Thursday, May 05, 2005

It's gonna be HUUUUUUGGGEE!-Albany dedication

As I start to put things in order here on the wesside, I began to notice something strange. The computer has slowly lost it's hold on me. I have been in LA for about 4 days and I am just starting to unpack the thing. I have access to a laptop that I may end up using more than my computer. I actually want to do things other than sit behind a computer, here in Cali.

Could Los Angeles actually give me a life again and save me from the PC? It is starting to look that way so far. I don't want to jinx it so I better just shut up about the whole thing. It is just amazing to me...7 days total and no major computer jones. I am way behind on stuff and will try to catch up. There are so many developments jumping off that I can barley keep up. I guess the first thing I should tell you about is the new day job.

The reason I moved out here was to work for a company owned by a old friend of mine named Kere Dancygier (K-Beatz by night). He owns Topanga Soap Company and hand cuts all natural soap in addition to body butters, oatmeal baths, body sprays, lip balms and other excellent natural beauty products. We used to work together on music back in Jersey and have stayed in touch. Together we hope to take this small but very solid company to the next level. (just call me el presidenete) We already have customers, and are busy getting ready for a big fair that will have a few vendors featuring our product. There is another HUUUGGGE deal in the works that will be the illest move yet. Let's just say you all will be like, "Can I get one of those?"

That's the day job. You know a fly muthafucka like me can't come to LA and not politic. I am happy to say that after 5 years of drought, the studio situation is back in full effect ladies and gentleman! We got them beatz and we got some HUUUGGGEE projects on deck. I also have not one, but 2 HUUUGGGEEE interviews in the works. One is almost promised too me and my Canheads out there should dig the both. It is really looking like a busy summer for your boy Q.

So with all this jumping off, my blog readers and my computer have not been getting the love you both should be. I will make it up to you soon enough! NARAS is having a panel next week in LA that I will check out and report back on, I am going to the premier of "Kicking And Screaming" starring Will Ferrell and will post a full review on it next week, and I still have another dumb ass National Lampoon DVD to butcher online. Check back soon.

Oh yeah...I hate to sound all "LA" already but I have to say this...I have been in this town 3 days and already had my first movie cameo last night. Some friends of my new friends came through last night and shoot a music video for a pit bull documentary. Your boy Q got about 10 minutes worth of camera time so I might be in the music video or movie for about 2 seconds. More on this later, as it is a work in progress....I'm trying to get a few more scenes outta it...


Check out my soap!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I almost set a new record folks! Your boy Q made the New York to Cali run in 3 days flat! Once you get in Texas on US-40, the speed limit goes to 75 and it's on! It rained from New York to Indianapolis and made me stop earlier than I wanted to. I didn't go the Grand Canyon like I wanted either. By the time I got close to New Mexico, the last thing I wanted to do was put more time on my trip. I did stop at the Painted Desert. I'll act like my parents and break out the slide projector and bore you with vacation pictureslater on.

So yeah...I'm in LA. I think I'm still shell-shocked. When I got in, I missed my exit and was heading the wrong way up 101,really fast at like 1 in the morning. I thought I was going to crash my whip for real! This Cali driving is going to take some getting used to..I thought New Yorkers were gully, they do not play games out here!(click on headline for proof)

Anyway,I still have mad stuff to unpack, I'm hijacking a friends laptop now.(note to self..ask Beatz if I can "borrow" laptop) But I'll be back tomorrow with some news.

I'll holla!