Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sway & King Tech presents Back 2 Basics CD\DVD Review

Sway & King Tech presents Back 2 Basics

Sway & King Tech came with it for this one. The line up is crazy with Chino XL and Crooked I getting the most shine but mad heads representing on this one. Here’s the run down.

1. "Intro"-RZA drops science on the history of hip-hop on this airy intro and gets you ready for the ride.
2. "Everything"- Sly Boogie- Way too fonky! Sly Boogie taking over “Everything”. The beat is a wide open neck snapper and Sly does his thing.
3. "Watch Closer" - Chino XL is back with this one! Tracy Lane heats up the hook and Chino warms up the mike.
4. "I Wish U Would"-Royce The 5’9”, Chino XL, & Cannibus-First collabo cut on the CD. Three heavyweight emcees flip verses on a nasty bell ringing beat produced by Kwame. Chino gets the award for illest verse on the track. ”I noticed your CD for .99 cent, what, blanks CDs are a dollar fifty, you’d make more if you shut the fuck up!”
5. "Ill Hip Hop"-Juice-Juice kicks it on a low key Panik produced track and reflects on his early days as an emcee.
6. Skit-Thoughts on how to make a good album-ok for a skit..
7. "I Don’t Think So"-Kam w. Tracy Lane-Kam sets it off and lets it be known what he is stands for. "Will you see Kam rockin’ pink? I Don’t Think So."
8. "Enough Beef" - Common, Chino XL, and Royce Da 5"9'-DJ Premier produced track heavy on the BK swing and tight lyrics from Royce, Common and Chino XL.
9. Skit-Batteries not included.
10. "We Don’t Give A .."-Kallihan feat. Hellraiza-Hip Hop track with Kallihan rippin the verse and Hellraiza on the raga hook.
11. "Watch What You Do"-Crooked I-Stragiht LA with this one. Funky,drooppy bassline slinks over the conga lit track. Crooked I is tight and does it again on this one.
12. "Wake Up Show Anniversary freestyle (2000)"-Chino XL-Vintage Chino live freestyle! Starting with LA, Chino runs down the line and drops some unreleased hip hop quotables.
13. "Trouble"-Chino XL-Tracey Lane hold it down again and sings the hook for this one. Chino is on it again, “have you talking through a wire like Kanye West
14. "23 Degrees"-Dirty Birdy-Ill panning and phasing effects on the vocal start of this track and get your attention early on. The beat turns silky smooth with key pads and electric guitar wails in the hook. Dirty Birdy flexes styles on the mic and puts in a decent cut.
15. skit
16. "Better Days"-Self Scientific-Yeah kid. Another nice on with Self Scientific dropping science for real. Too real for radio!
17. "High Fidelity"-DJ Revolution- DJ Revolution warming up the turntables and getting his scratch on. The sound frequency break down toward the end is tight and educational. “Now you’re an expert!”
18. "Hands to the Sky"-Verb & Rock-G shit to ride to. 64 Chevy music, yao ming? I don't know much about Verb & Rock, but they cut is alright. Not one of my favorites but not bad.
19. "I Love The Ghetto"-Crooked I-Another one to floss to. Crooked I shows love to the hood.
20. "Hit The Deck (Outro)"-Crooked I-The last track is another next level track by King Tech. Nice close up to a very solid CD.

Final Verdict: "Sway & King Tech presents Back 2 Basics" = BANGING!

The CD puts alot of great talent together on some tight beats. Not a lot of fast forward stuff on here other than the intros. If you do fast forward or rewind, it's because you want to hear something else again, and that's a good thing. Cop this CD!

Update: Almost forgot about the extra DVD that comes with this one! Bonus interviews, freestyles and various fly sh!t are on here for you. Chino XL's live freestyle is on here, so are appearances by Self Scientific, Canibus, Crooked I, Kam and of course Sway and King Tech!