Saturday, April 09, 2005

MP3 Blog Watch

Blogger is back! Let me post something before it drops out again.

Check out your boy El Q The GR8's Yahoo LaunchCast radio stream. I haven't checked it myself in a minute, but I recently re-discovered it. Everything from hip-hop to classic rock is in here, so only the open minded need listen. Feel free to rate songs and artists and such...but just now that I am watching you! (Please believe it!) I suggest you play this at high decibels, preferably in a residential (or work) area!

The following artists and songs were just played on your LAUNCHcast station.

The Diplomats -Dipset Anthem (Radio) - Featuring Cam'ron & Juelz Santana
Gang Starr-Make 'Em Pay
Chris Rock- I Loved The Show
Tupac Shakur -Thug 4 Life
Burning Spear - Slavery Days
The Doors - Wishful Sinful
David Banner -Crank It Up
Porno For Pyros - Bad Shit
Dr. Octagon - Bear Witness (Extended Version)
Aaliyah - Come Over (LP Version)

I posted this on BlogCritics while waiting for the crew to stop playing Grand Theft Auto long enough to notice they were becoming the subject of millions on internet jokes. (For the record, I don't think Blogger sucks..even with the bugs)

As blogs continue to evolve, some focus their energy on highlighting MP3s. In their April 2005 issue, Blender magazine has a bit in their "Digital Music Guide" section called "Audioblogs". They ran down some of the blogs out right now who brave the waters and give up unauthorized MP3s. I have listed some of them again here, as well as a few that didn't get mentioned. I will try to make this a regular post here at BC if people seem to dig it.

Don't walk------->>>>>run to Tofu Hut and download Memphis Minne's "Dirty Mother For You" and Ruth Brown's "Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean". (Shout out to my baby momma's momma.)

No Frontin' Just Music has Slim Thug, Mike Jones, and Paul Wall - "Still Tippin' (Diplo Remix)", Biggie Smalls-"Real Niggaz" unreleased version and Nas’ "Doorags among others.

Holla at a scholar!

Coolfer has Robbers On High Street's "Spanish Teeth" and some other decent MP3 links.

So Many Shrimp got so many mp3's they got iodine poisoned. SXSW stuff, Project Pat, complete mixtapes, "One Thing" video, and Ruff Sqwad's "Anna" just to name a few.

Soul Sides has some OG material. Check out Kashmere Stage Band's version of "Scorpio" (snippet)

Props to Ghetto Postage for the Lethal B "FWD Riddim" ft Kardinal link up!

Check out Rap Nerd for tons of mp3s. Beastie Boys -"The Sound of Science", Organized Konfusion's "Stress", a rappers who jacked the Beatles section, Nas & Pitbull
"Imagaine", De La Soul's -Simply Having, Pumpkinhead, Block McLeod, Mr. Metaphor: Con Artists , Ill Bill, Jise One, Goretex, Q-Unique on "14 Years of Rap" and a Mos Def section. This guy deserves a medal!

That should keep you busy at work while your boss is away.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Win Lil Jon & THE ESB AOL MUSIC LIVE Tickets!

You feeling lucky punk? If you’re in New York and feeling lucky, go to the following link NOW!!! You might win tickets to the AOL MUSIC LIVE event featuring Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz at Webster Hall on April 12th! Pitbull and the Yin Yang Twinz is the special guest as well. No tickets are being sold at all for this event, it is strictly invite, so act fast! (I got mine, right Browen-hint-hint)

The show will air live on as well, so if you lose, you can watch it online. Make sure you check Lil Jon & The ESB new track “Get Crunk” and e-card!

