Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Cyber Mix Tape Show:Live Streaming Hip-Hop Talk Radio!

Make sure your tuning into The Cyber Mix Tape Show, our little online radio show that could! We have been blessed with some amazing show guest, and have tons of good stuff lined up for you this summer!

Who could have known that when we arrived in Las Vegas during BlogWorldExpo, we would end up with our own show. As we approach our first anniversary, we are gearing up for an eventful summer, with more hot exclusives!

Some of the show's past guest include Emmanuel Jal, members of the soul group RAMP, Andrew Lojero (Art Don't Sleep), Trek Life, NYC spoken word artists Tantra & Nikki Skies, jazz musician El-Amin, LA rap crew ZooLAy, noted attorney Bruce Margolin Esq.(LANORML), Prodigal Sunn & 60 Second(Sunz Of Man), B-ORiginal, K-Beats, Chi-King, Armel The Great, directors Erick Voake & DJ 3rdi (Diamonds in the Ruff), international rap crew Da Negus, Saba Saba, Pulsar Music artist Ablaze, Shux Wun, DJ Shiro, legendary artist ShirtKing Phade, Dekastro, and up and coming rap artist R-Swift. The show is co-hosted by JhaVoice, and is frequently visited by some of our family and close friends, giving the show a reality radio feel along the way! We really do the show out of our living room, and welcome you all to our little online radio shack!

We also play some of the best music found online, and we are slowly stocking up some serious music in our playlist, all approved for playback, of course.

So stay tuned to the show, we are very proud of it, and hope to continue with great programming to take it to the next level. Leave us a comment or two, and please don't be us up and say hello!


The CMTS can be found on iTunes now as well, btw! Subscribe to the podcast for FREE!
Simply visit iTunes Music Store and type "The Cyber Mix Tape Show" in the search bar!

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