Friday, November 04, 2005

Brooklyn To Venice Beach-Prodigal Sunn on the Grindz

BK TO VB-Prodigal Sunn on the grindz!

Prodigal Sunn has been on the hustle these days, promoting his latest CD,"Return Of The Prodigal Sunn" on Godz Inc/Free Agency Records. Inpreparation of his next single release "Movin' On Up ", P Sunn recently hit the roadwith The GZA, rocking show with him in California, Colorado, and Washington.

If you see Prodigal in person, the first thing that you'll notice is that he isconstantly moving. Even though he has a signed deal with a label andhas a gold record on his list of achievements, that doesn't stop him fromputting in work himself. You may catch him in your neighborhood with a boxof CDs in hand, meeting the people and showing love from state to state. Theman stays on the grind, and now fans of the former Sunz Of Man member can take aquick peek at a day in his life.

Click on the pictures to download the QuickTime video "Brooklyn To Venice Beach",behind the scenes video clips of Prodigal Sunn. Stay tuned for more footage soon, but for now click the links, and make sure you cop that "Return of The Prodigal Sunn" CD!

Prodigal Sunn Website
Prodigal Sunn MySpace page
Free Agency Records Website
Free Agency MySpace Page

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


All my loyal readers know what it is…a collection of links for you to check out.
Enjoy! More real “news” in a minute….don’t forget the Remix Hotel is on the way, this Friday in Hollywood! See you there!

Why the picture you ask....becasue it's such a freaking nice day out here. I mean look at clouds at all!

Thousands Pay Respects to Rosa Parks,0,598169.story?coll=la-home-headlines

CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons

China steps up its bird flu fight

Dressed To ’Ill
The NBA is playing fashion police to overhaul basketball’s image. But the anxiety goes deeper than a sport

The Hit Factory-Who needs major labels, marketing, or airplay? How MySpace became the MTV for the Net generation.

My Myspace(in case you were wondering)

Make sure you check out the newest edition of "In The Scene" magazine. Click the magazine cover to see the latest copy from Leila and the crew. Jessica Alba is the feature this month, as she sits downs with Fred Topel and tells us why she is a family girl. Also in this months issue are interviews with Jake (Donnie Darko)Gyllenhall, Matthew McConaghey, and ITSM Catch Of The Month Jennifer Walcott. If that's not enough, you can skip to the good part to read "Ghost and Ghouls Rule Fall Television Lineup" by yours truly. You will have to set up an account, but it's free so you have no excuses!

You guys must really like the site, because overwhelming traffic shut it down for a few days. The guys are back in action, with a newly designed look, and more bandwidth! Check out the videos and stay tuned for more from LIVESTREAMLA and Canhead!

And last but not least-----


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Source Editor-In-Chief Turns Himself In To The NYPD

Dasun Allah was charged with criminal mischief for the desecration a "Kingdom Hall", a Jehovah's Witness church.

C'mon duke.......

I feel your pain, but throwing a burner on the side of the K.H.? Shouldn't dude be in a marketing meeting or something? Don't hate on the JWs and their "translated" Bible, update the "Hip-Hop Bible"!

Yo D, you should do a story on emcees with JW background. Holla at me and let's make it happen. I can think of quite a few rappers off the top of my head. Ja Rule (Ja Hova?) Xzibit (X-communicated), Lord Jamar from Brand Nubians, and I believe the late great Frank White grew up going to the Kingdom Hall. That's right, I think Biggie was baptized baby, baby!
Ahhh, if only we all grew up in the same congregation, we could have formed a super group, called The D.A.s (The Disfellowshipped Apostates....very bad JW inside joke)

I feel sorry for the next elderly sister who knocks on his door on a Saturday mornings. Might end up like that scene in "Friday". "C'mon sister, lets go!"

Ladies, the next time a JW knocks on your door, answer it naked while blasting "Naked" by Marques Houston! Trust me, the guys really like it when that happens, (happend to me twice)and the women will be soo shocked they will do a mad dash off your porch and may never come back. I stress the word may.

OK, that's it. I don't want to hear anymore bad talk about the Witnesses. Go pick on a Scientologist for a while now.

Now what's this I hear about Ron Isley facing jail time? Not Mr. Biggs! At least Kells will have a friend in the yard if they both get time.

I'm out.