Friday, March 31, 2006

One Session: More than "Just Alright"

Bobby B Presents...The Hidden Treasures vol. 1

Looking at CD cover, you may not think One Session packs a punch. The simple black artwork of “Bobby B presents The Hidden Treasures Vol. 1” features former members of Da Nayborhoodz, Minus One, Cringe and Tristate, minus the usual attire and bling. Together they form as One Session, and this is one session that you won’t forget anytime soon! The modest, straightforward packaging does not show the true thump power that is inside this CD.

Their style is a mixture of the Suburban Noize hip-hop rock flow, but this release pops a little harder for the streets, with scratches and cuts flying in from left and right, provided by DJ Bobby B! The combination of the three emcees results in a banging first CD. Cuts like “I Need You” featuring Tease are so next level that it’s hard to describe. You just have to hear them. While this is the the first CD from One Session, it is a hell of way to introduce themselves to the world.

There are quite a few standout cuts on this one, and you might even find yourself a new favorite song. It might be the synthed out Cali vibe of “We Back” that gets you, or maybe the acoustic guitar fueled, power collabo track “Get Cash” featuring Johnny Richter. There’s no way you can sleep on songs like “HardHop”, “If This Were” or the radio ready banger “Just All Right”. One Session brings a few friends to the party too. Paradox gets busy on “This Side” and “Jungle Eyes”, Champagne Finesse clowns and helps mack it out in “Bearskin Rug”, and former “Road To Stardom” contestant B-Rhaka brings much needed light to “Change Things”. Big B ,Hannah B, Dirtball, Judge D and Dirtball also appear on “Hidden Treasures” and One Session holds DJ Bobby B.’s down on this one! Every element and style of music is tossed in , blended to a sonic perfection, and blasted out in stereo! The CD is in stores now and I suggest you cop that!
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