Thursday, May 12, 2005

Prodigal Sunn's new track at HHG!

Hip Hop Game has the exclusive MP3 post of Prodigal Sunn's new joint "Love Aint No Stranger". P Sunn is set to drop his first solo album "Return Of The Prodigal Sunn" this summer, and he is really on the grind right about now. Stay tuned to Canhead for more developments as it's gonna be a hot summer for the Grammy award winning Sunz of Man alumni.

Prodigal is also on the track "Unleash Me" off the Jet Li movie soundtrack "Unleashed". The song features The RZA and the video is crazy, on some ol' "Sin City/Kill Bill" anime tip! I'm trying to get my hands on everything and post it here. Like I said, stay tuned!!

Check out "Love Aint No Stranger" at HHG , click the links below for more info, and visit Prodigal Sunn at his website while your at it. Tell him Q sent ya!

Free Agency Recording

Tracklisting and Info for upcoming Prodigal Sunn Album

Sunz Of Man story

Sunz of Man reinvigorate the Wu dynasty

Did I mention the Wu-Tang Honey Lip Balms that are coming out this summer? Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Grab some bench! "Kicking And Screaming" hits town Friday

Will Ferrell is one of those actors that make really dumb movies funny. He saved "Anchorman", had the best scenes in "Old School" and made you laugh in "A Night at the Roxbury". Some of his better performances are as Mustafa in "Austin Powers" and he even popped in "Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back". In his latest movie, Will Ferrell aims for the bleachers like Pele kicking one in the crowd and scores big!

"Kicking & Screaming" opens in theaters Friday 14th nationwide. I checked it out last night at an early screening at the AVCO. It is a hilarious comedy set in the fast paced world of little league soccer. Ferrell plays Phil Weston, Robert Duvall plays his super competitive dad, Buck, and "Iron" Mike Ditka plays himself as the annoying neighbor from hell. Phil decides to coach his son Sam's soccer team after their coach quits. The only thing is the number one team, The Gladiators, is coached by Duvall, the same coach who traded Sam, his own grandson!

It's a funny movie that parents can feel safe taking their pre-teens too see with enough goofy humor to keep everyone entertained. I was crying at the whole idea of Ferrell's brother Buck Jr. being the exact same age as his son Sam. When the two face of on the soccer field and Buck Jr tells Sam "You gotta get through ole Uncle Buck", I was crying. The coffee jokes were funny and Ditka was incredible! The kids are great and the Italians help bring the "Bend It Like Beckham" aspect to it. Not bad at all! Check the links below for more info, trailers and go see the movie.

Official Website –

Windows Media Teaser
Quicktime Theatrical

Quicktime Teaser

Sunday, May 08, 2005

DVD in the headrest-National Lampoon's Lost Reality 2

Lost Reality 2
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National Lampoon used to be known as the guys who delivered the funniest stuff you ever saw. No one can deny the comedic genius of the "Vacation" series and "Animal House" is an American classic.

National Lampoons "Lost Reality 2" is a mess. I forced my roommate to watch this DVD with me. We didn’t get past the first minute. I had to hold a gun to his head to finish watching this piece of sh!t to review. It’s pretty bad. The premise of the DVD is to present a series of sketches that mocked reality show pilots and short skits that didn’t make it on air anywhere. I didn’t think I would be able to finish writing this piece as it was by far the dumbest thing I have seen in a while. These guys have ruined the good name of National Lampoon with the release of this.

To be fair, a few of the skits made me laugh, “Scare Me” was one of the few that I got a laugh out of. Other skits like “Boner Boy”, “Midget Wars”, “Money”, “The Amazing Racist”, “Project Redlight”, “Swing House”, and “Lifestyles of the Poor and Homeless” are bad beyond words. The funny thing is the producers of “Lost Reality 2” acknowledge this fact over and over again in the movie. This DVD is an incredible waste of time. Fans of low brow humor should be beside themselves with this one. Sorry again Brian.

These guys are giving away free promos and have a trailer of the movie!