Get Crunk” e-card

“Get Crunk” (NEW radio edit) -
WM hi

“Get Crunk” (NEW radio edit) -
WM lo -

“Get Crunk” (NEW radio edit) -
QT hi -

“Get Crunk” (NEW radio edit)
QT lo

~Ying Yang Twinz are blowing up the charts as well, with “Wait (The Whisper Song)”. According to TVT, “Wait” is at 40,000 spins TD and a weekly audience of 67 million.
The new album “U.S.A. (United States of Atlanta) is set to hit the streets this summer. “My Brother and Me” is in store now. Check the goodies below for more Ying Yang than you can handle!

“Wait” - video (Director’s Cut)
WM hi

“Wait” - video (Director’s Cut)
WM lo

“Wait” - video (Director’s Cut)
QT hi

“Wait” -video (Director’s Cut)
QT lo

“Wait” ecard available now:

“Wait” Audio (explicit) Windows High

“Wait” Audio (explicit)
Quicktime High

"Halftime (Stand Up & Get Crunk) feat. Homebwoi" Audio -
Windows High

~Pitbull is making noise too! His album M.I.A.M.I. is gold and he has a new single guaranteed to help push it to platinum status soon. Check out the video to “Toma” and watch the e-card for an interview with Lil Jon, Pitbull and hip-hop director Jesse Terrero.

“Toma” e-card
feat interviews with Lil Jon, director Jesse Terrero and Pitbull + “Toma” video and more!

“Toma” Video (Explicit)
Windows Hi

“Toma” Video (Explicit)
Windows Lo

“Toma” Video (Explicit)
Quicktime Hi

“Toma” Video (Explicit)
Quicktime Lo

“Toma” Audio Download



That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as TVT has product from Jacki-O, Teedra Moses, Ambulance LTD, Sevendust and more are listed below are more links from TVT. Enjoy

Poe Little Rich Girl (Explicit and Clean versions) – in stores now
E-card, feat “Break You Off”

“Break You Off”-Audio download

“Break You Off” Audio streams also available upon request
Jacki-O "Fine" Video (Explicit)

"Fine" Video (Explicit) -

"Fine" Audio (Explicit)

Dirty E-card (Explicit Version of Video)

Clean E-card (Clean Version of Video)

Teedra Moses -- Complex Simplicity – in stores now

The Blue Van – The Art of Rolling - in stores 4/5/05
“The young Danish masters of the rave-up with the tools to superheat abeat...
The Blue Van has the tunes. Retro fun – with forward purpose. Get inthe Van.”

“The debut from these up-tempo rockers will make you want to want tosteal your glaucoma-riddled grandmother's therapy bong before terrorizinglocal mall security.”

“Great Danes! Jaunty rockers The Blue Van prove that Denmark is the newSweden.”

“Revelation of Love” Ecard

“Revelation of Love” Video
Windows Lo

“Revelation of Love” Video – Quicktime Lo -

“Revelation of Love” Video –
Windows Hi -

“Revelation of Love” Video –
Quicktime Hi -

“Revelation of Love” -
Audio download

(I should have posted this in Hip Hop Hollywood)

Be Cool OST
feat Christina Milian with tracks by Alicia Keyes and the Black Eyes Peas, in stores NOW!

Be Cool Movie Trailer
Quicktime Lo

Four Eleven-Disco D bootlegs himself!!

photo by Tatiana Arocha-

~Canhead’s new friend Disco D has something for you! In an attempt to give the people what they want, and pursue the American dream at the same time, Disco D has authorized the release of his upcoming album “Return To Olive Street-Best Of The Old Ish Vol. 1”. The ill part about it is he is doing this on his own website, sans record label interference! Talk about taking matters in your own hands! I guess D figured that everyone will get their hustle on off of his work anyway, so he might as well get some paper too! I don’t blame him one bit. (“Royalties come once in a blue moon, my son gonna be 2 soon!”)

Many are both sides of the MP3 war and some like Chuck D, fight the power by releasing their music themselves. Disco D’s motives aren’t as politically motivated. When asked about his reasons, D kept it real and said “I’m broke! These major labels take so damn long to pay. I’ll never move out of the basement at this rate. Something has to be done NOW! This is a last step before I turn to more drastic measures.”

