Saturday, January 22, 2005

Due process is a bullet! Part 1

I decided to view several movies staring John Wayne. I thought he would be a good actor to examine, as he stared in hundreds of movies. I didn’t realize how much his career influenced American culture. John Wayne is the perfect example of a star echoing the mood and viewpoint of our country as a whole. Following his career, you can get a very good idea of how the average middle age White male though about himself, his country and the world.

John Wayne’s movies and characters showcase contemporary American thoughts and attitudes during the time that they were made. Sometimes these attitudes were very racist. Although we were required to view three movies, I found myself viewing much more than that. My research turned up several movies that I wanted to screen for this paper, as they were noted as fine examples of the transition of racial and political attitudes in America from the 1930s clear up to the 1960s.

When examining the ideological concerns and values of the wider culture of the time period that the John Wayne represents, we see a man who seems to be molded to symbolize the image of the American male. Early on in his career, Wayne is the tough cowboy that stands firm on his beliefs or the military leader who is willing to kill and die for his country and its virtue.

His example of how to be an American helped John Shalikashvili, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as he learned how to speak English by watching Wayne's movies. (Willis, Gary “John Wayne's America”) Waynes is the image first thought of when you mention the word “cowboy” as he practically perfected the role. His portrayal of the American cowboy and his tough nature is one that foreign leaders have said that our leaders copy.

Wayne played the role of the no nonsense, tough as nails Tom Doniphon in “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”. This was a interesting movie as it featured him and another big star at the time, James Stewart. Stewart plays U.S. senator Ransom Stoddard, the lawyer who moves into a lawless town. The two form a friendship and help steer their lawless town to order by facing the town bad guy Liberty Valance.

To further complicate matters, Wayne has made plans to marry the town sweetie Hallie, played by Vera Mills. He just hasn’t told her yet. When Stewart arrives, Hallie soon falls for him, much to the displeasure of Wayne, who almost kills himself by setting his house on fire in a drunken rage. Wayne’s character is a bit grumpy to his black servant Pompey, but it is clear that Wayne depends on him, up to his death. This movie isn’t nearly as racist as some of the other movies John Wayne would go on to play.

~to be continued~

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Jheri curl drippin on Ronald Reagan's shoes

What’s up ya’ll,
~So I didn’t go to Washington DC for the inauguration like I wanted. I realized last week that I could not get the day off. So I’m here trying not to spend money today. It’s gonna get ugly tho’ as lunch time is here and I’m starving! (Maintain Q, spend NO money!)
~The Drama experiment (see post below) is off to a great start as I have already been hit with a few emails regarding the subject. This could be interesting.
~Shouts to Wonder Woman at Jamz 96.3 for the fire mix-set today (She let Method Man curse twice on “All I Need” play…cool! Lots of O.G. material today, EPMD, LOTUG, En Vogue ) Blog up to everyone at Jamz actually, I’m always just shouting her out but I got love for the whole crew, Biz, Bear Sr. and Jr., and of course the man Walt Baby Luv (that’s right) and anyone I forgot!
~Maybe I’ll drop a little science later, I have tons of c-rap to do. I did come across a few links for you.(Q can’t come to the party empty handed.)
~Music News
California's Latest Sound: 'Hyphy' (See you soon K-Beatz!!)
Take Me Home”-Terror Squad
Let’s Get Blown”-Snoop Dogg w/ Pharrell (love that house!)
What They Gon Do”-Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz w/ Lil Scrappy
Knuck If You Buck” remix- Crime Mob Ft. Gangsta Boo, Daz & J.Dupri-off DJ Smallz S.S.# 12 mixtape
Shot Down” remix- 50 Cent w/ DMX & Styles P-DJ Kep remix
Rising to the Top” -Game Tight - Agallah, Sean Price
Ludacris Interview on Hot 99.5 FM
Obie Trice’s couch on Ebay.
Q.Rock639’s 12"s,CDs and movies on Ebay.
~Quotes of the day
“The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost.”
Gilbert K. Chesterton

“The dream of Huey Newton that's what I'm livin through
The dream of Eric Wright, that's what I'm givin you
Who walked through the White House without a business suit
Compton had jheri curl drippin on Ronald Reagan's shoes”
The Game aka Chuck Taylor

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Drama aka Karma

I hope your days are filled with love and your nights are warms and quiet. Ahhhhhh……..that was nice.(no homo)

Don’t ask me why I just said that or where it came from. I’m in a pretty pissy sh!ttY mad azz phuck at u kind of mood so it’s surprising I could actually type that line without pukin’ up my Heineken. (Can blog writers get paid for product placement? Let’s see……< bs jscode :”begin subliminal experiment # 639ez$$$//>)

Anyway, I’m sitting here, mad at the world, typing on my MS WORD on WINDOWS XP($$$) trying to come up with something witty to post on this dang blog. It’s a pain because I have to much b.s. to deal with to mindlessly surf the net for funny photo-shopped pictures of Russell Simmons and Martin Luther King at Freak Nick. I have been avoiding getting too real with ya’ll on this blog. I could pull an Usher and start with the Confessions($), but the hell with all that. I didn’t even really do anything this time (I swear!) and it still got all f’ed up. Plus I’m not that big on my business being in the street. But this isn’t the street, it’s the freaking information super highway! And all this not talking about the elephant thats taking a fat steamer on the imported rug in the living roon is getting on my nerves.

