Sunday, October 23, 2005

Really Really Good #11-Can You Dig It!?

It's the new Diet RRG! 10 bits of info for you to chew on. Less calories with the same spark you've come to know and love!

New York Mythology-piece in The FADER about “The Warriors” and the story beind the film.

New York Street Gangs

Big Boi may not be recording much with Andre 3000 these days, but the ATLien may not need any help from his out there, Outkast partner in rhyme. The new Virgin backed Purple Ribbon label will be helmed by Big Boi. Stay tuned to Canhead for more info, but check the new single “Kryptonite” below!

Letter to Iraq hoax included scripted performances and fake tattoos
'How I Got That Story'AltWeekly Award Winners Reveal the Secrets of Their Trade

Art of Rhyme has a track with Talib Kweli & Rakim called “Getting Up Anthem”, “Advance Pawns” from DJ Muggs & GZA’s new album “Grandmasters” and much more! Go have a listen.
Grand Masters CD Review
Beware of the Blog!

If you haven’t heard of SoCal hip-hop duo I&I, that’s all about to change! These guys have a new track that is aimed at the Man in Charge, called “Fuck A Bush”! These guys have been doing their thing for a minute, and recently hooked up with K-Beats for this banging song! Check out their MySpace page to play the track until the hook get's stuck in your head!

21 Named Storms From the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season at You can watch a animated clip of storms paths.

You Know What Time It Is ---Yeah, what is up with that?

Saw this somewhere and had to jack it!