Monday, December 20, 2004

~Gee our old LaSalle ran great~

F' The I-Pod, we got the OG of mobile music machines right here. So what it ate both my Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam and DJ Red Alert tapes. I still got love for that little Walkman. You couldn't tell me I wasn't the man when I had this. Yes I had the exact one pictured above, and it kept me happy during many a detention and in-school suspension day.Like Edith and my boy Archie say, "Those were the days."

Bums at school were always begging me to borrow it, like they would be able to give back such a work of technical art. Like I would be able to part with it for more than 6 minutes Dougie Fresh your on. I would spark fire out your monkey azz if you even looked like you wanted to ask me such stupid sh!t!

Sad to say, my Walkman introduced me to a life of crime, as I began my "Summer of '84 AA Battery Shoplifting Spree" that held every store in Minglewood Acres (my old stomping grounds) in terror! I had the game mastered, being able to boost a AA 8 pack in 10 seconds flat. You heard correct party people, the Walkman was my gatway drug. Soon, I graduated from stealing batteries for Walkmans, to stealing batteries for boomboxes, cables for my home stereo, and finally...the top of Mount Zion..the DJ setup. But it all started with that thin gold Walkman.

Don't take it personal Mr. Jobs. If your feeling generous and want to donate a I-Pod to the Canhead Music Research Department, I'll gladly accept. I promise to give all misplaced I-Pods a happy home. And once their time in the new gadget spotlight is up, I will post a throwback page just to remind the lost youth of tomorrow what good portable music machines were all about.

Go find your old Walkman and reminisce! Just don't sing out loud on the train or at the gym when your listening to your old Night Ranger or Kid n Play tapes. I'm outta here meathead! Get outta my chair will ya, and while your at it, play my outro!!