So as I’m trying to do the freelance writer thing and come up with yet another snappy little hip-hop article to post as a work example, it hits me. Why don’t I do a “Sex in the City” style article, just this once? I have tons of material, and questions. And it could be a good way to meet some of the other blog writers I’ve been spying on. Why not? I could vent anyway and my sh!t is much more interesting than the latest hip-hop gossip anyway (I swear I’m going back to house music!)

So how about this. I want to hear from all of you who have drama. Look at it like an experiment or a casting call. If you have some real relationship drama that you would feel like confessing, past or present, I would love to hear it. But I want to hear the real deal break up dirt, not the MARIE CLAIRE($$$) version. I want the real reason behind the break-ups and the fights. The honest dirt though. Don’t be afraid to admit your faults. I really want to hear from those of you with kids and have to go through the baby momma and daddy drama (That’s right ladies, I wanna hear from you too!) I want to hear how you worked it out, if you did that is. If not, I really want to hear that.

I hope all of you who I send emails to will get back to me on this one. You don’t have to say much, just tell us a little bit about yourself and your situation. Then if enough people get into it, we can build on the topics and get some serious convo going. I really could use your help with this one people.

My ex always says that one line, you know the one…”If you ask anybody, they will tell you….I’m right!” So now I really want to ask anybody, and that means you. Give me a shout, tell me your baby mamma drama (or for the ladies, “that’s just my baby daddy’s trifilin azz!”)

Thats it. I’m going to go watch “COLLATERAL” and “IN LIVING COLOR” on my “X-BOX and maybe later play some GAMECUBE before I go to sleep on my SEALY! ($$$$$$$)

Post comments, I like it when you post comments....

Update: Found this link the day after I wrote this..kind of fits...

According to Liquid Generation, me and the X are like these two. I don't know wheter to laugh or cry.


Sunday, January 16, 2005

Hip Hop Rules!

There is a lot of noise going back and forth about hip-hop being dead. I tell you what’s dead, people talking that hip-hop is dead sh!t. That’s muerto! I hear you, hip-hop like it used to be is dead. So do something about it. If you don’t like what you hear, go make something that you do like to hear. Then put it out so the rest of us can hear it too. There won’t be a movement in hip-hop until people actually move. It’s like everyone is afraid to be independent these days or something.

With all the technological advances that have been made that enable us to become self contained businesses from our bedrooms, why not do the damn thing for real? Make noise! (Didn’t Greg used to be in a group back in the day?) And the thing is, I know most of the people who comment on this issue, at the very least have some turntables and a sampler of some kind sitting around. Make a beat already! If you don’t I will! (But until I do, you can always show love by checking out my last CD release on Ebay, see below. ) Put your MP3 online, promote yourself, do shows in shi!tty little bars, attend conferences, do anything just put more hip-hop music out there!

That’s all I got to say about the matter. I know hip-hop sucks these days, but it’s still hip-hop. Don’t give up on it. And there really is some great stuff happening out there. Even the bad stuff is better than listening to bad pop music.

Make sure you check out this exhibit in Manhattan(thanks Sonja) when you get the chance. Renowned photographer Martha Cooper has a new book out called “Hip Hop Files-Photographs 1979–1984”. It is on Powerhouse Books and the exhibit is held at the powerHouse Gallery from January 13–March 5, 2005.
Creative Thrift Shop has the goods to make your apartment look like you listen to more than hip-hop and watch more than BET and ESPN. And you can get off your lazy azz and go see some of the flyness, if your in the city.
Ever since the tsunami, my boy Silent Bob aka Ray J has been going around work talking about, “The world is coming to an end!” I for one started saying that when they let the Terminator win the election (come on pay attention), but I’m always glad to see someone else pick up the banner and lead the charge. Now another disciple joins my flock. Say it with me..Arm..a…gedd…on!
In case you have been living in a cave, Jeff Chang is about ready to drop another “must have book in my bathroom magazine rack”. “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” is just about set, with several events planned to mark its official release. Yo Jeff, what’s a brother gotta do to get a signed copy? Holla at me!
LED Belt Buckle-
Did I hear right? Grand Daddy I.U. is about to drop another one? Wow, I was this close to posting my mint condition copy of “Pick up the Pace” 12 inch on Ebay. Maybe I’ll wait awhile on that.
Oh yeah, I got a few 12 inches, DVDs and VHS tapes on Ebay. Nothing to earth shattering, just cleaning out my crates. Bids start at .99 cents. Check me out! I post a few new 12”s daily.
And last but not least, the Jets have a new player to get rid of in the off season. I swear they should have gave this guy 24 hours to get outta town. I hate to dump on a guy when he has a bad game, but this was not the time to have a bad game. Give him something to think about, fire him!


I gotta go lie down, all this boo'ing and the sobering thought of the end of the Jets season is making me light headed.