Friday, June 10, 2005

Kotton Mouth Kings-Friday Night@ Key Club, LA

Almost forgot about this one. This will be the first stop of the night.


Kottonmouth Kings CD Listening Party
Friday June 10th
Key Club
9039 Sunset Blvd
W Hollywood, CA
w/SX10 (feat. Sen Dog of Cypress Hill)
SubNoize Souljaz

All Ages

Spy Club this Friday night!

I'll be there with a few headz. Will you?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Memphis Bleek "534" CD Review

Ok, I know this review is late, but I like to actually LISTEN to the CD before I say anything about it. A novel concept, I know. With the mail mix-up and whatnot, it took a minute to get this one done. So with no further adieu, (or is it without further ado?) peep the review.

Memphis Bleek’s new CD “534” is a good return to the game for the Memph Man. With the ever changing roster at Roc-A-Fella, the streets are watching and waiting to pop shit! This time around Memphis Bleek comes ready for the haters with a tight CD. I’ve had it for about a week now and can say that it is one of his best CD, but still not the one true fans may be looking for.

Bleek gives a safe balanced CD here, but that might be part of the problem. It seems like he is looking for a lane to ride in. Should he rock radio cuts and R&B joints? What about the street cuts or the soul beats with lyrics? It makes the CD feel like it's cut in fours. I would have preferred to hear more tracks like “First Last and Only” w/ MOP, “Straight Path”, and “Smoke The Pain Away” and a lot less “Infatuated” type cuts. Bleek can do the R&B/Rap thing well, but in my opinion he is better suited for the realness and posse cut type jams. Regardless, there is some major heat on this CD, anyone who can’t see that is just hatin’ to be hatin’.

Like That” is club DJ material for days, “Get Low” is another hit for the ROC team, Just Blaze, 9th Wonder and some new producers give the CD that knock your trunk needs and I aint got to say sh!t about “Dear Summer”, you already know that’s fire.

Final Verdict---Memphis Bleek- “534” = Tight!! Cop that!

~The Breakdown~

534”- Bleek separates himself from haters and reps his hood on this Just Blaze intro. Nice start to the CD.

Interlude”-nice segue into the hottest bonus track out this year!

Dear Summer” - Why ask why when you get a song like this. Jay-Z showing a little love. I still like the Hot97 live version better.

Like That”- current hit for Bleek with Swizz bringing the heat as usual! "It's a club banger!"

Infatuated”-Bleek is aiming at the radio with several songs on this disc. This is another one. Boxie sings the hook and Bleek spits game. Not my cup of tea but sure to bang on the radio.

The One” is the one! Rhianna and Bleek bring that summer flavor with this one! Sure to be on Bar-B-Que Play-lists this summer.

First, Last, And Only”- Bleek teams up with then label mates M.O.P. for this glimpse of what might have been if M.O.P would have been teamed up with Bleek more often. LaQwan Bell brings the heat with this beat!

Get Low”- featuring Livin’ Proof-Another banger featuring Bleek and Livin’ Proof getting busy on the hustler tip with a drum filled old school beat.

Oh Baby” -Featuring Young Gunz- Another Roc Fam sure shot! Bleek and YGz bring that BK/Philly sound like “It’s the muthafuckaing Roc!” Nice one.

Smoke The Pain Away” This is one of the hottest joints on the CD! 9th on the beat! Denim (“Hood Legends”, “I Should Have Listened”) on the hook. “You ain’t had no Cali Kush! Ladies…GIMMIE A LIGHT!-Cali Kush got you stuck!—GIMME A LIGHT!-" That’s my joint right there!

Hate Free”-A synthy bouncy beat that is ok but not a strong enough follow up cut to #10.

Alright”-9th on the beat again, another one of my favorites. Bleek said that if I thought this track was hot, “the album is gonna be fire!” So far it is.

All About Me”- Bleek rides a Mille Jackson looped beat and paints a picture of his life on this one. He revisits his old days and flips it back to current life. He deals with it all in his life and could “give a fuck what you say” if your thinking about hating on his moves. Another sleeper hit for the Memph Man.

Straight Path” – Just Blaze hits Bleek off with the always funky “Something” by Al Green and Bleek rides it out to complete the album. A tight song, but somewhat overshadowed by other songs currently out that use the same loop and flip it a bit harder. Still a good look, regardless.

Roc-A Fella Memphis Bleek Page

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mail Call

What's up everybody?

I got my mail today finally. It seems that the CDs that I have been waiting on were upstairs in the building manager's office. So, I'm listening to 5 CDs, reading 3 books and playing catch up. Will post more soon.

This weekend is going to be busy as usual. The Kotton Mouth Kings are playing and Canhead's to the show. Oh yeah, did I tell you how close I am to the Los Angeles Convention Center? You do know what's happening this weekend don't you? Canhead's going to that too!

Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride! Until I get done with the reviews and figure out which ones I can post MP3s of, I'll hit you with this.

