Friday, November 04, 2005

Brooklyn To Venice Beach-Prodigal Sunn on the Grindz

BK TO VB-Prodigal Sunn on the grindz!

Prodigal Sunn has been on the hustle these days, promoting his latest CD,"Return Of The Prodigal Sunn" on Godz Inc/Free Agency Records. Inpreparation of his next single release "Movin' On Up ", P Sunn recently hit the roadwith The GZA, rocking show with him in California, Colorado, and Washington.

If you see Prodigal in person, the first thing that you'll notice is that he isconstantly moving. Even though he has a signed deal with a label andhas a gold record on his list of achievements, that doesn't stop him fromputting in work himself. You may catch him in your neighborhood with a boxof CDs in hand, meeting the people and showing love from state to state. Theman stays on the grind, and now fans of the former Sunz Of Man member can take aquick peek at a day in his life.

Click on the pictures to download the QuickTime video "Brooklyn To Venice Beach",behind the scenes video clips of Prodigal Sunn. Stay tuned for more footage soon, but for now click the links, and make sure you cop that "Return of The Prodigal Sunn" CD!

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