Friday, December 10, 2004

Poetic Just Us didn't know the kid wrote poetry? Now you know. When theres alot of profanity in it, its lyrics. When it's clean and pure with odd rhyme schemes, it's poetry. You be the judge. What's up Tantra!

~The Pen~

My spirit
writes subliminal messages
with invisible pens

It sketches tattered tales
of loss and shortcomings

I have watched
The life of my old ghost
And its aged course

He is searching
for the glow
that the fair maiden called love emits

My spirit
longs to the feel
the warmth of her rays

My eyes
search for hers and get lost
in her gaze

Can she see me?

How deep can she stare into me
without losing her grip and falling
head over heels

My pen’s movements
have foretold her fall

But the wonder of her smile
and the rush of her kiss
is irresistible

I long to feel her

The pen’s script is fulfilled
As I begin
to love you

The old ghost smiles
as you kiss me back

the sun rises over the south
and spreads her wings

The old mans laughs
as his form loses its grey

She sees me and my ghostly companions
Kisses are given to us all

Only then does the pen stop
And rest on its side

empty and quiet.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The return of the funky one!

Lately all I do is reminisce about the golden age of emcees. You know, the dookey gold chains, bombing the 7 train, the high top fades, acid wash jeans, fat laces, “Yo MTV Raps”, etc. etc. So I’ll share my hip-hop flashbacks with you.

(Professor School D)

I used to judge emcees by their flow, style, lyrics, and content. If you bit somebody’s lyrics, you didn’t have a dj, if your beats sound like “Casio’s Greatest Hits” or you had a girl singing the hook, fugetaboudit! These days, as long as the emcee has a little rhythm and doesn’t sound too off beat, I give them a pass. The longer I listen to hip-hop, the less picky I become. I actually like Afroman, Chingy doesn’t bother me (the joint with Snoop was the shiznit! don’t hate), and unlike most hip-hop fans, I actually looked forward to the all white girl group Northern State. Why, you may ask? It’s simple.

Hip-hop’s vision has been clouded by “champagne wishes and caviar dreams”. Now, the objective is “make money, money, make money money money!” The result is a gang of emcees trying to match “the sound” that majors(the true original gangsters) are willing to put money behind, i.e., cars, rims, clothes, booze, guns, blunts, stunts, crime. Every once in a while someone like Jay-Z, Nas or some new emcee with a mean rhyme game comes out, and you can’t front his/her skills at all. But most emcees today are wack, dick riders, and they act like they are saying something new because they use slang you never heard of. With all of the clones being dumped on the streets by the Universal Sony BMG Empire, it’s like a breath of fresh air when someone comes along and tips the applecart, even if they sound like a Beastie Boys throwback on helium. I know that it’s all an attempt to recreate the glory days. But until that happens, I will accept the rest of the the lame hip-hop that is here in the meantime with a smile on my face. I will do it out of respect and undying faith in our cause. I mean there used to be a time when we had no rappers getting music awards. Now, they all are!! In order to get to this point, some sacrifices had to be made. So long live uninspired hip-hop! The true fuel to the next underground hip

If I can’t critique hip-hop like I want to without fear of retaliation for speaking my mind, then you can’t complain when Nelly, Chingy, The Neptunes, and R. Kelly keep hypnotizing you with banging beats, stale processed lyrics, and get all the awards. Peace to the pioneers of rap. If you don’t know any of these people listed in the links below, do like Flav said…”Read a book, learn about your culture!”

Crash Crew

Cold Crush Brothers

Run's House

Grand Puba

Rock Steady Crew

Grand Master Flash (my first favorite DJ)

Bam/Zulu Nation

Mixmaster Ice- UTFO DJ

The True School

Story of the Sugar Hill Gang suing The Beastie Boys. Reported in

Monday, December 06, 2004

Karma luvs Snowy Mondays

Ok. I feel guilty for not posting any music on here yet. I don’t have anything of my own ready to show just yet, so I’ll give you something I dug out of the crates. These are Yousendit links, so check them out quick. Enjoy.

“Whatever You Say" Little Brother
Yo, what is that loop in th back, I have an idea who I think it is, but don't wanna blow up the spot on 9th. Had to let the record play for the Roy Lee sponsered WJLR 5 O'clock Joy Ride bit. That's what up!

“Channel Zero”-Canibus
Can I Bus drops science about the Greys, The Bible and the Grand Deception. One of the reasons why Canibus is still the man, second to the military stint thing. At ease solider. This is my boy Frat’s joint!
Oh yeah, I meant to post this last time
Karma Muth@F*(k@!!

In case you don’t know, these guys need to be put on blast. Never mind the fact that these guys got me for a lot of money and CDs. That I can get over. But I had plans for my CD release and thought I was working with an honest company. What was I thinking, right? An honest company in the music business…anyway, they failed to do anything that they promised and I lost momentum on the project. But karma may win in the end. This same company seems to have jacked a few other people, namely Kurupt and Kool Keith . Since they are going for their loot, I think I’ll do the same.

Sorry Ma..Ma hates it when I curse.---The following is from Kool Keith’s site, Doc...I’ll holla...

"911 Fan Alert"
Dr. Octagon Part II is a BOOTLEG

The album is being bootlegged by 101 Distribution, in association with Real Talk Records and 33rd Street Records. The album has already been shipped and is in stores as of October 12th. It cannot be recalled. The album features 2 demos, 2 Clayborne Family tracks, and 6 INCOMPLETE tracks from the upcoming 7th Veil album. The cover of the album features Kool Keith standing in front of an Escalade, which he is not even down with. 101 Distribution, Real Talk, and 33rd Street are being sued for this release. According to Jacky Jasper, the official bootlegger is Michael Kinbrew (a.k.a. Scoobie) and his partner Damon Evans. Supposedely, these two have stolen records from Kurrupt and had false negotiation agreements with Kel of "Kenan and Kel" (Nickelodeon). has already recalled the album

I’m out!

Stacie J is the truth!

Shallow Hal moment

Come on now, who told these chicks that they could pose in Maxim? Maybe as the girl introducing the hotties. But that's about it. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't go out with any of these women though, don't get it twisted. (If you are one of the ladies who's pictures I just blasted and are offended by this post, please feel free to send me hate email and we can finish this discussion. But please don't give that photographer guy $1,00 to shoot your portfolio, he’s just running game on you girl!)

Now my girl Stacie J?? She is winning hands down, no matter how weird she got on The Apprentice. Stacie is the truth! (Not for nothing, Pamela can get it too!)

In Sports:


Curtis and the boys are gonna be like "Feet don't fail me now" until the end of the season! I suggest every Jet fan be on their best behavior for the next 2 weeks and maybe Santa will give us a early present in the form of 2 upsets!

Remember all the noise people were talking about Donavan last year? It's oh so quiet these days isn't it. Oh yeah, I forgot..that guy was running his mouth(because he got high, because he got high, because he got high-la la la la la la!)

Gotta love Indy. At least someone from Tennessee is making me proud. I mean really, WHAT THE HELL IS THREE ONSIDE KICKS IN THE FIRST QUARTER ABOUT? Are they just giving up or is the whole team on some really strong weed in Cashville Ten A Ki? (let me find out)

Out in San Diego, a miracle is about to happen.

Carmelo Anthony said he threw the Bronze medal he won at the Olympics, in a lake. Everybody else will probably be talking about how he hangs out with drug dealers who will kill you if you're dropping dimes. We already knew that.