Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Really Really Good #16-Full Service

As we kick off another 12 months of funk, The Really Really Good Music Garage is open and in business again, still serving that high grade, premium unleaded for your hoopties and SUVs. Staying true to the oath sworn to never leave a b-boy stranded, the mission continues on. Come inside for your free body work and repair estimates, no job is too big or too small for Really Really Good!

~~One of the biggest music events in California, Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival is the subject of a new documentary. “Coachella” is set to hit theaters later this month. The film features performances by major indie acts such as Bjork, The Crystal Method, Kool Keith, The Mars Volta, The White Stripes, and many more. I will try to bring you full reviews of the movie, but until then, make sure you check out their website.

~~El Da Sensei is about to drop his second solo joint, “The Unusal” on Fat Beat Records. Fans of the Artifact emcee should be happy to hear El blaze mics again. With guest vocals from O.C and Sean Price, and beats provided by DJ Revolution, Jake One and Saukrates, the CD looks to be nice way for El Da Sensi to set 2006 off. Check the singles “Crowd Pleaser” and “Natural Feel Good” at

~~Rock group Korn has made a bold move with Live Nation - formerly the live-event division of Clear Channel Communications. The hard rockers have signed a precedent making, exclusive deal with the promotions company. Those not found of Clear Channel and it’s offspring have their reservations. Check out the New York Time’s article “Korn Sells A Stake In Itself” and MSNBC’s “Buying a Bushel of Korn”.


January 7, 2006 - January 21st, 2006
SCION presents Superiority Complex
featuring work by Revok, Reyes, Chaz, Jersey Joe, Krush, Sever and many more.
Don’t sleep, get down to Scion Installation in Culver City and check it out!

January 27,
The Loved Ones
The Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA
Click to hear “100K” mp3


Say hello to Mr. Kahoona!

Kola Boof , the controversial Sudanese-American author is releasing her autobiography "Diary of a Lost Girl". The book details her relationship with Osama Bin Laden and clarifies and defends her critical remarks about black men in general, with an essay entitled "God Is A Black Man". You can read the first two chapters of the book here and read more about Kola Boof here and here and here.

Last bits
~~Bloopers from the show “Lost”
~~Battle: Cassidy vs. Freeway video
~~J.R. Writer, Lil Wayne, Camron-Byrd Call video
~~G-Unit "I know you don't love me" video
~~Distortion 2 Static: Season 3 Episode 7 feat Smiff & Wesson

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Some old shots from the The Spitzer Space Telescope, also found here.