Monday, December 06, 2004

Stacie J is the truth!

Shallow Hal moment

Come on now, who told these chicks that they could pose in Maxim? Maybe as the girl introducing the hotties. But that's about it. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't go out with any of these women though, don't get it twisted. (If you are one of the ladies who's pictures I just blasted and are offended by this post, please feel free to send me hate email and we can finish this discussion. But please don't give that photographer guy $1,00 to shoot your portfolio, he’s just running game on you girl!)

Now my girl Stacie J?? She is winning hands down, no matter how weird she got on The Apprentice. Stacie is the truth! (Not for nothing, Pamela can get it too!)

In Sports:


Curtis and the boys are gonna be like "Feet don't fail me now" until the end of the season! I suggest every Jet fan be on their best behavior for the next 2 weeks and maybe Santa will give us a early present in the form of 2 upsets!

Remember all the noise people were talking about Donavan last year? It's oh so quiet these days isn't it. Oh yeah, I forgot..that guy was running his mouth(because he got high, because he got high, because he got high-la la la la la la!)

Gotta love Indy. At least someone from Tennessee is making me proud. I mean really, WHAT THE HELL IS THREE ONSIDE KICKS IN THE FIRST QUARTER ABOUT? Are they just giving up or is the whole team on some really strong weed in Cashville Ten A Ki? (let me find out)

Out in San Diego, a miracle is about to happen.

Carmelo Anthony said he threw the Bronze medal he won at the Olympics, in a lake. Everybody else will probably be talking about how he hangs out with drug dealers who will kill you if you're dropping dimes. We already knew that.