Monday, February 27, 2006

Top Three

Sorry for the neglecting ya'll....I'm back tho' so let's get are some more links, emails, and thing you might want to know about......

Did you know that MC Hammer has a blog?
taken from Maturation of Hip Hop, Chapter 1 post..

"Until this day these cowardly scribes have never come clean and accepted their collective responsibilities. They still glorify any artist who says, "I was shot" or, "I just got out." Keep in mind that in the streets the one who did the shooting was the gansta. Only in the world of the diconnected and fearful could the victims become the heroes. They write from the standpoint of survival in their minds. They are not alone as their stories are repeated, hyped and sensationalized by radio squares who couldn't point their way to the hood but sound on the air like some of the downest cats ever. Now this acting and attitude has spilled over to Hip Hop chat rooms and forums. These "instant message killers" and "text bangers" all sound and talk so tough in these forums. Stop it man and be yourself. Grow up. Render your opinions without the drama. But I digress. Back to the Eighties."

What's is the move for real....Young Jeeszy "Get Ya Mind Right", Cam "Wet Wipes", Rick ROss "Chevy Ridin' Hot" and more on the MP3 player..Videos too...

"People 'ashamed' of 3-6....what about KRS ONE! Come inside to see true ignorance."
The post that has the audio clips of KRS-One blacking out at Stamford! Wow!

Peace to the CEB crew for another night of pure hip hop! The live heat was provided by El Da Sensei, Oh No, DJ Romes, Med and Roc C, Aspect and Middle Men, but the DJ Romes-J Dilla tribute was extra nice. The B-Boys were in full effect as the breakers circle expanded and kept the vibe true while Dilla's beats banged lovely in the air. Nice with Henny, no ice, and my lady sippin on some white wine, by my side, noddin' to the drums. The night was so peace that we forgot to do any work like take pictures and shit. My bad. I do have some older pics of alot of the same B-Boys that were in the spot Sunday night, and I will be posting them soon so stay tuned!!
Big shouts to Quinto Sol by the way!!