Monday, March 21, 2005

DVDs in the headrest

Did I tell you that I’m going to Miami? I should get DVDs in the headrest of the SUV rental I’ll be frontin’ in. I have tons of them to watch while I’m down there. In case you are looking for something to watch while your stuck in traffic at WMC/M3 this week, check these out. (smooth transition, no?)

“MILES DAVIS - The Cool Jazz Sound”A while back I mentioned this, as I was expecting to receive a review copy thanks to Clint Weiler at Music Video Distributors. I was not expecting what I got. “Stars Of Jazz” is a DVD series featuring some of the greatest jazz legends of all time, from Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Billie Holiday, B.B. King and many more greats. The first feature is “The Sound of Miles Davis” .

The DVD features an 1959 episode of “The Robert Herridge Theater”. “The Sound of Miles Davis” is a 28 minute film, originally shot in 16mm black an white, so it has that authentic feel when watching it. Small effects like the light reflection off Miles’ horn that turns black also add a nice touch to the film. “The Sound of Miles Davis” features performances by the Miles Davis Quintet (Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb, John Coltrane, Davis and Wynton Kelly)as well as with the Gil Evans Orchestra.

This is a real cool DVD. The video clip of “Kind Of Blue” classic cut “So What” alone is worth the price of admission here. But with it’s glimpses at so many jazz heavyweights, working in a warm studio setting, performing "Blues for Pablo," "The Duke," and "New Rhumba", it is a must have for jazz fans in particular and music fans in general. I highly recommend this one.

~We go from one extreme to another~

Studioworks Entertainment presents: Yucko The Clown in “The Damn Show”

Oh boy. The sick part about reviewing this sh!t is that I asked for it. I mean I literally requested it. In case you don’t know this clown, it’s ok. He’s a loser. He is one of those guys you’ll hear on Howard Stern making an ass out of himself for free.(Kind of like me with this blog). This DVD is bad on so many levels I don’t know where to begin sh!tting on it first.

First of all, it’s low budget, like public access gone bad, super ghetto low budget. Too make sure that no one will respect it at all, they throw in as many racist and otherwise offensive jokes they can think of. I wont even bother trying to list them as the bottom line is this DVD is not funny.

They try to get that extreme humor thing going but it doesn’t work. Clint Black does a good job trying to be a edgy comic, but somehow this DVD just falls on it’s face. Maybe it was the dumb Snapple bottle skits and the Play-doh Sesame Street knock off, or maybe it was the painfully long Gooks of Hazard skit (A dildo headed cop chasing Asians playing Bo and Luke Duke, sounds funnier than it looks). No it was the use of homeless in skits that made fun of them and their mental problems and/or addictions. No, it was the Inebriated Koala cartoons. No, it was the Blind Date with a drug addicted prostitute. No no no... it was The Racist Mr. Ed skit that did it for me. You get my point yet?

I thought it might be a funny DVD, I think Yucko made me laugh once on Howard Stern. That was the last time that ass clown made me laugh, I’ll tell you that much. “The Damn Show” should be called the “Damned Show” because Yucko and the boys are on the VIP guest list in Hell for this one.

Oh yeah, this guy actually sent me a letter saying how lucky I was to get a copy of his DVD for free. The funny part is when he says that if I want an interview, not to call him, call Brian “My Balls Smell" Gross at ***-***-****. Don’t worry, I won’t call ya Yucko. Sorry Brian. Oh yeah, your DVD is in the mail coming back to you.

Example of racial humor used well.

Archie Bunker yelling at Edith when the Jeffersons barge in at midnight.."Edith will you do something, we're having a Harlem pajama party out here". That was funny. Yucko is just stupid.