I hear you duke! I tried that production route and house records don’t sell as much as they used to! But I don’t have to tell you that, being the Ghetto Tech man and all. Anyway, go show some love and support and order that new album off his website. Log on to the Disco Depot section and order your copy. Disco D will put his John Hancock in the CD along with a personalized message, all for $9.99.

Excerpt from press release

Named after the street in Ypsilanti, MI where Disco D built his chops via near-legendary house party sets, Return to Olive St. - Best of the Old Ish Vol. 1 is the quintessential primer to what D's musical mind was working on before he shifted his production focus to a more mainstream look. The 16-song set includes the Detroit mix show classics "Where They At" (1998) and "You Need Another Drink" (1999); raw mix tape records "Work That" (2001) and "I'm A Ho 2K1" (2001); and vinyl-only instrumental cuts like "Incomprehensible Representation of Self "(1999), "Subterranean Mode" (1999) and "Back2 Basics "(2001). Also included are D's first forays into combining Ghettotech with rappers - teaming with Detroit's Paradime on “Detroit Zoo” (2000); Helluva and Lola Damone on “Keys To The Whip”(2003); and Helluva again on “Peon” (2003). Dug out of the vault are the previously unheard Bass On Pluto (2002), Electro-Orchid (2002), and Hahn Solo (2002).

That’s what’s up. Go check Disco D’s site and tell him Canhead sent ya!

Order "Return to Olive St. - Best of the Old Ish Vol. 1" here!

Vast Aire & Mighty Mi Present: The Best Damn Rap Show

For the past few years EPMD's classic declaration "rap is outta control" has been echoing throughout the caverns of my cerebellum like a looped mantra. The continued commercial excess of the genre has undeniably diluted the true grit that sparked a bomb in the Bronx back in the late '70s.

Like Rock n' Roll before it, Rap has felt the crush of mainstream acceptance, artists emerging like weeds, choking the charts with gold digging pipe dreams. And while this might seem like a problem that is relegated to the chart topping designs of excess, it's been infiltrating the knapsack security of the underground, as well. The ongoing glut of self-produced "independent" MCs is about as smothering as the continued dominance of pop and circumstance.

Yet every once in a blue moon along comes an MC and/or a producer who bring it all back to Square One, digging through the crates to craft thumping, turgid beats that snap your neck like a twig and adorning them with verve and spit spackled lyrical insanity. Vast Aire, best known for his stint in Cannibal Ox, is one such MC. That he saw fit to team up with the High And Mighty's DJ Mighty Mi for what they are rightfully billing as The Best Damn Rap Show is a godsend to lovers of the genre the world over.

Calling out MCs by saying "I'm Fonzie, you're Erkle" and accusing them of "more faking the face than Joan Rivers," Vast delivers a mixture of vitriolically clever battle taunts ("Fighter Pilots") and insightful introspection ("The Workover") with a vocal dexterity that is both passionately aggressive and wittily deft. But every great MC needs to be backed by an equally clever DJ/producer. To this end, DJ Mighty Mi has laid down a plethora of grooves, beats, loops, and breaks that packs an extra wallop of aural sickness that Mighty Mi.

The album commences with a wonderfully swervy serving of tripped out, extremely warped Blues intonations on the title track. Featuring treated guitar, gurgling undergrooves, and falsetto tenor vocal crooning, it's the perfect combination of psychedelic enhanced hip-hop to lure the unsuspecting into the melee that will soon follow.

