Friday, July 29, 2005

Really Really Good # 3

Nothing but the best in canned goods and lyrical beat downs! F... Pedro, vote for Q!


~ VSDA was great, I can't wait to go back to Vegas again next month! I have way too many contacts to start listing off, but I have to say hello to some good folks real quick.

Shouts to Cheryl Freeman and everyone at Ardustry for making us feel at home, the guys at MVD ("Where is Clint?!?"), Bon jour, je m'appelle Laurent El Q La Très Bien! to our new friends at MSI Music, and peace to the guys at Woodhaven Entertainment and everyone else I meet this last week at both conventions.

I will go into detail about all these great companies very soon, but for now, give their websites a quick overview.

Off The Chain

~Make sure you are on the lookout for the new DVD "Off The Chain". The movie takes a look into the underground world of dog fighting. The movie lives up to it's title as it goes to document the history of America's most loved, hated, and feared canine, the pit bull.

The movie shows the history of the pit bull and uses classic film from television to show how the pit bull was once America's most beloved pet and has now become a feared and abused animal. It's said that some of the participants later caught jail time because of their connection to the film and their illegal acts.

Troy Garity was at the Adrustry Comedy Showcase at the Fontana Lounge in the Bellagio Hotel, promoting the film. Prodigal Sunn performed the movie's theme song in the fountain backed conference room.

The VSDA attendees that caught the performance were very receptive and the water cannon backdrop roared it's approval along with the crowd. I have caught a few scenes of the movie and it looks incredible! I will fill you in more soon so stay tuned!

Murder 4 Hire Body Count
~Another DVD that you must check for is Murder 4 Hire-Body Count on Woodhaven Entertainment. The rap and rock OG's, Body Count, are shown in live uncensored performances from their last nationwide tour. Songs included are "KKK Bitch", "There Goes the Neighborhood" and the PAL favorite, "Cop Killer". That alone would make the DVD worth the cost of admission. Did I mention that the dangerously curvy Coco is featured as well. This one is for the big boys and is not to be missed. Cop that now at (What's up Erik! No more Amazon kayaking trips ok!)

~We did it live from The House Of Blues!

~The Last Word...-NSFW!!


Shouts to Jesse Jane. Thanks for the party invite and we will see you soon! ("The party is in Room 1***..BE THERE!!")

~Upcoming post...

Alex Gold "Back From a Break"CD

"Room Full OF Mirrors" full book review coming soon...very interesting book.....we will discuss soon.

Tons of DVD reviews up and coming, and some very nice interviews are on the horizon.

"Rock The Bells" is Saturday, stay tuned to Canhead for full coverage! (shouts to Alex! Give me a few days to get the pics and videos posted..)


Monday, July 25, 2005

The Show

Sorry to leave you all hanging for so long, but last week was stupid hectic! The California Gift Show is finally over, and I look forward to sleeping for at least a day! Average sleeping hours last week were a staggering 3 hours a day. K-Beats and I held Booth 2107 down lovely! Thanks to all our new clients, customers, business associates and friends that we met the last 5 days! The show could have been better but we are extremly happy with the results!

After a day of rest, TSC be in overdrive in the production mode, as we have orders to fill.(Thank God!)

Speaking of production, some serious heat is on your way from the crew. Beats for days! Stay tuned!

Extra shouts to Jim in Austrialia...sorry my Casio keyboard picture is killing your bandwidth, but thanks for the report on my site stats (Canhead seems to be big like buffalo wings down south....who knew....btw SiteMeter sucks!)

I'll holla!

Sunnzini freestyle on Hip Hop Disciples VIII

Do the knowledge! Check out the new Prodigal Sunn "HipHopGame Freestyle" and download "Hip-Hop Disciples VIII" mixtape for free! That's what up!