Saturday, August 06, 2005

Unleash Me Video link

The Unleased DVD is coming soon. Until then, check the "Unleash Me" video by the RZA featuring Feat. Prodigal Sunn and Christ Bearer of Northstar!


MTV page

Friday, August 05, 2005

Live from LA!

lslaLogoShow some love to D and the crew over at, a new internet television network jumping off! These guys are going to be the next sh!t for real with videos from some of the hottest acts in LA, including Filthee Immagrants, Prodigal Sunn, Moktezoom, and many more. Look for some serious heat from! Big shouts to Dennis G and Steve (his real name) Martin. Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Really Really Good # 4

Keeping the streets dirty, one block at a time!

~More Rock The Bells pics~

Raekwon The Chef performing one of his classics off the "...Cuban Linx" LP!

Tony Starks is about to "RUN"!

Ruler Zig Zag Zig Allah

Blurry shot of Young Dirty

Throw your W's up San Bernadino!

Party's over tell the rest of the crew...back to the Raddison and Denny's..

~Canhead’s Music Player Tune Up~
~“You don’t know me but I’m your brother!” ~

The blue eyed doobie brother number one, Michael McDonald has a new CD hitting stores August 9th! “Michael McDonald: The Ultimate Collection” is a 19 track CD featuring some of his signature songs and sampled hits. “What A Fool Believes”, “Ya Mo Be There” “On My Own” “Minute By Minute” and many more classic hits are featured on the disc. You can check out the new CD at the Listening Party page on Stay tuned to Canhead for GIVEAWAYS and check the links below!!!!

Listening Party Page:

Michael’s Official Site:

~Not For Nothin'

You might want to check out's Live Concert Series. They are webcasting 3 live audio concert performances this month. David Gray will perform on Saturday, Aug. 6, Lucinda Williams on Sunday, Aug. 7, and Kings of Leon and Secret Machines on Thursday, Aug. 11. Check out and for schedules and archived shows.


~Yo Ray J..I got good news and I got bad news. The good news is I got the new Clutch video. The bad news is it's Quicktime.

NEW "Burning Beard" - Clutch video

~I want copies of the Rockford Files and Culombo! I may have to send a few emails...

~I hear there is this site called's 18 and up stuff for the grown and sexy, but not dirty enough to make your girlfriend leave you if she finds it on your computer. (maybe) I know the guy that runs it, and he's not a bad dude. You might want to check his blog site out once in a while, I hear he is updating it and posting interviews with adult film stars, pictures from hot parties in LA, and all kinds of Not Safe For Work stuff. If your into that sort of thing.

If your not, I'll direct your attention to this....

~If your libedo lays somewhere in between celibate to clinical, then you may be interested in this new book, "Strategies of Sex"

Never on Sunday, Hunday?

SUTTON BONNINGTON, England (Reuters) -The short but productive life of a fresian bull, Hunday Falcon Five, ended here after he had fathered 50,000 calves. ….He died with 7,500 orders unfilled. "We just couldn't get Hunday on his feet", a spokesman said.
The New York Times, Nov. 18, 1968

Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday and Monday

And days in between held no respite for Hunday,

Who never did anything merely by halves

And therefore produced 50,000 new calves.

In his time, it is said, at the time of his peak,

Hunday's humping begat near a 1,000 a week,

But at last came the time when no prod or persuasion

Could help hapless Hunday rise to the occasion.


It is whispered, for no one would say it out loud,

That Hunday was finally, thoroughly cowed.
Reprinted from The Sciences

With that, I'm out. Cross your fingers and pray that I return with BACKSTAGE PICS OF SYSTEM OF A DOWN LIVE IN LONG BEACH!



Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Alex Gold "Back From A Break' CD Review

International dance music heavyweight Alex Gold is umm….back. That may
not be a funny joke considering all he has been through. The Ibiza
heavyweight is in full form after recovering from a near fatal paragliding accident in 2002 that did major damage to his spinal cord. (Note to self..cancel next month’s skydiving trip ASAP!!) He says the time he spent recovering helped inspire this CD. The emotion that is packed into these tracks is undeniable as the CD is strong and filled with club bangers! Here’s the ….break…down.

  1. “Back From A Break”- The title tracks opens up
    with a bang! Driving electro break beats pound the floor as AG gets
    open and rips this track early! Alex Gold is back folks!

  2. String Theory” A nice airy track more along
    the line of what your used to from AG. Vocals by Kelly Jones
    help send this one to heaven! Nice tune!

  3. “Energy Bomb” – Block rocking beats set it off
    on this one. Kelly Jones transforms into energy and sends low
    currents of raw power though the mic.

  4. “Stranded In Paradise” I hate it when that
    happens. Good thing I have a soundtrack for the event now. (Good looking
    out AG) Coming to your radio soon. Mark Sales seals the deal
    on this one.

  5. “Foreign Shore” – Another radio ready hit! Kelly
    Jones floats on the choppy beats and begs you not to take her from her
    foreign shore. If the shore in question is Ibiza, I can see why she doesn’t
    want to leave!