"What Goes Up" sets the mood for the bulk of the album as Mighty Mi lays down a drum heavy beat and Vast talks about fools who will "scatter like roaches when the lightbulb's lit" and reminds us that he's "legendary in the belly of rap." From there the track gets injected with tumbling electro gurgle that rumbles underneath Vast's vitriol. "Taboo" hits you with treated strings and piano pulses that provide the perfect sense of angst ridden musicality to complement Vast's rants. By the time the duo stride into "The Workover" we've been treated to the strongest opening of any rap album of recent memory. This is the linchpin track on the album, the one that lets Vast exhibit his storytelling abilities, which are just as tight as his battle bravado. The haunting vocal loop and vibraphone tickle make it one of the sweeter beats on the album, as well.

Vast and Mi get party oriented on "Buck 50 Express," handclaps and swelling guitar bits augmenting the flow. Lest one thinks that the entire album is all about raps, Mi delivers some bugged out ministrumentals in the form of "Friendly Fire," "Black Sunday," "Aire Maestro," and "Off The Board," which manage to mix up looped blurbs and blurts from Vast with found sound and intricate beat attitude that runs the gamut from '70s blaxploitation to late night lounge jazz.

While Vast Aire's turn in Cannibal Ox gave us one of the greatest mind trips of recent rap memory, here he and Mighty Mi have gone straight for the jugular, delivering rock solid beats, Vibram soled rhyme attitude, and an overwhelming sense of what real rap music is supposed to sound like. True, solid, and damn near mind-blowing.

by Spence D

Additional links:

Underground Hip Hop order page w/ samples


Hip-Hop Site: Album w/ free EC 2005 Sampler CD!

Hip Hop Hollywood

In a Theater near you!
Beauty Shop
Are We There Yet? (this is the only new movie I’ve watched so far)

("I'm just a little anxious to get up
there and whoop Tom Hanks...
I mean ET's ass, that's all." )

Top 3 Movies starring Rappers playing in non hip-hop roles

Tie-Independence Day-Ali Two of the best examples why Will Smith should never get behind a microphone and rap. It’s ok! We like you in movies a lot more than on vinyl. Independence Day set it off for emcees looking for the killer crossover. Consider Smith the Jordan of the Hip-Hop Hollywood game. We don’t want to see him retire from his real game, acting, and we hate it when he decides to go play baseball, or make another record. Unless it’s for the kids or something…..he does those good too…

Barbershop 1&2. If Will is the Jordan of the Hip-Hop Hollywood game, Ice Cube is like Scotty Pippen with an attitude. To be honest, I like all of Cube’s movies, (Dangerous Ground and Ghost From Mars too) but Barbershop shows Cube perfecting his jump shot. All net.

Bringing Down The House-Alright, some of you will hate on this pick. I did at first. I really did not want to see Latifah in a movie next to Steve Martin. After I saw it, I thought Bringing Down the House was not only funny, but showed Latifah making that serious move into acting. I think it was a first for her, showing a comical side in movies. If so, it's odd as Kadijah Jones is no stranger to situation comedy. It’s not a bad look for her either, as she shown improvement in Beautyshop. And for the record, I haven’t watched “Chicago” or "Beautyshop" yet so I can’t include them in this list. I heard about the Razzie award thing too, but did you know that Latifah was originally set to play lead in “Monster’s Ball” opposite Robert Deniero? Did you know that Beauty Shop cleared $16,647,604 in one week?

("What you mean can Monie Love be in the sequel!?!)

Honorable Mention
~Heavy D-“The Cider House Rules” (small role for the Overweight Lover but he played it cool with Ms. Badu. It was a tie between this and his role opposite Bonz Malone in “Life”, but I think this one has an edge on it. Heavy D needs to make more movies!
~L.L Cool J –“Wildcats” LL Cool J got limited on screen time while Goldie Hawn took up about 90 minutes of film. Not done with football, J.T. Smith makes a movie with Al Pacino and gets into beef with Jamie Foxx at the same time with “Any Given Sunday
~Snoop Dogg in “Starky & Hutch”-
~Tupac Shakur in “Gang Related
~Ice Cube an Ice T in“Trespass”

Bad Looks-Movie that editing couldn’t fix
“The Cook-Out"

