Wednesday, September 06, 2006

JhaVoice "Voice 2 Sing" CD is here!

The long awaited CD from singer/songwriter JhaVoice is now here!

JhaVoice is one of the new artist to watch, as she re-introduces herself with her second CD. "Voice 2 Sing" is her first full length project and is a incredible show of talent. Her Middle Eastern stylings on top of urban fueled beats and new age hip-hop, sets the stage as she sings words of hope, faith and love. Produced by Kaiu Lateef for Kaichi Productions and K-Beats for K-Beats Productions, "Voice 2 Sing" is the new CD that you must have in your collection.

If you have had a chance to see JhaVoice live, then you will remember songs like "Let's Roll", "Why Do We Kill". She brings it to another level with "Rebel Song", and the Chopin inspired "You Say (Moonlight) is another instant classic. You'll understand exactly where she is coming from after listening to "Voice 2 Sing".
Track listing:

Audio Queen Warmup Intro***
Why Do We Kill*
Got Your Back*
You Say(Moonlight)**
Let's Roll*
Voice 2 Sing**
Keep The Faith**
Col Hamishalot*
Embryonic Beginnings*
The Day*
Time *
Rebel Song***

*Produced by Kaiu Lateef for Kaichi Productions
**Produced by K-Beats
***Produced by JhaVoice

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