Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Q.Rock639-Bueno (Really Really Good) mp3

Heres a oldie but goodie! Well, its a oldie to us here at Kayaro, but you guys never really had a chance to check it out, as it has not been released. We're working on that, but until then you can peep the style here!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Cyber Mix Tape Show:Live Streaming Hip-Hop Talk Radio!

Make sure your tuning into The Cyber Mix Tape Show, our little online radio show that could! We have been blessed with some amazing show guest, and have tons of good stuff lined up for you this summer!

Who could have known that when we arrived in Las Vegas during BlogWorldExpo, we would end up with our own show. As we approach our first anniversary, we are gearing up for an eventful summer, with more hot exclusives!

Some of the show's past guest include Emmanuel Jal, members of the soul group RAMP, Andrew Lojero (Art Don't Sleep), Trek Life, NYC spoken word artists Tantra & Nikki Skies, jazz musician El-Amin, LA rap crew ZooLAy, noted attorney Bruce Margolin Esq.(LANORML), Prodigal Sunn & 60 Second(Sunz Of Man), B-ORiginal, K-Beats, Chi-King, Armel The Great, directors Erick Voake & DJ 3rdi (Diamonds in the Ruff), international rap crew Da Negus, Saba Saba, Pulsar Music artist Ablaze, Shux Wun, DJ Shiro, legendary artist ShirtKing Phade, Dekastro, and up and coming rap artist R-Swift. The show is co-hosted by JhaVoice, and is frequently visited by some of our family and close friends, giving the show a reality radio feel along the way! We really do the show out of our living room, and welcome you all to our little online radio shack!

We also play some of the best music found online, and we are slowly stocking up some serious music in our playlist, all approved for playback, of course.

So stay tuned to the show, we are very proud of it, and hope to continue with great programming to take it to the next level. Leave us a comment or two, and please don't be us up and say hello!


The CMTS can be found on iTunes now as well, btw! Subscribe to the podcast for FREE!
Simply visit iTunes Music Store and type "The Cyber Mix Tape Show" in the search bar!

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Make My Funk The P Funk!

Last night the Mothership Connection landed in full force in Downtown Los Angeles. For those looking to get off their asses and jam, they didn't have to look far to find the funk! Crash Mansion was the landing pad, hosting not one but two funk filled events at the same time. The funk was about to hit the California fan once again, as George Clinton came to town!

Thursday night was one of the nights when the social planets all seemed to align, giving star gazers more options than they could handle. The evening was set off by DJ Hapa, Mr. Choc, Candice and the crew at Cheers, holding their weekly happy hour party. Their early after work special is a force to be dealt with, as they projected the NBA Finals on the big screen. The drink specials had most of the home team folks tipsy way before The Lakers went into half time. The best part of this deal is that early birds were able to sneak into the club and see both Game 1 and George Clinton, Parliment/Funkadelic for FREE! I think that was the best deal in town that night, as tons of Laker fans were in the spot early, cheering and booing the game!

As I stood in the back hammering down Buds, Kobe and the boys choked in the fourth quarter as The Laker loss took the vibe down a bit in the room. DJ Hapa and Mr. Choc lit the turntables up and got the party rockin' again, as the main room began to fill. This would be the room that would loose it's roof, soon as P-Funk hit the stage.

Uncle Jam still knows how to put the show together. While he isn't as energetic as he used to be, the jams still thump! He was joined onstage with several members of his Parliment/Funkadelic squad. Classics like "Flashlight", "Get Off Your Ass And Jam", "We Want The Funk", and "Tear The Roof Off The Sucker" were played to the crowds sheer delight, as were new cuts like the Kendra Foster lead "Bounce To This".

Kendra crooned the sultry vocals while the band backed her with a lite bumpy track. Soon as she stepped back from the microphone, the Funk Mob tore loose and gave us a sonic explosion, forcing us to jump instead of bounce! That was just one of the night's shining moments.

