Saturday, October 29, 2005

Really Really Good 12-The Hello Weiner aka Phunky Phantom Edition

All the news, spins, and cyber tomfoolery that's fit to print.

The answer to the question heard throughout the hood, this is what's
really, really good!

Slang Editorial

~What's going on people. Hope all is really really good in your hood.
Me, I'm just fine, thanks for asking. I thought I'd drop a little science for
youz and spit some real talk for my readers...all 3 of you.

~First of all, everybody remember to fall back an hour this weekend as time
keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping. For my technically deprived people
out there, don't forget to set those VCRs clocks back.

~Finally, to any who may be reading this, wondering if I'm good enough for you and your "promotional" needs, stop reading this and cut the deposit check! No seriously, I am a freelance amateur writer kind of guy, but that does not mean that I'm incapable of posting cute little blurbs about your project and bring readers to your site, waving credit cards and requesting all your products.

I know my writing style is...casual, at best. That's ok. I'm learning, I'm funnier that the last guy you paid to plug your stuff, and my writing isn't that bad. Watch, I'll show you how to spell my name on the check. That's a capital C, lower case u, then e. Cue. Not Cube. Cue. See you at the party and don't forget the drink tickets this time! (Paypal payments are accepted as well)

~And to all my friends that are all over Cali, (San Francisco, The Bay, San Diego...well, maybe I can make it to San Deigeo..and all one cop town in-between) I'm am really sorry I can't chill with ANY of you this Hello-Wiener weekend. I know, life sucks on the losing team's bench.
Instead of Gatorade, we have Kool-Aid, sans sugar. My plans of rocking "The
Incredible Anorexic Hulk
" costume have been cancelled and I am not happy about it. That's all about to change very soon tho', as the unglamorous day jobs are ringing the Canhead phones, finally. Soon, party people, EL Q will be in your town! (Yes, I''m talking to you! Holla back at your boy with nothing but love!)

And now, the rest of the story..............


Gary Gnu's News--In case your watching the news and getting confused

Who Is Libby?

Play Video

In this weeks "Racist Rhetoric Flowing From Political and Cultural
Leaders" column we have a Middle Eastern prez on the check in!

Israeli card comes in handy for Ahmadinejad
from Deccan

Protest Against Iran's President Play Video from


"Ain't Nothing Like Hip-Hop Music.."

West Coast Hip-Hop is on the move again! Daz Dillenger is the latest Cali emcee set to wake West Coast hip-hop up again! The Dogg Pound Gangsta is joined by his homie Kurupt and the two are about to release their latest CD, "Dillinger &Young Gotti". They handed 50 advance copies of the CD to Los Angeles' New KDAY, 93.5 FM, that will be giving away at their Halloween Bash at World On Wheels. The rest of us will have to wait until November 1st to
hear it.
Check out and for more info.
Daz Dillenger interview from Worldwide Westside Magazine (

~Freestyle fanatic Supernatural is about to drop his CD, "S.P.I.T. (Spiritual
Poetry Ignites Thought) on November 15th! The album will feature vocals by
Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan, B-Real of Cypress Hill, Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 and
production by BeanOne, Vitamin D, Marco Polo, DJ Muggs, Noise, Jake One,
Evidence and DJ Khalil. If your in LA, you can catch him performing at the Key
Club in Hollywood on November 8th. He will be hitting the road to promote
the upcoming CD. For information, check the Up Above Records
website, and don't forget to add Supernatural to your MySpace page!

Friday 11/4 Headstone Records (Colton) @ 5pm

Friday 11/4 GCS (Pomona) @ 7pm

Saturday 11/5 Workmens (Montebello) @ 5pm

Saturday 11/5 Stacks Vinyl (Cerritos) @ 7pm

Sunday 11/6 GCS (Alhambra) @ 3pm

Sunday 11/6 The Basement (Sherman Oaks) @ 5pm

Monday 11/7 Fatbeats (Hollywood) @ 7pm

Wednesday 11/9 Workmens (Las Vegas) @ 5pm


Wide Screens

A new movie "End Of The Spear", based on the true events of the Waorani tribe
that killed missionaries in the late 50s, recently won the prized Best Dramatic
Feature award at the Heartland Film Festival. This loosk like a very
interesting movie, and I have been caught up reading the history accounts online
since I heard about it. Check the links below and be on the lookout for
this movie.

ONHAE-- Organization of the Huaorani Nation of the Ecuadorian Amazon


Put Your Quarters Up!

New Shockwave "Speed Racer" game.


I'm out...see ya when I see ya! Peace to my homie KLM and his wife Chrissy, don't go too crazy in S.F. !


Friday, October 28, 2005

The weekend rap up

What's the word party people!

Just a little bit of linkage to tide you over. More in a minute.~

One reason things never gets done around here.

I would have a review of the new movie"Jarhead" for you, but I got dissed. Must be karma for me fronting on the "Prime" movie screener I was supposed to hit. What can I say, the theater was like on the other side of the world and I was busy. So NO movie reviews for you.

Instead, check the sites for the movie preveiws.

In the news

Somali warlord threatens planes

CIA probe 'not over' after Cheney's top aide indicted

Bloggers Yawn at Libby Indictment

Activists: 50 Cent billboard promotes violence

Rapper 50 Cent says billboard flap helps his movie

U.S. Cell-Phone Tracking Clipped

From the Canhead email inbox

Statement from Atlantic Records:

"There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Missy Elliott has been dropped from the Atlantic Records roster. She is an icon, a pioneering artist of extraordinary vision and immense talent. We have the greatest respect and love for Missy, and she remains a cornerstone of this company."

Yoda Uprockin'

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Jump Off jumped off

On some ol' take you back to Club Cheetah Red Room Friday Nights 1998, or some Club OG aka Sallies back home in the 'Ville, DJ LAROCK type of sh!t! Big shouts to Clarksville, Saint B, Burchwood, Riverside, Minglewood, ((where it's all good..OWP!)) Oak Grove and all the rest of them folks down there!

I never dropped this one, may have to dust it off and hit youz in the head with it!

More later....stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

DC Doom and Gibberish

A Bad Mood for Gabrielle Union

Camron almost killed in DC-Village Voice
Katamari game
Paper Mario Game
Jibberish -video

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Really Really Good #11-Can You Dig It!?

It's the new Diet RRG! 10 bits of info for you to chew on. Less calories with the same spark you've come to know and love!

New York Mythology-piece in The FADER about “The Warriors” and the story beind the film.

New York Street Gangs

Big Boi may not be recording much with Andre 3000 these days, but the ATLien may not need any help from his out there, Outkast partner in rhyme. The new Virgin backed Purple Ribbon label will be helmed by Big Boi. Stay tuned to Canhead for more info, but check the new single “Kryptonite” below!

Letter to Iraq hoax included scripted performances and fake tattoos
'How I Got That Story'AltWeekly Award Winners Reveal the Secrets of Their Trade

Art of Rhyme has a track with Talib Kweli & Rakim called “Getting Up Anthem”, “Advance Pawns” from DJ Muggs & GZA’s new album “Grandmasters” and much more! Go have a listen.
Grand Masters CD Review
Beware of the Blog!

If you haven’t heard of SoCal hip-hop duo I&I, that’s all about to change! These guys have a new track that is aimed at the Man in Charge, called “Fuck A Bush”! These guys have been doing their thing for a minute, and recently hooked up with K-Beats for this banging song! Check out their MySpace page to play the track until the hook get's stuck in your head!

21 Named Storms From the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season at You can watch a animated clip of storms paths.

You Know What Time It Is ---Yeah, what is up with that?

Saw this somewhere and had to jack it!