Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Get Your Own Damn Beer" book review

Holly Robinson Peete has a new book out called “Get Your Own Damn Beer, I’m Watching The Game! A Woman's Guide To Football”. It’s basically a Football for Dummies, written for women. (I’ll avoid the obvious jokes here) That in itself is comical, as any woman who seriously wants to learn more about football, probably already knows at least half as much about the game as you. She might even make better fantasy football picks than you. Any other woman reading this book, most likely doesn’t care one way or another about football. So why would anybody want to read this book? Well, maybe because Holly Robinson Peete, aka Mr. Cooper’s Vanessa, aka the wife of Rodney Peete, wrote it. I mean, Zora Neal Hurston, she is not. Then again, I’m no Shakespeare and yet, your reading this and enjoying it, right? You get the same kind of vibe when you read “Get Your Own Damn Beer..”.

I am still thumbing through it, and have mixed thoughts about it. I like the way she writes from her own perspective, as the wife of football great Rodney Peete. The way she interjects little personal notes while describing offensive line-ups is funny. It’s even funnier when she say things like Rodney better not mess with the center’s wife “..if he knows whats good for him.” Not sure if that was a joke or not, but it reads well and brings a little spark to the book. The book is funny, with things like “The 10 All Time Annoying Things We Should Never Say To Our Men During The Game”, (#9 especially!) “10 All Time Great Moments(1992 AFC Wildcard Play Off Game-Bills v. Oilers) and more.

She loses me on the female stuff, like "Top 10 Best Butts In The Game". I’m just now reading the “Desperate Housewives” chapter, where she talks with Deanna Farve (married to Brett), Brenda Warner (married to Kurt), and Sherice Brown(married to Tim) and they do the View thing, except sports talk is allowed.

Holly has written a decent book with “Get Your Own Damn Beer..”. Fellas, it might be a slick way to get that special love in your life to stop standing in front of the television on Sunday afternoon, demanding your attention right then or deciding to vacuum the entire house during the 4th quarter of your teams wildcard game. She might actually sit next to you, read the book, and finally “get it”. Before you know it, she’ll have a favorite team that kicks your favorite teams ass and wins the division!

Final Verdict="Get Your Own Damn Beer!.." =Touchdown!

This is a nice book for the ladies on the sidelines for the first time. Holly gets the extra point conversion for her personal flair and insights to complete a solid play effort by the offensive team. Nice play!


Go Titans!!
Go Jets!!
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