Monday, January 23, 2006

The Big Dance

Thought I'd drop a few links real quick like. The days of ignoring my blog continue, sad to say. The real world is taking all the airtime in ya boy's life, but that's a good thing, really. Long as the checks keep stacking, my blogging might be lackin'. Try not to hate me too much for it. In the meantime, peep the PSA from El Q The Invisible!!

--side note....People, what's up with all the shoplifting? Cut it out and get your hustle on, for KRS's sakes. If you can't say no, keep it under 401.00 and get a pair of 34 long, yao ming?!? You have been warned!!! Don't make a brother walk down to the Garden Level and arrest your trifflin' azz in front of your folkers. I'm not hatin, but if that's your need a new hustle!

Peace to the Lo Lifes!! (The last crew to do it with style!!)

And now....the rest of the story...

Houston TV station refuses to run ads critical of DeLay unless they are toned down

Uzi maniac shot by cops

LA Voice blog

Steelers relish taking the hard road-from

Cam'Ron Disses Jay-Z: Welcome to Cam'Rock, You Pathetic Bastards

Cam'ron Explains Beef With Jay-Z

Notorious BIG's Family Win $1.1 Million In Court

Broncos blown out again in playoffs