“Wild Wild West”

Interesting related story
Ja Rule says Sam Jackson is right about non acting rapper...he should know, he speaks from experience! (3 bad looks! The Cookout, Turn It Up & Half Past Dead)

Hip-hop at the movies: rappers produce reel profits on the silver screen - The hip-hop economy: part 2 of a series - Industry Overview by Sakina P. Spruell

Ice Cube's verse from Public Enemy's
"Burn Hollywood Burn"

Ice Cube is down with the PE
Now every single bitch wanna see me
Big Daddy is smooth word to muther
Let's check out a flick that exploits the color
Roamin' thru Hollywood late at night
Red and blue lights what a common sight
Pulled to the curb gettin' played like a sucker
Don't fight the power ... the mother f**ker

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Where Are They Now Wednesdays-Fu-Schnickens!

This is a new segment that I thought I would try out. If I miss a post here or there, don’t worry about it, I’ll make it up to you with mad MP3 links for you to deal with! But if all goes as planned, you will find a list of artists from back in the day that you should check out for old times sake.

“Where are my chicken wings man!! …..Yo….Where are my chicken wings!?!”


Yeah kid! If you don’t know who these cats are, you are not a real hip-hop head and you are not the truth! If you can only name 1 hot Fu-Schnicken song, you get your ghetto pass revoked, shredded and deaded! (La Schmoove, Ring The Alarm, Generals, Movie Scene)

Chip, Moc and Poc Fu set it on hip-hop with that a style that was too ill to be copied. Sure there were a few super fast emcee to go along with their flow (Twista, Do Or Die, Das EFX, Jamalski) but no one had Fu’s style. It was a little more accessible (don’t ask me how exactly) than the Microphone Wrekas from the Sewa, but not macked out like Belo and them’s style. Fu-Schnickens had a style all their own, and for a little while, hip-hop was feeling them!
Moc sounded like he was a lost member of Onyx, Poc had the Big Daddy Krane style before RZA and Rae, and if Busta was a Dungeon Dragon, Chip was on some Jurassic Park shit, with his backward-forward raggamuffin rap circles around your ass style. They even made Shaq sound good on “What’s Up Doc?” (kinda)

Not to be put in my new “Where Are They Now Wednesday” category, Chip Fu is working on some new material, is listed as an artist on Garden Seeker Production Inc. and was recently heard on Ali Shaheed Muhammad’sShaheedullah & Stereotypes” CD on “Lord Can I Have This Mercy” with a new slowed down style. Check out his interview at Critical Beatdown and check the links below for some more Fu!
If you want to see how far hip-hop has come, watch the “Ring The Alarm” video. They really had The Fu-Schnikens in a big azz Chinese food take out box, flying thru space, landing on a cheap stage “decorated” to look like Brooklyn. It’s silly, goofy, and funny in a nerdy kind of way. The way hip-hop used to be. Ahhh the good old days. Long live Chip, Moc and Poc Fu!

“Rockin’ beats…beats….beats!”
(hey it was good enough for KRS to jack for a sample, I figured I take it too!)


"La Schmoove" lyrics

La Schmoove, yo we don't got nuttin to prove (4X)

[Poc Fu]
Yo, when I was small they used to tease me
because my hair was peasy, hard and greasy
But now I'm livin well like George and Wheezy
So easy (WHAT?) does it (YO!)
Is it, because I'm, rockin -- beats, beats, beats
Fu-Manchu'n cause I'm doin what just had to be done
Now we in there like swimwear, girls callin me hon
Give me hugs, little peck, mucho tongue, lots of sex
Nuff respects to my bros that live on five-six street RIGHT
I'm smashin monster mashin boom bashin in a fashion
which is wild now I smile when I whip-lash MC's with my style
Call me Cuckoo, I'm makin buku, bucks
I'm geared and fully prepared to tear all MC's that are, smuks
For bros who sleep and cavity creep and listen when I talk
as I soothe in the groove, cause I'm smooth like Mr. Rourke
Doobely-zoo Mr. Wu, no need to be rude, but F.U.
cause I ain't got nuttin to prove

