Thursday, May 19, 2005


This is what we are bangin' as we mix up marvelous soap suds and Wu lip balm in the shop. In case you were wondering.....

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mashin Up The World & House Of Blues MP3!

In honor of Prodigal Sunn's new album dropping in June 21st, I thought I'd bless you with some oldies but goodies from Sunzini.

"Mashin' Up The World" is off the Gold selling album "Jazzmatazz, Vol. 3: Street Soul". Guru+P Sunn+Jr. Reid=hip-hop classic! Cop that!!

"House Of Blues" is a cut from "Savior's Day". It was executive produced by Godz Incorporated, a mulitmedia solution company formed by Prodigal Sunn in 2002. Also featured on the track is Madame Dee, another artist signed to Godz Inc. and featured on the upcoming "Return of the Prodigal Sunn" album. P picked this one to post himself as a way of saying peace to all the Canheads out there! That's love!

Click on my page for the streaming MP3s. Stay tuned....more to come in the following days!

Don't forget to catch P Sunn at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood on June 24. ~I will remind you about that one!~

A little bit of soap..

I saw this while reading Better Than Yours, which lead me to this. Nice site you have over there Ms. Price. By the way guys, you do know Q also has a wonderful line of soap and all natural beauty products, don't you?

We are working on repacking the entire line for summer and are having a massive sale on all our older label products. We cold process our bars so re-batching isnt really our thing, but you never know, give us a call! (Just in case your a vendor looking for a nice deal or something..hint..hint.)

Anyway...back to the music. Check Topanga Soap blog for more on soap and other squeeky clean issues!

Back 2 Basics with Sway & King Tech!

In case you didn’t know, Sway & King Tech are about to hit you in the head with some real hip-hop! The world famous hip hop DJs are set to release their new CD “Sway & King Tech presents Back 2 Basics” and the line up is bananas!

The album looks to be a small who’s who in hip hop as emcees such as Canibus, Self Scientific, Royce Da 5’9”, Kam”, Common, Chino XL, Juice, Crooked I and many more are on the line-up. King Tech broke it down and explained why they chose to take it back to basics on this one. "I wanted to go get guys that are hungry, that still have the talent, that are upcoming or that are just on a veteran level as opposed to just going after platinum artists to just stack up the names. It wasn't about that for us. You can have Eminem who has his own fan base, but let's try to find the next Eminem, find the next talent that's coming up and try to break something with this one."

Chino XL is back ya’ll and he rips shit on both of these cuts, but the solo cut is a solid return to the game for this battle ready emcee. With all that firepower, Sway and King Tech are set give hip-hop another “Anthem”.

The CD will feature a free DVD as well. I will break the CD down further for you as soon as I get it, but until then you can check out two singles of the album here!

"Enough Beef" featuring Common, Chino XL, and Royce Da 5 9

"Watch Closer" featuring Chino XL

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

RIP Justo Faison

and read Miranda Jane's post about Justo's passing here!

Watch and Observe

~I'm 'bout to set it on society, watch me while I do it~

I have too many thing to catch you all up on but until then, I guess I could let you in on what websites I'm researching while I work in the lab, plotting to take over the world!

Sway & King Tech are dropping Back 2 Basics on May 24th.

On May 28th, they are performing a Back 2 Basic concert featuring Talib Kweli, RZA, Dilated Peoples, Chino XL, Kam, Crooked I, Canibus, Sly Boogie, Royce Da 5'9, Self Scientific and more at The Vanguard, 6021 Hollywood Blvd. I suggest you be there!

Weekend recap:

If you were on the corner of North Curson and Melrose Avenue on Saturday afternoon and wondered who was making all the ruckus at Fat Beats, it was the RZA holding a in-store book signing for The Wu Manual Enter the 36 Chambers. Prodigal Sunn, Free Murder, Barretta Nine,Young Master, and other Wu affiliates and members of Killer Army were in the spot, freestyling while RZA rocked the ones and twos for the Fat Beats crowd. Everything was love and I got to see first hand why that Bobby Valentino song is a TRUE STORY! (what's up to the honey dip that was sippin on a Jamba juice smiling at El Q...I see you!) Q was in the house, his camera was in the car so sorry, no pics. Next time I swear! After that everyone slid to the 36 Chambers and broke night. Like Cube said, it was a good day.

More to come soon! One!