Saturday, September 03, 2005

Really Really Good #7-Hip Hop vs Katrina

New scandals and streaming science from your favorite database vandal! Listen shawty, Hip-Hop has been doing the damn thing since back then when some of all didn't know me. Lames Officals fall back and stutter, hip-hop thugs holla back at they brothers and lay it down when it counts, while folitricians keep yapping their goddamn mouth. It's the latest edition of Really Really Good, trying to help clean up the soggy southern streets.


Four Eleven:

Mayor Ray Nagin Curses Gov. Blanco, Pres. Bush

Hurricane Victims Express Anger, Frustration - audio clip

For native son Nagin, loss is personal

Bush: $10B Aid Is 'Down Payment'

Mayor feeling a little more calm

Hurricane Katrina Strikes: Lil Wayne, Baby, Choppa Hit Hard, Plan to Rebuild

Kanye West Sparks off the Revolution-Calls Out George Bush

A Few Things to Ponder: Hip Hoppers Step Up Despite Losses

After hurricane, hip-hop artists are taking care of their own

Katrina: Hip-Hop Reacts and

Southern Sounds of Hip Hop

Ebony Eyez-In Your Face Remix with Trina-video WMP


Back Then -Mike Jones videoPLAY: WINDOWS 256K

Southside-Lil' Keke video-PLAY: WINDOWS 56K WINDOWS 128K WINDOWS 300K

David Banner - Ain't Got Nothing feat Magic & Boosie video PLAY: WINDOWS 300K

Da Unbreakables Mixtape - Who Run It-Three Six Mafia-PLAY: MP3 128K

Bout It, Bout It (featuring Master P) Cam'ron video-PLAY: WINDOWS 300K

Where U From - Featuring Master P, Silkk The Shocker, Halleluyah-PLAY: WINDOWS 56K WINDOWS 128K WINDOWS 256K WINDOWS 300K

Young Jezzy & Akon-"Soul Survivor" video

Little Brother "Lovin' It" video is at their site. Peace to North and South Kackalack.

And then....a little humor to ease the tension....

Props to So Many Shrimp for posting the link to the episode of The Weakest Link with Rev Run, Jermaine Dupri, DJ Quik, B-Real, Da Brat and more emcees. "Young MC...that name's a bit out of date isnt it...No more than that dress." Classic material. "Rev Run, can you sit still for a moment?...Run-No, that's why they call me Run!"
original link at That Video

More news on Katrina

Euphoric Reality has podcast from inside the Houston Astrodome and much more. and

Salvage Me-personal article from Jackson MS BC'er

Thursday, September 01, 2005



Blogcritics on Hurricane Katrina

Relief workers confront 'urban warfare' ---- "urban warfare?" How about "civil unrest" instead of URBAN warfare....get it together already!!!!

Hundreds -- maybe thousands -- may be dead in New Orleans

US counting the cost of Katrina

New Orleans Gets More Troops to Stop Katrina Looting (Update2)-with audio

New Orleans Cops Use Single Radio Channel

Bodies, gunfire and chaos in New Orleans' streets

Bush insists help is on way to Katrina refugees

Bush warns hurricane recovery will take years-vows zero tolerance for looters.....not for nothing, if you are ever going to excuse looting, I think NOW would be a great time, especially since relief is taking forever to get down there...

speaking of are some very interesting look at the fine line between looting and grey areas here, just black and white!!

Katrina and the Media-Looting Vs. Finding

Looters: Hunting for the only food there is.

Best of Jimi

With no more delay, I present the song list, inspired from the book "Room Full Of Mirrors". These are songs that Jimi Hendrix either recorded or performed in some sort. Have fun!

PLAY~ Soldier Boy -The Shirelles-Jimi performed this at one of his early gigs.

Jimi's favorite album "Blonde on Blonde"-Bob Dylan

PLAY~ I Want You
PLAY~ Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
PLAY~ Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands
Hey Joe [sample]-Tim Rose original that inspired Jimi
PLAY~ Just out of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms) - Solomon Burke- "Jimi could play this song so well, it would make you cry!"
MP3- Killin' Floor -Howlin Wolf

PLAY~ Catfish Blues
PLAY~ The Wind Cries Mary-written for his girlfriend Kathy after a fight, he complained yet again, about her cooking and she left. When she returned, he had finished writing "Wind..."
Kathy Etchingham's middle name is Mary.
PLAY~ Red House-dedicated to Betty Jean
Star spangled banner Jimi Hendrix.mp3
PLAY~ Foxey Lady
Did you know?

Tommy Chong, of Cheech and Chong, once played in a band with Jimi called The Vancouvers?

Links- (audio clip of "Mojo Man")

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Suge Knight shot!

MTV has the news on it....,0,5547986.story?coll=mmx-celebrity_heds