La Schmoove, yo we don't got nuttin to prove (4X)

[Chip Fu]
'Leave it to Beaver'-arriva, derci
Heavens to mercy ba FU sayanora
adios muchachos dorme vous unbuckle my Fu-Schnick shoe
Mr., Chip Fu, about to wreck shop
With the Judo (CHOP!) a Judo (CHOP!) a Judo chop CHOP!
Yo, zilch kaput me nada none son
I don't think so, so take a look at
a Superfly big Jimmy the Honeynut Cheerio Bee
ba schnicker bah snchnucker
I ams what I ams that's all what I ams
My lyrics are never done
I'm the big John Elmer Glue the Elmer the Fudd
Al Bundy the Bud Light stud
Come like tongues lashes, with the quickness
Moc and Poc is, my witness
Ask the Kung about my tongue and the styles that I brung instead
I'm the Ali Babi cutty rankin shuba-dib-da-dabble
Jaw Boy Wonder Bread dread, BUM BA READ
These lyrics ah-come out of mi head, BUM BA READ
Mr. Chip Fu's gon stay' di-di, da-di-di, dra-dread
You said I couldn't rap, but I really wrecked shop
and I don't stop drop, I get props
I pick up the mic drop a style and pattern and fashion
and all MC's jaws drops down
My accent, you're mockin, my clothes, you're clockin
Rippin MC's to smithereens to their
ribbidy-diddiby-Pippi Long-STOCKINGS
So don't step to Chip, I'm on the La Schmoove tip
You'll say 'Drats I really failed again plus he sank my Babble-ship'
So oooh, shit G, wa-wa or biscuit?
Rip it and be specific doin it terrific when I kicks it
Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang, Pepe LePew, Pepe LePew
La Schmoove, yo I ain't got NUTTIN to prove!

La Schmoove, yo we don't got nuttin to prove (4X)

[Phife Dawg]

Now here I go, once again, with the ill flow
Other MC's that rap, their style is so-so
Phife Dawg was never the type that ever lacked skills
I just stay true to my roots and then I get ill
Twenty years of age, but yet I still see KNOWLEDGE
And this year, was so-called, my Senior year in COLLEGE
But I chose to pursue, in a field called music
And with some hype beats and breaks you know I won't refuse it
Get on the board lay down the track and I'll do ten laps
Pass the pen, pass the pad, and I'll kick nuff RAPS
Just come inside your jam and witness who is boss
and it won't be Tony Danza nor Diana Ross
As small as I am, I still can pack jams
Do a freestyle, and step, but yet I still slam
Not tryin to say that no one can get with me
Not only is it the lyrics I write, it's my delivery
Name one rapper that you know who has this high-strung voice
My name's Malik and I'm unique, in other words top choice
Nothin commercial bout this, it's mainly hardcore
Now that you got what you want, do you want more?
(UHH!) Because I got more in store!

La Schmoove, yo we don't got nuttin to prove (4X)

[Moc Fu]
MC, the Shining One, a.k.a. The Golden Child
I have a grin at times, but then throw up a fake smile
Vaseline Intensive Care, don't fear mon frere
'Cept I say, everybody that rappin, G pull his hair
Back in the groove, it's no way you can handle this
Shit so fly, that you can call it scandalous
Cause I mani-fest in, words that I'm preachin
Unleashin, you now seek the sounds that I'm teachin
I hear NOT see NOT, knots to makes butts ROCK
I rides rhythm to the beginnin, then won't stop
The Chinese Son of Sam, the Skipper's Peter Pan
The rootinest tootinest cowboy in the East
Releasin, a new type of lyrical lingo
Single, +The Alarm+, the girls cooties I will tingle
No expiration date, so you know I won't EXPIRE
No skippin a weekly check, so I don't have to RETIRE
Write, the ca-pital, M.O.
Chip Fu with the Kung-Fu givin shouts on my show
Ir-regular styles is here too
Tripped, boo-boo, you first made a mistake
Not Alexander but considered to be Great
Great, but, like the Grape Ape
Fake, the moves, and your ankles I will break
Break, or broken, the M.O., has spoken
Movements on the slick, takin the train you need a token
I guess not, cause you pause for the cause
You either bitin your nails, or start pickin straws
Holy Mick I'm livin large just like trunk jewels
Nuff respects to many minds, Ah-OWWWWWWWWWWWEE!

