Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Shoot the gift!

Whats up everybody,
As the shopping frenzy heats up and the post offices have lines that stretch past the door, you can rest easy if you entered the Holiday Giveaway Contest. Many of you are lined up to receive some excellent gifts this week, our way of saying thanks for sticking around and reading our blog posts.

I spent a good part of the evening, tallying up the lucky winners and getting packages ready. I really had no idea how much work goes into being Santa Clause. No wonder the guy only makes runs once a year! I'm exhausted after a small hundred prize contest, imagine trying to get gifts for all kids in the world!

I however, plan on shooting the gift on a regular basis, as it seems you all really like the idea!
So stay tuned for more contest announcements.

I have new concert dates for Ky-Mani Marley shows in Utah and Colorado. The Christmas date that I posted is not going to happen. So instead, I have two seperate dates to offer! I will do a proper post on that asap. If you are interested in the show dates, leave a comment here!
Tune into The Cyber Mix Tape Show this Wednesday as I announce prize winners and hopefully take some of their calls.

So that's it for now. To all my friends out there, please send me a email with your address so I can hook you up!! The goodies are going fast, let me know what would fit in your stockings and I'll send a memo to the elves!

Look for a full annoucement post soon at, as well as on The Cyber Mix Tape Show.

St. Nickalicious signing out!