Friday, January 28, 2005

Things That Make You Go...What The F*@#!!

~I wonder if KRS gets mad everytime he hears someone says "One" ? ( he dissed Nelly for less.)
~Who is your daddy and what does he do?
~It was in bad taste, but how can Stern get away with a fine, while Lukewarm 97FM "suspends" the entire morning show?
~Speaking of which, didn't Miss Jones do her research and listen to Robin"If Thomas Jefferson had heard us, he probably would have said, 'We shouldn't have free speech.' " Quivers and learn how to be a fence sitting shock jock without losing her great work benefits?
~What is the sample behind that damn John Legend song saying? Sounds like "Throw your hands in the air....dont F' around" The song is annoying enough with low vocal samples messing with this ex-studio engineer's head.
~Isn't weird how Lil' Kim can look hot in one post plastic surgery picture and not in another one? (Cue the aforementioned god awful John Legend track)
~Isn't the desecration of Iraq's historical sites by our armed forces a sign of The Great Tribulation? If so, shouldn't we be scared sh!tless right about now?
~If McNabb and the Eagle do the damn thing, will Rush Limbaugh take back all that crap he was talking last year and admit to the world he is nothing but a pill popping, pervy, punk who doesn't know what he's talking about!
~Do you think 50 Cent mania will still be strong enough to help Tony Yayo when(if) his album ever comes out?
~Who will be the first rapper that Irv Gotti signs when(if) he goes to jail?
~Why does Nia Long make my chest hurt everytime I see her?(Same goes for "Las Vegas" star Marsha Thomason....daammnn!)


What’s happening!

It’s Friday and Fridays are only good for web-slinging! In case you don’t follow the Canhead vocab to tough, “web-slinging” is what I call surfing the net. I never surfed before, and Spider-Man is..well, the Man! So in Canhead land, we call it web-slinging. Got it? Good. “Lettuce……..go!” (let’s see if your OG enough to know what TV show I stole that last quote from.)

Tons of stuff online these days, I can’t keep up. Here are a few stories out there that are keeping me from doing more productive things online. Give in to the peep pressure and abandon your work for a second and travel the net with your homie-stromie El Q Tha Griz8! Buckle up for safety kids.

~Def Poetry Plugged In is tonight!

~~Tons of articles on the Hot97 story floating around cyber space. Here are few link that I haven’t posted before that cover it.

~Here is a interesting essay on hip-hop and Islam. A little dated but a decent read nonetheless.

~Speaking of Islam, here is the odd Bible quote of the day.
I get these from “Can These be the Words of God?”. I am not Islamic. I am baptized as a Christian and believe some of the Christian doctrines. I got love of Islam too, so you can see how it can get confusing sometimes. A lot of good and bad points are in both religions but the leaders of the countries that each religion represents uses said religions as weapons and tools of propaganda. Because of that, I exercise my civil rights and boycott going to church on Sunday. Well, not really, but it sounds better than I’m too lazy to get up that early on a Sunday.

Bible Verse of the Day
Exodus 21:7-11 (New International Version)

If a man sells his daughter as a servant, she is not to go free as menservants do. 8 If she does not please the master who has selected her for himself, [a] he must let her be redeemed. He has no right to sell her to foreigners, because he has broken faith with her. 9 If he selects her for his son, he must grant her the rights of a daughter. 10 If he marries another woman, he must not deprive the first one of her food, clothing and marital rights. 11 If he does not provide her with these three things, she is to go free, without any payment of money.

Now compare that to this one, a mere 6 verses down:

Exodus 21:17 (New International Version)
17 "Anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death.

So if I was a female, chillin’ in Egypt, being oppressed by Pharaoh Monch and his pyramid building schemes, I would be up sh!t creek without a paddle, in a leaky raft if my broke azz dad wanted to sell my fine young behind! To add insult to injury, if I cursed his azz out for putting my booty on E-Bay (Egyptian Booty Auction Ya’ll!) I’d be beheaded or worse, stoned to death! (Not in the backstage with Capelton and Elephant Man at the Bob Marley festival in Miami way either!) I gotta stop picking on the Old Testament. It’s too easy and makes me look like a blasphemous apostate. Ohh well, I think Jesus (and Mohammad) still love me.

~Whoa….Jennifer Johns!

~Ok, what is up with this mofo. First of all, being one of the few brothers in the NHL, you can’t afford to make to many mistakes. But when you pull a stunt like this, to say it like my man Will Drayton say, “I can’t do nothing for you, man!” Damn cuz!

~I meant to post this link a while ago. X-Factor Video is a producer and distributor of some of stunt DVDs and they have some clips of their movies. If your into sport bikes, roadbikes, motocross, import cars, quads, snowmobile or watercraft, you'll find tons of great DVD titles here.

~To even out the racial tension going on the airwaves and internet these days, I give you this fine site!

~Saw this on Tofu Hut…words from the enemy!


