Monday, November 19, 2007

JhaVoice'sRebel Soul is at number 15 on! Help us take it to the number one spot!

As we come to the last week of judging at, JhaVoice is closing in on the top 10 with her solo ballad "Rebel Soul". The song is currently #15 in the Solo Performance category. Please take a second to go check it out, vote for JhaVoice and spread the word!

Rebel Song, by JhaVoice on OurStage

This life, by jhavoice on OurStage

Sunday, November 18, 2007

chocolate fountain! @ Pajama Party

Yeah, it was hard to compete with this act. We had singers and musicans on stage, and a house DJ. Nothing could overshadow that incredible chocolate fountain!

Can you believe all I had from that fountain was 2 chocolate covered strawberries and a few dipped choclate chip cookies! With all my running around backstage, I never got to get my grub on properly!

Oh yeah, you gotta love that logo in the back of the shot....working it!

JaVoice @ Pajama Party

JaVoice @ Pajama Party
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Another great shot of JhaVoice, taken from Blogcritics ed and photographer (hint hint) Anna.