Friday, May 05, 2006

Computer Hacking Skillz


Prodigal Sunn
Brooklyn Zu
Black Knights
Lesck One
Flako 7
plus more

May 10th @ Zen Sushi,
Silver Lake (Los Angeles, CA.)
Free til 9:30.

We strongly suggest you get there early. $15 at the door/$25 for VIP pass

Get this video and more at

we be to rap what key be to lock..we be..we be to rap what key be to lock..we be..

Oh yeah....more news for youz....hold your head, incoming at 12 o'clock! (Peace to 12 O'Clock!)


Cop-killer socked for 42M after winning 15G from


RIAA Identifies 12 Piracy 'Hot Spot' Cities from HipHop

a word from DJ 3rd I

This is for everyone that may have questions of why we are in the current situation in our world. Watch, learn, and question our leaders. We must unplug before we can kill the Matrix. We must unite and build a new future because our current leaders are obsessed with the past and fullfilling the prophecies a book.You need and hour to watch- make the time and prepare yourself. -3rdi

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Goodbye DJ Dusk~

DJ DUSK (Rest In Peace) from Shux Wun

from the webpage:
Vintage footage I shot of DJ DUSK. Dj'ing, hosting, and keeping an always positive atmosphere for his people to party... from b-boys/b-girls, to the beatboxers, dj's, and mc's everywhere.............

Rapper Big Hawk Shot to Death

Update: Big Hawk Shot By More Than One Person, Paul Wall and Bun B Remember Rapper

HAWK "Haters luv it (when you're down)"


Rap Superstar Nas Celebrates Damian 'Junior Gong' Marley's Six International Reggae and World Music Awards


Fat Dynamite


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

more good looks for u.....


not for nuthin', when I'm not mixing, producing, writing, managing the biz and making the streets dirty one block at a time, I'm banging some real heat, old and new on the cpu! Just to let you know.....

"Bay Area"- E-40

Unleash Me-RZA, Prodigal Sunn, Christbearer


"General Principles"-DJ Muggs vs. GZA

Sergio Mendes, Erykah Badu & Will.I.Am- That Heat

Run DMC- Run's House

Mac Dre

Nice & Smooth-Funky For You

Taken from LeBron James MySpace page:

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

PLAYOFFS 3 back home

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So here we are back in Cleveland. Just got back from the Indians game, little rainy but had a good time with some old friends. We won 7-1 by the way. But anyways we had a light workout this morning and the team and I are feeling good about tommorow. I hope we can get that same intensity as games 1 and 2 again. Hope you all are ready to get loud again. "

Ghostface Killah - Daytona 500

Black Knights - Almighty Black Knights

Big Boi & Killer Mike - Rap City Freestyle

T.I.-What You Know"

Mobb Deep- GOD III

TASH - G'z is G'z [remix]

No Complex-Chino XL

Juelz in the lab!!

DMX-Who We Be!

Eric B & Rakim on Yo MTV Raps

2pac on MTV Raps

Keak Da Sneak - Super Duper Hyphie

Jay-Z- Where I'm From

Ice Cube- Why We Thug

The Game-Put You On The Game

Prodigal Sunn - Brutality (The Grindz Remix)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Really Really Good: You Tube Top 12

It's the hardest working blog on the net, giving you a dose of the Really Really Good stuff! The show continues, the seeds grow lovely and the nights are warm with music and bass! Here's a little video run down you may be sleeping on, as I lean heavy on YouTube for a second....

Wu- Walk-Shot at Rock The Bells 2005, as memebrs of the Wu-Tang Clan prepared to hit the stage.


Check out my Yahoo radio station if your at work and sick of the real radio. I zoned out the other day and added tons of artist in my play list. It should be interesting...

Dead Prez-They Schoolz


Obie Trice on Smack DVD 11

Nas-The World Is Yours-Remix


Bob Marley War video


Elephant Man, Sean Paul, Mr Vegas, Harry Todler freestyle


Shyne & Mystikal - Rap City Freestyle

'MySpace Music Marketing' Tactics Revealed in New Book from Hip Hop

Grand Puba-I Like It


The Roots-Proceed 2


My creation


WILD 96.1 In Studio Interview w/ David Banner


X-Men 3 Trailer


Tube Raider is the shhhiiiittt!!


Cakes-Kool G Rap f. RZA