Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"What is good hip hop?"


AUDIO: KRS-One Threatening Adisa Banjoko at Stanford University at

More Complete Audio from Stanford, Via Davey D-also at

KRS-ONE: Hip Hop Beyond Entertainment 38 min 17 sec - Feb 28, 2006

"Krs One Section 1" with Busy B on BBC 1xtra

"Happy Verse Day (street)" KRS One, Channel Live, and Mad Lion-Real audio

"Symphony 2000" Truck Turner f/Big Pun,Kool G Rap,& KRS One-Real audio

"No Sleep Til Shanghai", the documentary of Jin The Emcee.
taken from the site:
No Sleep Til Shanghai" chronicles Jin's return to Asia as he and a small entourage fly into Shanghai to embark on a two week tour. Their travels take them to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and back to Shanghai. What follows, is a facsinating look at the making of an international tour and a glimpse at how Hip Hop continues to transcend some of the most unexpected places.

"Perspectives" MP3 from "Jin Presents The Emcees Proper?Ganda"

Can't Hold Us Back (featuring Dead Prez and Kam) - from the new Public Enemy Featuring Paris- "Rebirth Of A Nation" CD.

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