Clinton has been called "the referee", as he leads his crew of musical misfits to the jam session promised land! His call and response to the the funk players behind him gave the crowd flashbacks of James Brown. George could often be seen standing and smiling, vibing the the music while the band played on. The theatrical presentations of Sir Nose, Starchild, and Poo Poo Man brought his entire Funk galaxy to life, while George continued to lead the band by his sheer presence.

To make sure that Los Angeles heads would have something to talk about, Clinton brought AChozen to the stage as well! The new super group features RZA of The Wu-Tang Clan as well as Shavo of System Of A Down. They kicked off a freestyle session of "Shame On A Nigga" that had the crowd going nuts. I had to laugh out loud when Clinton announced RZA as Bobby Digital. A girl standing next to me screams to her boyfriend, "Oh my God, whats a Bobby Digital?!?" As her boyfriend corrected her, I took a few shots of the stage, grabbed a souvenir, and exited stage right.
George Clinton is still on tour, check his website for dates and cities. Make sure you catch P-Funk when they come to your town! Oh yeah, click here to view my pictures from the show, and make my funk the P-Funk!

Monday, June 02, 2008

It's the new style!

As we get ready for a hot summer here at the compound, I figured I'd try to spruce up the blog here a bit. Shake it up a bit, ya know? I'm not sure how long I'll let this look stay up, but I think it's pretty tight, with the old school mac flavor for you old school macs that was doing that online dating thing way before MySpace and Facebook was even thought of. (Who remembers Yahoo Personal Pages when they were really wild?) Shout to you if you were downloading your exclusive mp3 breaks on a set up that looked like this, way back in the day. You know, before Napster got turned out! Back to the future with Kayaro!

and now..back the the show...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

May 4th Q.Rock639 & JhaVoice-LIVE @ Hookah Source-

Make sure you guys check for this one, as we will be rocking the stage at The Hookah Source in Northridge, CA. On top of being one of the hottest monthly events in The Valley, you can watch the show live online! Make sure you check for Music & Strength TV and Hookah Source MySpace pages to see the live stream!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Listen to LA artist JhaVoice's "Voice 2 Sing" CD online for free!

JhaVoice is winning over fans daily with her CD, "Voice 2 Sing". 13 perfect examples of true soul music from this international singer! If you haven’t listened to the sultry sounds of JhaVoice, you might be missing out on one of your favorite albums without even knowing it. Hailed by some as the new Sade, JhaVoice has been making a name for herself and her music, by performing at shows in Southern California and winning new fans.

With her recent performances at Hard Rock Casino (Las Vegas) The Temple Bar(Santa Monica), Grand Star(Chinatown), The Celebrity Centre(LA), Key Club (LA), Chocolat (Melrose) Zen Sushi (LA) Fresh Fest (LA) and The Blue Guitar(Palm Springs), JhaVoice continues to make music throughout California. Take a second to hear what the fuss is all about! Look for JhaVoice’s full length debut “Voice 2 Sing” on iTunes, CDBaby and!

An Israeli native from North African decent, JhaVoice traveled the world as a photographer before she began her music career. Her world experience and view helps define her work, as she brings an exotic harmony to the songs she works on. An accomplished guitar player and songwriter in her own right, JhaVoice enlist the production of help of up and coming heavyweight producers Kaiu Lateef, Phazze, Church Holiday, DJ Shiro, K-Beats and many other talented musicians and producers.

The “Voice 2 Sing” CD captures the true character of JhaVoice, as she sings about everything from love, pain, war, hope, faith and God. No cookie cutter non-sense here, JhaVoice has a message to deliver and she wastes no time doing it.

When JhaVoice sings in her native language, she is able to flex her style in a way no other artist can! “Col Hamishalot”, which means all of our wishes, is sung completely in Hebrew. It is an amazing example of how she weaves world music sounds into a smooth urban R&B groove. She sings “Why Do We Kill?” in English and Hebrew, setting the mood for the album. “You Say (Moonlight)” and “Keep The Faith”, both produced by K-Beats, is fast becoming the songs of choice, as the live performances had crowds cheering in approval. People describe her live performances of these songs as “goose-bump inducers”. We certainly couldn’t ask for better praise, hopefully you will be moved by this CD as well.