~Freaky Friday's Oldie but Goodie MP3 Pick Of The Day aka The Long Music Title
"Knock On Wood" Wilson Pickett
Reminds me of home. Mama had a BIG crush on Wilson Pickett back in the diz-ay. Thankful, he never did a show in Clarksville, TN. and stole her away from my pops. (She didn't hear about the concert in Nashville!)

I'm out. In closing I like to say to all the hip-hop "shock jock" radio DJs out there.
SPREAD LOVE DUKE! Or shut the hell up and learn how to mix! You're F'ing it up for everyone. Act like you know(how to act that is.)

One Ya' Self before you catch Two!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Devil In Miss Jones

Hot97 is knee deep in another scandal. The station is fast on it was to being so last month, with their consistently bad morning show programming and poor judgment. Recently, the station aired a parody song entitled “The Tsunami Song” during their morning show, hosted by Miss Jones, which mocked the tsunami victims. Many were outraged at the station’s insensitivity but it didn’t stop there.

Taken from

“On this tape you hear them introducing the "Tsunami Song," then Miss Jones and co-host Todd Lynn launching into an abusive tirade against Miss Info when she voices her objection to it. Miss Jones finally tells Info she's only complaining because "you feel superior, probably because you're Asian."

Then, after Miss Info has said the song is offensive to Asians, co-host Todd Lynn informs her: "I'm gonna start shooting Asians." Yes, he really says that. It's at 3:37 on the mp3. “

Sine then, several things have happened. Miss Jones has been suspended from Hot97, Jin made a Hot 97 dis record, and a petition is circling around the internet. As I am in the Cap City of Albany, I didn’t hear this firsthand, but the story and mp3s are everywhere! I suggest you go to the source and read all the info yourself. Check out Jay Smooth, (damn, 2 mentions in a week). There are two viewpoints to everything, as Byron Crawford shows here!

Hot 97 issued a press release in regards to the “Tsunami Song”. Wanna read it, here it goes! (Forgive me, I’ve been watching “In Living Color”, look for my review soon!)

NEW YORK, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ --

Miss Jones and the HOT 97 Morning team have been indefinitely suspended for the airing of a song that made light of a catastrophic event, as well as for comments made at the time the song was aired. Earlier this week, Miss Jones said on the air: "I apologize to all who have been offended by my poor decision to go along with playing that insulting(to say the least) Tsunami song. I should have known better and I didn't. So I'm sorry and hopefully we can move forward from this, or I can move forward from this being a better hostess, because I am better than that, and I know better than that -- and you deserve better radio than that."

While Miss Jones has apologized on the air, in the media and on the HOT 97 website, station management felt that stronger action was necessary to demonstrate the severity of the situation. Emmis Radio and Hot 97 will not tolerate such derogatory and racially insensitive content. This incident in no way reflects the spirit of HOT 97. The station has a long-time and well-known reputation for communityinvolvement and support. Emmis Radio President Rick Cummings said, "What happened is morally and socially indefensible. All involved, myself included, are ashamed and deeply sorry. I know the members of the morning show are truly contrite. They know their actions here are inexcusable."


Personally, I think the song is foul, but I am a black man who listens to Howard Stern (who all other morning jocks try to imitate) so I may not be a good person to ask an opinion. Nothing really bothers me, and I don’t have time for the rest of the world’s hang-ups, I’m too busy with my own thanks. I will say this much. Getting mad at Hot97 for this song is like getting mad at the clouds when it rains. This is an offensive song true, but have you listen to most of Hot97’s play list? If this is the first time you’ve been offended listening to Hot97, then you must be loosing your hearing or something. As a hip-hop head, I am offended by what songs they consider to be hip-hop, but that's another issue.

They have kept it really real on the annoying b.s. broadcasting tip for a long while now. Don’t get me started with hip-hop lyrics these days, emcees with an 8 bar multi-syllable verse that doesn’t really say anything, the ongoing Tupac-B.I.G. cloning, or the hypocrisy in the industry. If you’re going to be mad at Hot97 for anything, be mad at them for continuing to water down the culture by promoting thoughts and perceptions that are not “gangsta” or “hip-hop” in anyway, shape, or form. These fools don’t even really contribute to hip-hop music, and that’s bad because they are DJS! (boring talk over, pause-play djs, not Q-Bert, Jam Master Jay, Mix Master Mike, Grandmaster Flash, real type type dj’s)

Who else remembers the time when Star and Bucwild (also in the news this month for racially offensive material) played that clip after Aaliyah died? They couldn’t even finish the show before EVERYONE in hip-hop started calling them telling them to fall back. Jay-Z wasn’t happy about it. Neither was Ms. Jones. She got into a argument with Star and Buck and I think she left the show that day. Fast forward a few years, Jonzee is running things, and what does she do? She blast Ms. Info on air, starts talking a little too much, and draws the entire world's attention on herself and her Hot97 crew in downtown Manhattan.


