Monday, February 12, 2007

On The Road Again-Songs To Drive By To

Whether you’re taking that cross country trip you always planned, out on a scenic Sunday drive through the country, or fighting road rage on a jammed up highway, these songs are the perfect soundtrack to the streets. Pop in you favorite Willie Nelson Greatest Hits CD (ha) and get back on the road again!

I had to cut this short as I found tons of songs that could fit this post. I left alot of great stuff off for now, let me know which ones you think should go on future post like this.

Sir Mix-A-Lot - "My Hooptie"
While most songs talk about the magic moments their autos posses, Sir Mix-A-Lot went the other direction in a ode to jalopies everywhere!

- "Red Barchetta"
Here is a song about a car and chasing freedom with it. Yet another classic car song.

Creedence Clearwater Revival
- "Around the Bend" Catch a ride to the end of the highway and meet me at this boogie woogie CCR fav! Still sounds as good as ever!

Eddie Kendricks-"Keep On Truckin' "
One of the funkiest songs to drive to, the rolling bass line will help melt away those mile to your destination!

Sheryl Crow - "Everyday is a Winding Road"
Sherly is heading down that road for maybe the second of third time. At least she will know where she’s going. One of her best songs and a nice nod to driving.

Wilson Pickett-"Mustang Sally"
The Mack Rice written song is also one of the early hits about muscle cars. This one belongs to the super fast Sally, renamed by The Queen of Soul herself!

Eagles - "Life In The Fast Lane"
This one will get your motor runnin’ and if your not careful, you might get a speeding ticket in the fast lane!

Grateful Dead- "Truckin'"
The first time I heard this song was live at a Dead show in Ohio. The 2 hour ride back was nice and mellow, thanks to the Grateful Dead CD I bought, and the hang-over from the night before.

Billy Ocean -"Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car"-
The 80’s had a few car themed radio hits, and this was one of them. Where the hell is Billy Ocean these days anyway?

Chuck Berry-"You Can't Catch Me"
The legendary Mr. Berry doing it in style, but it seems like Mr. Morris Levy was the one that was too fast to catch!

Pebbles - "Mercedes Boy"
I’m not sure that the dude dancing all over the wall in this video would get in Pebbles car if she paid him, but the song was the jam back in the day. This was back in the day when TLC was just slang and not a money making super group under Pebble’s control.

T.I.,Young Jeezy,Young Dro,B.G.,Big Kuntry "Top Back (Remix)"
A little video montage of some nice scrappers, with the remix to Top Back in the background!

The Doors - "Roadhouse Blues"
Keep you eyes on the road and your hand on the wheel! Everything will be fine once The Doors hits the stereo. We should be good to go for another 200 miles with Roadhouse Blues leading the way. Let it roll baby roll!

Chamillionaire /f Krayzie Bone – "Ridin"
This is the ultimate hip-hop song about the dangers of getting to comfortable in your car.
A word of warning for the numerous rappers who have been pulled over and arrested for possession of all kinds of contraband, Chamillionaire drops science with this track. Riding Dirty is not allowed boys and girls, so if you MUST be a gangsta, do it at home and not in your whip…especially while ghost riding!