Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Listen to LA artist JhaVoice's "Voice 2 Sing" CD online for free!

JhaVoice is winning over fans daily with her CD, "Voice 2 Sing". 13 perfect examples of true soul music from this international singer! If you haven’t listened to the sultry sounds of JhaVoice, you might be missing out on one of your favorite albums without even knowing it. Hailed by some as the new Sade, JhaVoice has been making a name for herself and her music, by performing at shows in Southern California and winning new fans.

With her recent performances at Hard Rock Casino (Las Vegas) The Temple Bar(Santa Monica), Grand Star(Chinatown), The Celebrity Centre(LA), Key Club (LA), Chocolat (Melrose) Zen Sushi (LA) Fresh Fest (LA) and The Blue Guitar(Palm Springs), JhaVoice continues to make music throughout California. Take a second to hear what the fuss is all about! Look for JhaVoice’s full length debut “Voice 2 Sing” on iTunes, CDBaby and!

An Israeli native from North African decent, JhaVoice traveled the world as a photographer before she began her music career. Her world experience and view helps define her work, as she brings an exotic harmony to the songs she works on. An accomplished guitar player and songwriter in her own right, JhaVoice enlist the production of help of up and coming heavyweight producers Kaiu Lateef, Phazze, Church Holiday, DJ Shiro, K-Beats and many other talented musicians and producers.

The “Voice 2 Sing” CD captures the true character of JhaVoice, as she sings about everything from love, pain, war, hope, faith and God. No cookie cutter non-sense here, JhaVoice has a message to deliver and she wastes no time doing it.

When JhaVoice sings in her native language, she is able to flex her style in a way no other artist can! “Col Hamishalot”, which means all of our wishes, is sung completely in Hebrew. It is an amazing example of how she weaves world music sounds into a smooth urban R&B groove. She sings “Why Do We Kill?” in English and Hebrew, setting the mood for the album. “You Say (Moonlight)” and “Keep The Faith”, both produced by K-Beats, is fast becoming the songs of choice, as the live performances had crowds cheering in approval. People describe her live performances of these songs as “goose-bump inducers”. We certainly couldn’t ask for better praise, hopefully you will be moved by this CD as well.

JhaVoice has been busy promoting the CD, with her recent shows all receiving tremendous praise! She headlined the "Circle Of Light:Independent Women In Music Showcase" at the Celebrity Center in Los Angeles and continues to improve her stage show with her incredible live band!

The single “Got Your Back” is a mid tempo groove that we feel could be a classic song of hers. It glows with a warm buzz, allowing JhaVoice to fill the track with her vibes.

You can order your copy of "Voice 2 Sing" online at iTunes, as well as AOLMusic Now, CD Baby, Yahoo Rhapsody. You can hear free songs at her MySpace page too.


Listen to clips from the entire album below!

1 Intro
2 Why do we kill
3 Got your back
4 You Say (Moon Light)
5 Lets Roll
6 Voice 2 Sing
7 Keep the Faith
8 Col Hamishalottt
9 Embryonic Beginning
10 The Day
11 Time
12 Imagine
13 Rebel Song

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