La Schmoove, yo we don't got nuttin to prove (8X)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

GET OUT!!!!!!

Personal post:

I got this one from Silent Bob. Shout out to Killer Priest, Uncle Bob, Shrek and the rest of the meatball crew.

Taken from Shadowland Haunted Places webpage:

Albany County - Selkirk - GE Plastics -
The site of GE in Selkirk used to be the Becker farm. It is over 300 acres. The original farm house is still intact and was occupied on and off with offices until March of 2004. There had been many stories from employees on what they had seen or heard.

The story goes that Mr. Becker caught his wife having sex with one of the slaves. He took the slave and pushed him down a very narrow out of the way set of slave stairs and he died, he then took a knife and killed his wife by cutting her head off or attempting to anyway. He was so grief stricken about his wife having an affair and the fact that he killed her, he went to the basement and hung himself. When in the basement sometimes the lights will all blow out or other things will turn on and off. And when on the second floor where he supposedly killed his wife there is a strange smell, kind of like perfume. And when going up or down the slave stairs you get a strange sense of being watched or followed.

There are also motion detectors and intrusion alarms. some guards say there that sometimes they will go off, when the building is completely empty. And they will go off in a strange order, sometimes near the basement and then almost immediately near the stairs. Sometimes it appears as if someone is walking through. They will check the system to see who accessed the Becker House and see that no one has.

I use to work here, and this story was all over the plant. As a guard, I can tell you that place was creepy as hell! I remeber getting chills in that building several times and the thing about the motion decetors is true too.

Somebody better call GhostBusters!

Monday, April 04, 2005

MPG Monday


King Of The Dancehall” – Beenie Man

Straighten It Out” video Pete Rock & CL Smooth

"Pass The Courvoisier" video - Busta Rhymes Feat. P-Diddy

Breakafdawn” video- De La Soul

"Bia Bia” video- Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz w/ Too Short, Ludacris , China Whyte and Big Kap

Suit claims Billboard's bias was off the charts

Read this story in New York Daily News. Sounds like a slam dunk to me. Emails will get you every time!


Almost forgot about these two.

1.)When I was in Miami at Club Sobe, I went and asked the DJ that was on before Kid Capri, if he had any of that new Mike Jones.
Dude says "Who?"
(I can't make this stuff up people, I'm not that creative)
"Mike Jones!"
"Yo, your killing me right now kid."
"Sorry, this girl was asking me for something just a minute ago, and I didn't have that either. "
"Oh yeah? Who was it?"
"Somebody named Tall Wall."
I started laughing my azz off. I tried to tell him who it was, and that I was asking for the same song but I don't think he heard me. He ended up playing Mobb Deep's "Cobra". Whatever.

I was reading Jay Smooth's site and it reminded me of my similar incident, again true story.

2.)Somewhere in Georgia, heading to Nashville early Monday morning, we pull up to some gas station in the middle of nowhere. As I leave the store, some white guy walks up to me, looks me in the face and says "Well I'll be gaddamn! It's muthafucking Chris Rock! What's up man!" I was too surprised to say anything back, and he walks away like he really just met Chris Rock in the middle of Georgia. Whatever.

It Aint Chris Rock Trick, It's Q.Rock 6!