Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Cyber Mix Tape Show

OK party people, I hate to say it but Canhead is closed! Don't worry, it's just temporary. I'm all packed and getting ready to hit the highway. To all my EBay customers, no you didn't get jacked online. I will ship any orders that are outstanding as soon as I get in LA. If your nice you might get some freebies for waiting. I am behind on tons of reviews, so when I do log back on, I'll have a bunch of goodies for you all.

But you know I can't leave you empty handed. Here's a little sumthin' sumthin' for ya! I was going to post this a while ago but didn't. I think Blogger was down or something, then I forgot about it. Anyway, here it is, another edition of The Cyber Mix Tape Show!

To download the show, click the explict content sticker. -60 Minute mix set-YouSendIt link-54 MB

Mix Set features songs by MadVillian, The Game, Casual, Mos Def, RA The Rugged Man, Mike Jones, Jay-Z, Zion-I, Will I.Am, RJD2, Nas, Dialated Peoples, Q.Rock639's Cyberblendz and more!!!

See you on the other side!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"The Interpreter" hits theaters!

"My mike sounds nice, check one.."

The Interpreter” starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn, opened in theaters last Friday. I was supposed to go to the premier but thanks to my hectic life, I missed it. I was pretty upset about it, as I want to see this movie. I plan on checking it out soon and writing a review on it. Until then, here are a few goodies provided by Kate at Special Ops Media.

Movie Synopsis:
Silvia Broome
(Kidman) is an African-born UN interpreter who inadvertently overhears a death threat against an African head of state scheduled to address the United Nation’s General Assembly. Realizing she’s become a target of the assassins as well, Silvia is desperate to thwart the plot…if only she can survive long enough to get someone to believe her. Tobin Keller (Penn), the federal agent charged with protecting the interpreter, who nonetheless suspects she may not be telling the whole truth. In the right hallway, at the right time, all it takes is a whisper to tip the balance of power.

Sounds good don't it! I'll fill you in soon, I promise I won't spoil the ending like I did for my friends with "Million Dollar Baby"(I finally saw that one, thanks for the super size cup of depression Clint!!) Anyway, here are some more links for you...enjoy!
"Sean, do you mind wearing a wig like in Carlito's Way?"

The Interpreter Website

Official Trailer

Clip: Keller and Silvia meet at the United Nations

Clip: Silvia and Keller talk in the General Assembly

Clip: The General Assembly goes to recess

Interpreter "A Look Inside" Featurette
Sean: "Don't call me Spicoli! I hate it when people do that!"


Nicole Kidman is afraid of butterflies. Sean Penn used to smoke 4 packs a day and scared the shit outta photographers everywhere!

This Aint BET...

but I got MAD LINKS!! (go ahead and's ok to be corney sometimes yaoming!?!)

"B.Y.O.B." video-System Of A Down(new video!! more info soon!)
It's Like That video-Mariah Carey

Charlene video -Anthony Hamilton-still diggin this song.

"Welcome To Paramount" MP3-Manic Hispanic-NEW!

"I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" video-The White Stripes ("and now that were thru...I just don't know what to theme song!)

99 Problems video-Jay-Z (My other theme song!)

"Brown Sugar" -Faith Evans & Mos Def / "Love Of My Life" Erykah Badu & Common videos

"On & On" video Erykah Badu

"Son Of A Bush" video-Pubc Enemy!

"Its So Hard" Big Punisher-We love you Pun! We'll never forget!

"All I Can Say" Mary J Blige (The Force is strong within you Mary Skywalker!)

"Grits" RZA

"Nothin" N.O.R.E.

Next time Mimi..

Here’s something I missed out on last week. Blog Critics forwarded the email to all their members. It was planned so quickly that I couldn’t make it down. (side note to EO: a Mariah Carey interview at BC would be nice)


The new album debuted at number #1 on Billboard, setting a personal record worthy of a party. The guest list included all the industry movers and shakers and was at Cipriani in Manhattan. If I had more notice I would have been in there, blowing kisses to Mimi!

I'll see you the next time Mimi, next time.........