Click the pic to go to Bizarre's site.
Click the media player to hear his new single "Rock Star" and "Holla At Cha" w/ Eric Sermon. If you want to laugh your ass off, peep "Bad Day".

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Play of the Day-yesterday

ATL's Johnny is A-ok after yesterday's crash at homeplate. Today's game is already getting hectic!

Can I Kick It?

My new kicks. Don't hate! Peep the Doughboy slip-ons. Those and some white socks, thats whats up!
Almost like these but slicker! Simple, yao ming?

Inglewood Police Involved in 2nd Fatal Shooting in 2 Days

Hey! Get Your Car Wash Today!

Click on the cover to listen to the album.

Cops Pt. II

Found these at, while looking for something to take my mind off of police.

To Serve and Protect and Intimidate
A school teacher is beaten senseless by Miami Beach police, then his life is allegedly threatened, now he's gone

Monday, June 06, 2005

We have all been tasered before, it's not that bad

I swear I really don't like cops. I would say I hate them but I save that emotion for those who really deserve it! If there is an emotion just one notch above hate, then that's the emotion cops pull out of me almost everytime I hear a story about them or see them screwfacing me at a traffic light(Yeah I got NY plates in Cali ....WHAT!!!).

This clip is a bit old now, but if you have not seen it yet, click on the title for clip. Cops taser a woman. Why? Because she refused to get out of her car and her license was suspended. The cop say she took "a swing" at them, like a 90 pound female is a big threat. If my girlfriend hits me in the head with a frying pan because I went to the strip club with my boys, I can't do anything about it. If a woman even looks like she is going to swing on a cop...HE CAN HIT HER BACK WITH THE TASER! Then the cop tries to get her to stop crying and says, "The worst part is over, we have all been tasered before, it's not that bad." OK Officer, thanks for that.

All because she wouldn't get out of the car. And why wouldn't she get out of the car? It's the cops for criss sakes. Cops are known for losing their cool and doing stuff like taser a young girl, shoot a unarmed man to death, spray a slow moving car and half the neighborhood with automatic gunfire only to find out they are shooting the wrong car, stick plungers up peoples butts for NO apparent reason other than being on some raging psycho gay butt pirate kick, get drunk and run over and kill pregnant women and children, etc, etc. (Don't make me find all the links to the incidents I mentioned. They DO exist!!)

And if your black? Let me tell you something...If I'm riding clean and a cop pulls me over and ask me to get out of my car, and I know I didn't do anything, I'm hitting speed dial on the cell and calling my lawyer before I open the door.

F The Police....and stop calling me asking for donations, it's not happening. EVER! Later One Time, I'll see you on Sunset!

US court: Government can bar medical marijuana use

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, government approved prescription pills recalled by the truckload.
(You never have that problem with cannabis)

Oh yeah, almost forgot about this one....

FDA Warns Against Abuse of Dextromethorphan (DXM)

Check the NORML California Charter site too!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Just Another Day in LA

Dodger Stadium
7:10 pm
I finally caught my first ballgame on the westside. The Dodgers played the Brewer and came through with a win! I got great seats at the last minute for like 5 bucks! Dodgers had two back to back homers that got the noise level up in the stadium. JD Drew and Jeff Kent hit homers back to back for the second time in a week, pitchers D.J. Houlton and Eric Gagne had good days on the mound. When Antonio Perez and manager Jim Tracy were ejected from the game, it got a little hectic. The ref blew it but in the end it didn't matter. Final score Dodgers 2-Brewers 1.

The Comedy Store
The MTV Movie Awards had the streets of LA buzzing. Sunset was busy as usual but we decided to flip the script and check out some comedy. Dave Chappelle did the surprise appearance thing a few nights ago here and at The Comedy Improv and I was hoping for lighting to strike twice. So we decided to check it out. Jeff Richards from SNL was headlining in the main room but we chilled in the original room to check out Sergio Love. Do yourself a favor and catch his act! Dude is crazy! His LA pimps on rollerblades bit had me rotflmao! Rusty is another comic you should check out, his Michael Jackson Freddy Krugar bit is crazy!

So we had some drinks, laughed our asses off, and bounced into the Hollywood night. Enabeler #1 got the call from homebase telling us to get home ASAP! Someone was throwing a BIG party on our roof!

0300 am
Don't you love it when you come home and a top name DJ is playing on your roof with like 300 headz dancing!

We pull up and can tell something big is jumpin off. Cars were lined up for at least two blocks up and down Hill Street. If your from LA, you know it's dead downtown at 3 am, unless your close to a club or a party. We pull into the garage, catch the freight elevator to the roof and bam!
Crazy roof party jumping off! On the wheels of steel, Cut Chemist doing the damn thing! Red Stripe all around, fireworks, the whole nine. We had no idea anything was planned. This is actually the second time this week this happened. Someone had a party on the floor below us last night but I passed on it. This one was tight. I dont know who threw it but will let you know, as we WILL do it again very soon. Stay tuned.

Song pick of the day
Cut Chemist Suite-Ozomatli