Gr8!) Check out the Crime Mob vs Billy Joel mash up, Nas & Red Hot Chilli Peppers "Last Real Nigga" (DAMN!), and that Paul Wall Diplo remix. (Hey Diplo, screw and chop that thang up and Texas is yours son!) unbelievable stuff here ya'll!

G-Unit vs Wu-Tang - Stunt 101 (Cosmo Baker Remix) Say Word!?! Maybe RZA & G-Unit should work together! Works like a mug here!
Nas vs Diamond D - Bridging the Gap (Eleven Remix) Pretty funky, Nas on "Young Gifted and Black" Inst. DAMN!
Joe Buddens "Pump It Up "- crooked remix This sh!t is f*ck1n' amazing.. Joe Budden and Jimi Hendrix?!? WOW!)

Jay-Z & Beyoncee "Bonnie and Clyde '03" - crooked remix- Again, DAMN! DJ Crooked killed it!----