Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Hollywood Night Lights aka Meet me at the bar!

Howdy do, my good folks out there in internet land! It's Friday, and most people just got that paycheck. You know what that means, meet you at the bar! We have a few places lined up to check out, and I am trying not to get to faded tonight!

I don't know if it's just me becoming a light weight, or if they make the drinks at The Carbon extra strong, but the last time I went out drinking, I ended up back home, watching the ceiling defy gravity and spin uncontrollably. I only had 4 drinks. Gotta luv that Patron!

So tonight I will behave, and take it easy on the bottle. It will be tempting, as I plan on club hopping it up, to break 2008 in for real.
I will start the party a home, with a live broadcast of The Cyber Mix Tape Show to set the tone, check us out, and call in and let me know where you gonna be at. Soon as the show is over, I hit the street! See you at the bar!
KRS-One w Ahmad Jamal- The Roxy

Urban Underground-The Airliner- Dr. Oop Capone(BLR8R), Ellay Khule, JewelzDaGod w. JhaVoice, and more!

Funky Lemonade-Mr. Choc & DJ Hopa @ Zanzibar's - Santa Monica