JhaVoice has been busy promoting the CD, with her recent shows all receiving tremendous praise! She headlined the "Circle Of Light:Independent Women In Music Showcase" at the Celebrity Center in Los Angeles and continues to improve her stage show with her incredible live band!

The single “Got Your Back” is a mid tempo groove that we feel could be a classic song of hers. It glows with a warm buzz, allowing JhaVoice to fill the track with her vibes.

You can order your copy of "Voice 2 Sing" online at iTunes, as well as AOLMusic Now, CD Baby, Yahoo Rhapsody. You can hear free songs at her MySpace page too.


Listen to clips from the entire album below!

1 Intro
2 Why do we kill
3 Got your back
4 You Say (Moon Light)
5 Lets Roll
6 Voice 2 Sing
7 Keep the Faith
8 Col Hamishalottt
9 Embryonic Beginning
10 The Day
11 Time
12 Imagine
13 Rebel Song

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Thursday, March 20, 2008




TICKETS ON SALE NOW..... AT 310.981.6394

bangloose show

Monday, March 10, 2008

Download JhaVoice's RingTone!

More from JhaVoice at Myxer

Monday, January 28, 2008

Really Really Good: & Chingy CD Giveaway Contest!

This time around, I have gifts from and southern rap star Chingy! Enter today to win!

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Hollywood Night Lights aka Meet me at the bar!

Howdy do, my good folks out there in internet land! It's Friday, and most people just got that paycheck. You know what that means, meet you at the bar! We have a few places lined up to check out, and I am trying not to get to faded tonight!

I don't know if it's just me becoming a light weight, or if they make the drinks at The Carbon extra strong, but the last time I went out drinking, I ended up back home, watching the ceiling defy gravity and spin uncontrollably. I only had 4 drinks. Gotta luv that Patron!

So tonight I will behave, and take it easy on the bottle. It will be tempting, as I plan on club hopping it up, to break 2008 in for real.
I will start the party a home, with a live broadcast of The Cyber Mix Tape Show to set the tone, check us out, and call in and let me know where you gonna be at. Soon as the show is over, I hit the street! See you at the bar!
KRS-One w Ahmad Jamal- The Roxy

Urban Underground-The Airliner- Dr. Oop Capone(BLR8R), Ellay Khule, JewelzDaGod w. JhaVoice, and more!

Funky Lemonade-Mr. Choc & DJ Hopa @ Zanzibar's - Santa Monica


Friday, January 04, 2008


Peace party people! Hope you all had a great New Years! It has been the ride of a lifetime for us here at Kayaro! Thanks to all of you for showing love to our little blog site. This post will be short and sweet, but check for us in a few days for a run down on all things planned for Oh-8.
The official buzz word of 2008. It really is amazing how many times that word has been said in the last 4 days alone. All that repetitive chanting has to have some kind of impact on the collective chakras and what-not. Hopefully the change will also be good. We here at Kayaro are going through our own bout of changes, but are determined to ride thru it like the champions we are! Get ready party people, the game is about to get very interesting. Stay tuned!!!
Speaking of O...

You can win Obama!

You can beat Mike & Hilary!!!

Americans want to live in a country with a Black man for president. So do I!


"I let my tape rock 'til my tape popped!"

The Cyber Mix Tape Show will be out of commission for a few. I will try to reschedule Friday's theme show asap, as well as lock down a few guests for us, so stay tuned for that.

Until then, take a listen to one of my shows in the archive! Blogtalkradio has big plans for the year, and hopefully you will hear their shows on satellite and FM radio very soon. Of course, you'll be the first to know the news as soon as I get my hands on it!