Sunday, October 16, 2005


W hats the word party people?

Not much on tap today, just going thru emails and getting ready for the week ahead. If you were out and about in LA last weekend, you may have seen your boy Q at the DJ Muggs/GZA show in Hermosa Beach. GZA and Muggs rocked the small but packed club for about a half hour, while the crowd basked in the hip-hop glory of the night. Except for a few fools who looked like they were smoking that water, the crowd was well behaved and showed nothing but love to Muggs and GZA. Self Scientific rocked it as well, going into his underground hits, “The Return” and more. Not a bad night all in all. (Don’t ask about the parking lot ruckus with one time, after the show)

Next week looks busy as hell, so pardon if the posts come up slower than usual. Stay tuned for DVD reviews, show announcements and some new music outta the lab!

Here are some links to keep you busy until next time!

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