Check the links, sign the petition, make a Hot97 dis mp3, and show the world hip-hop is not dead. What other form of music has it’s fans demonstrating and petitioning against their own when they step out of line and go to far? Hip Hop Rules!,0,2022540.story?coll=nyc-manheadlines-tv

Monday, January 24, 2005

Respect The Badge Punk!

It’s snowing like mad, and I am holding it down here at work. In case I didn’t tell you what it is I do to pay the bills, well put it like this.
I’m something like the police. Respect the badge, punk! Top Flight Craig!
If you still don’t get it, here’s my final hint. I know my job sucks, it’s a good thing I have a music making, blog writing super hero alter ego to combat the evils of reality. Anyway, one of my partners was smart and refused to drive to work in this mess, so here I am. I will post the follow up to the John Wayne articles tomorrow and review some of the CDs I bought over the weekend. Thanks to everyone who has emailed and showed loved. Thanks for the input, look for your name on my blog list soon! So this post is basically mindless web slinging stuff. Enjoy.

Quotes of the day
"My job is to, like, think beyond the immediate." -George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., April 21, 2004

"You've done a nice job decorating the White House." —Pop star Jessica Simpson, upon being introduced to Interior Secretary Gale Norton while touring the White House

Dumb Joke Of The Day
Why did Ron Artest leave the game early?
So he could beat the crowd
(Don’t front, your giggling now, right?)

Some classic material from Dave.

~Link to the PBS Special…I may have to do some research on this myself.

~Hip Hop has been one of my favorite website for a while now. They are one of the tightest sites out, giving a balanced overview of hip-hop, politics, and anything important to the hip hop culture. You need to check them out. Their coverage on the Hot97 tsunami incident is excellent. (That song is foul. I will comment more on this later)
But I am feeling their audio page right about now. It’s loaded with archived sets by Jay Smooth, Monk One, DJ Spinna, DJ 3D, and special sets by DJ Babu, Chairman Mao, and Easy Mo Bee. Check them out daily, ya heard!

~Over at they have a column with House of Pain’s Everlast. Hey, you think when he wrote “Jump Around” he was telling us what he would do with his musical styles for the rest of his career? B.D. should have asked him that.

~All true hip-hop heads pay respect to the man! “Rap Wars” is what’s really real!

~Rick's Picks Phat Beets.

And finally, this girl has a really hot ass! (Cue "On Fire" by Lloyd Banks)


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Due Process Is A Bullet Part 2

“The Searchers” had blatantly racist scenes and dialogue. Wayne’s character seems to be blood thirsty, driven to find his captured niece from a band of rogue Comanche.

He views the Indians as ruthless and will kill them without a second thought. Although he is the most vocal of the group, his co-stars all seem to understand his view and attitudes, even if they don’t share all of them. He is driven to find his captured niece Debbie, who was kidnapped by marauding Comanches. Only thing is, he plans on killing Debbie once he finds her. She has been used by the “Comanche buck” as he says, so she doesn’t deserve to live. He also has a mysterious past, he is a ex- Confederate soldiers who never reveals how he rescued Martin Pawley or how he knows so much about Comanche and speaks their language.

The amazing thing about this particular Wayne vehicle is how much it alone influenced cinema and pop culture. In his review of the movie, Roger Ebert explains the reach of “The Seachers” influence. He says “Ethan's quest inspired a plot line in George Lucas' ''Star Wars.'' It's at the center of Martin Scorsese's ''Taxi Driver,'' written by Paul Schrader, who used it again in his own ''Hard Core.'' The hero in each of the Schrader screenplays is a loner driven to violence and madness by his mission to rescue a young white woman who has become the sexual prey of those seen as subhuman. Harry Dean Stanton's search for Nastassja Kinski in Wim Wenders' ''Paris, Texas'' is a reworking of the Ford story. Even Ethan's famous line ''That'll be the day'' inspired a song by Buddy Holly.” (Ebert, Roger Chicago Sun Times 11/2001)

During the early 1940’s, he was seen as hostile to Asians. America was at war with Japan, and the sentiment in America on a whole was the same as Wayne’s. He is seen as racist and still remains the hero of his movies.

One of these movies is “Sands Of Iwo Jima” The racist attitudes of the country during this time were clearly reflected in “Iwo Jima”. The tension between America and Japan resulted in movies that depicted America’s animosity toward our wartime enemy. The movie almost comes off as a war time pep rally on film, with the American’s fighting incredible odds and surviving.
It is interesting that Wayne plays basically the same character in this movie as in some of his earlier films. In “The Searchers” he plays sort of mystery man, with a definite military past. He continues to play the solider in “Iwo Jima” and several other movies.
John Wayne triva bit: ... The final scene of "The Searchers" was ad-libbed by Wayne as homage to good friend and fellow actor Harry Carey who had recently died. As Wayne stands in the doorway he grabs his right arms and stands there for a minute. This was Carey's signature stance. Thus the above picture.