Monday, July 25, 2005

The Show

Sorry to leave you all hanging for so long, but last week was stupid hectic! The California Gift Show is finally over, and I look forward to sleeping for at least a day! Average sleeping hours last week were a staggering 3 hours a day. K-Beats and I held Booth 2107 down lovely! Thanks to all our new clients, customers, business associates and friends that we met the last 5 days! The show could have been better but we are extremly happy with the results!

After a day of rest, TSC be in overdrive in the production mode, as we have orders to fill.(Thank God!)

Speaking of production, some serious heat is on your way from the crew. Beats for days! Stay tuned!

Extra shouts to Jim in Austrialia...sorry my Casio keyboard picture is killing your bandwidth, but thanks for the report on my site stats (Canhead seems to be big like buffalo wings down south....who knew....btw SiteMeter sucks!)

I'll holla!