  6. “Flying”Phil Jonston joins the party
    and flies with this one. Downbeat poppy jam that is a new move for AG.
    Not bad.

  7. “Who Decides” – That’s what I’m talking about.
    Four on the floor wins every time and this one is no exception. A big tune
    with Phil Jonston helping out on the vocals. “Next week, we could all
    beeeeeeeeee………….” Nice one!

  8. “Electric Places” – Another club banger! This
    one is massive folks! Kelly Jones does the damn thing lovely on this
    one! Real big!

  9. “Better Dayz” – The CD just keeps building
    energy with this one. Phil brings the harmonies to the songs and wishes for
    better dayz.

  10. “LA Today” – Does this sound like U2 2U 2?
    Regardless, it’s the sh!t! This one is dedicated to my new hometown, LA, so
    you gotta love it for that alone! Featuring lead vocals from Phil Oakey
    from the Human League, this is a massive track!

  11. “You’re The One” - Uptempo beats come in to
    close this disc out. Kelly Jones check in one last time. Sexy close
    out track to the heat packing CD!

Final Verdict-Alex Gold “Back From A Break” CD=International Club Hit!

Cop that!

Backstage at Rock The Bells #3

Berretta Nine, LA The Darkman, Young Dirty and Prodigal Sunn kick it backstage!

Backstage At Rock The Bells Video Clip #2

Take a look at the backstage area, sometime roughly after Talib's set. Mad heads in the spot!

Monday, August 01, 2005

The People's Champ!

How's your gravy, baby? Mine is just fine and online, downloaded a million times! I hear it every night, louder than a bomb and undeniable like Rocky's arm! Stop the presses and ring the alarm! Incoming multimedia, twelve o'clock sharp!
Peep major game at Pulse Magazine. The online mag has some serious font action jumping off the screen. Issue 23 features interviews with John Singleton, mp3s and way too much more,
huh. Like, dope son!

Song Picks

"Body Count" - Ice-T

"Mr. Sandman" - Method Man featuring Rza, Rebel INS, Carlton Fisk, Blue Raspberry, Streetlife

"I'm Housin' " - Rage Against The Machine

"Code Of The Streets" - Gang Starr

"And You Don't Stop" - Wu Tang Clan

Oh yeah. Benny Blanco from the Bronx says hi! The prequel to "Carlito's Way" is on it's way. Check out the updated website for new photos. Looking good holmes......

~~~~~~~~~ is the move! What up to Marc, DJ 3rd I, and everyone over at MPTV!

"Back From A Break" CD by Alex Gold is on some seriously cool sh!t. The world famous DJ has completed this project after suffering a back breaking injury. His life changing experience influenced his music, and his new sound is incredible! Cop that!
Word On The Street

Check out Detroit's newest player in the rap game, Hush! Soon to be all over your radio, Hush has tracks produced by Eminem and rocks the mic with Talib Kweli and Phil Campbell from Motorhead. Links below!!


"Hush Is Coming" ft Nate Dogg (produced by Eminem)



"Rock Sh*t!" (includes guest appearance by Phil Campbell from Motorhead)


"Let It Breathe" ft Talib Kweli




Backstage at Rock The Bells, Pt 1

Backstage at Rock The Bells pt 1

What's up party people. Rock The Bells was incredible, hot and hectic. Shouts to Chang and everyone involved in the show, and sorry to Alex at MSOR for all the calls. (Everything worked out!) I hit the outdoor arena with the crew around 7 o'clock. A bad move being the show started at 11 am. I soon realized that I was faced with a major problem. Either split up with the crew to get my "press and photo passes" which were at the other side of the arena, or stay with the crew and get some major shots with them and who knows who else. The way security was acting, I didn't think that I would be able to get backstage without them, so I hung out and waited for the Wu to hit the stage. I missed all of the major performances, Nas, Redman, Living Legends, someone brought KRS-One on stage, and God knows what else. Yeah, I was heated but what are you going to do?

All was not lost tho' as I got some nice shots and some backstage video performances. Check these shots out, more on the way! What's up with the Wu-Tang Clan show in the fall?!? More to come soon!

Mikah 9 (Freestyle Fellowship) and Prodigal Sunn (Sunz Of Man)

Guru (Gangstarr) & Prodigal Sunn talking to the cameras

Mikah 9(of Freestyle Fellowship) says what up while Guru catches up
with old friends in the back!(What up DJ Woool, I see you in the back!)

Producers B-Original and K-Beats backstage at Rock The Bells, smiling for the

Tash from the mighty Liquid Crew says what up! (Ripped it onstage with

Steady Bootleggin! Crooked Timbos courtesy B-Original!

Talib Kweli and Makeba Mooncycle backstage after Talib's

VIDEO TEASER- PRODIGAL SUNN AND GURU BACKSTAGE AT ROCK THE BELLS-sorry for the low lighting.........more on the way, videos too.................................................................